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RP Graduation Pictures

For the last few months, I couldn't think of a way to make the pictures of graduation available. Sorry for the wait, but they're here now.

Before the ceremony...Josh looks like a priest.

Danielle and Sue--that's Jose's head in the front.

William and Henry Cabrera in the background--we all should have worn jeans.

Danielle and Sabrina

Josh set me up with this one--left to right, it's Michelle Gunn, Devon, Davica, Tori, Danielle, me, Jamie, Sabrina, Brooke, Kim

Jamie, Camilla and Theodora dancing

Camilla, me, and if anyone can tell who the baseball player is behind me, they should win something

Danielle, Camilla, Alex, Crissy (Chrissy?), and Kerry

Late in the day, Hecky Peckersmith the owl would lose his left eye due to a game of catch gone wrong. Pray for him.

Josh taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture of him with Stephanie's camera.

I realized after I took this that I caught an action scene--Jason's swinging his bag onto the table. Camilla, Tori's friend, Tori, Jason, Mitch, Justin and the other Jason

Theodora, Sue, Camilla and Jamie--last day of school

Some of us former-eighth-graders hung out in Ms. Greaux's class to play charades. Camilla tries to do 'the Little Mermaid'

Jose and Matt clean out their lockers--this is a pretty boring (complex?) picture

Jason depressingly walking home...From Devon (This last part added at the request of Matt Henkel. Don't blame me. Really, I'm serious.)

Camilla and Theodora