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Who is ~*~nyssa{DT}~*~<.font>

this girl stands a full 5'5", with Long Black hair, flowing to just below shoulderblades, Sparkeling sapphire blue eyes shine from beneath long lashes, taking in all things around her. girl wares a simple tattered rep coth, a far cry from the scarlet silks, bells and jewels she wore as the first girl to her former Master. this girls creamy skin only has two markings of distinction, the small dina brand on her inner left thigh, and the tattoo of a flying Horse on her right shoulderblade, girls ears are peirced twice, as is her tounge.

girls days have been long and hard since the day her Master was killed for presumed dishonor, and the Free of the Home caste her out "your Master has shown dishonor to this home and for that shall Be killed, be gone with you, you have no Home or safe haven here" declared the Ubar of the Home, girl crying & caste from her Home and Masterless was stripped of her silks and given a old repcloth and tossed out of the City gates to the wilds of Gor.

girl had been wandering the wilds for near on 5 months, when, on taking a chance she entered the DungeonTears~Kassar~Gor, and was welcomed and granted a Home Collar. nyssa is still a tad wild from all her strugle, but she has not forgotten where she comes from, she is slave, she knows she belongs at the Feet of Free Men, she just has a guarded heart and a watchful soul.

nyssa is learning to trust and love once more within this Home, a girl is forever greatfull ot the One, Master Nasher, who took her to DungeonTears~Kassar~Gor~ and so saved her from the Wilds of Gor.

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