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Toonane's Evil Organisation Against Internet Adds (TEOAIA)

Dear Viewers, I asked my dear friend Jessica How i could make a webpage dedicated to an evil organisation whos mission was to exterminate all Internet Adds, and she gave me this address. I know this webpage itself has adds and it is just a small price we have to pay to voice our opinion. At Least these guys are trying to find interesting ways to try and make adds fun and less stressful. i have to admit when it comes to computers i know about as much about them as i do about dancing (fun to look at but unco-ordinated and untalented as they come) I sit here day in, day out with these bloody adds that always pop up onto my screen and make a nucence of themselves. Well enough is enough i have started a mission to kill all internet adds and i wont rest until they are all gone...or i get destracted by ice cream....either way i'll be happy~! DOWN WITH INTERNET ADDS~! >Toonane

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