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Got-Music-inme's World
Thursday, 1 July 2004
Tips on Making Dinner
Hi, my name is Laura and I want to give you a few
tips about making dinner. At some point everyone
has to prepare a meal for themself or other people.
I recommend first that you make sure you have all
the ingredients you need and put them on to a table.
I also recommend you use a good recipe. You can find
tons of great recipes along with helpful tips at
a site called I use them probably 15 times a month.You can also post your own
recipes there to share with others.
A good tip to keep your peeled apples from browning is to put a teaspoon of lemon juice in the
water where you have your apples. You can keep cuts of Beef or Lamb from Curling up in the frypan by
scoring them with crosshatches before you cook them.
If you ever get a pesty fly in your house, you can make it fly out of the room by turning off all the lights in the room and opening the door to a place where there is bright light. Flies are attracted to light and will fly out of a dark room. I thought
I'd just throw that in since warm weather brings flies.
I also wanted to tell you about some another sites

about food that are really good. They are and I hope this

helps all the mothers out there that are stuck for

an idea for a meal.

Posted by empire2/music-inmind at 9:40 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 1 July 2004 9:43 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 30 June 2004
Wierd Stuff Happens
Has anyone ever had really wierd stuff happen? I have. I'm not talking about encountering a mentally-deranged person on the train. I'm talking about supernatural wierdness. I want to share with you about something that happened to me in the latter part of 2002. I was traveling with my friend Pete
through some wilderness nearing Wellington, Australia. We were going about 70 miles and hour then suddenly we entered what I'd term a "TIME_WARP".
Even though the speedometer still read the same
speed we were definitely going much slower. There were what looked like Heatwaves vibrating out of the ground but even they were Vibrating slowly. Then we past a big Eucalyptus tree with a heavy branch falling and "SHOCK Horror!" It was falling in slow-motion. I pointed this out to my friend Pete who
was driving. He had no explanation for what was happening. I'd like to mention that neither of us was drunk nor had any medication at the time of these events. I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this phenomena.
I have noticed that people have positive and negative energy fields around them. This is why when you are around certain people you feel at ease and energized by them or conversely you feel like they drain your energy. I'm sure we have much to learn about how these enery-fields work. The Chinese have termed these fields as CHI.
Back in 2002 I met a lady who sold quartz crystals and semi-precious rocks. She told me about a silvery black one called Hematite. This rock was able to relieve pain in the body. She demonstrated by putting the rock against my headache and amazingly within a few minutes the rock heated up and made my headache go away. Thisis when I began to believe in the possibly "Magnetic" Healing of stones.
I bought a small book from the lady about the healthy use of stones and I bought a Hematite and a Tigereye stone.

Posted by empire2/music-inmind at 9:57 PM PDT
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Monday, 28 June 2004
Unexplained Bogusness/When things go seriously Bad
Have you ever had one of those days when every

project you attempt is thwarted, when you things

break down on you, when the dog chews up your

favorite shirt, when you try to open a soda and it

spurts in your eye and everywhere else? Well that's

what I call Bogusness.

My Hubby's family call it "Being Chased by Murphy or Murphy's Law". On days like that it's best not to operate Heavy Machinery...Ha HA. No seriously. No need to make an early exit from the show, so to speak (Exit this life). On those kinda days it's better to leave big complicated project for a Non-Murphy day.
Ever notice that when you put many pairs of socks into the dryer, some always emerge as singles? This leads me to believe that either A) The dry leads to a paralel universe where socks live better existences or B) Socks are Cannibals and eat their own partners. Either way It's happy news from Sock Manufacturers and ensures that you will replace the consumed sockies.
Ever notice that when you go to pay at the checkout lane of your local grocery and you get in one line, inevitably the neighbor line will always go quicker but once you hop into that line, The Universal Murphy calls a stop to the line. I guess the thing is to be philosophical otherwise you'd end up braiding your hair in an assylum over all these little Boguses.

Posted by empire2/music-inmind at 11:07 PM PDT
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Saturday, 26 June 2004
Obsessions with food, quirks in life
Have you ever noticed that people are creatures of habit and quirk? It seems to be the way that people develop wierd patterns which dominate them. Take me for example, last year I got into this Fish habit. For weeks on end I kept eating salmon, sole, Cod, clam chowder etc.It seemed my body just craved them!I have a theory that those foods/fish contained minerals I was lacking hence the cravings and the fish-habit. Other habits are less healthy like eating too much chocolate. This for me seems linked to the phases of the moon and stress. If I am pretty happy and not worried then my chocolate intake is low or even nil, but if I am heading towards "THE RED TIDE" or someone has been getting on my case a lot then I become a piranha for chocolate. I recently have become a mother. I have noticed that over the last few years I have developed what you might call a "Nesting quirk". It started with small things like collecting teacups and saucers. Then it graduated to buying frying pans and chef knives. The biggest outburst of this quirks was actually going out and buying a Vacuum-cleaner. Is this just something that happens to you when you hit age 27? This past 14 months I been living in a terrible Gold-rush Barn of a house in the gateway to the Oautback in Australia and I tell you the symptoms of the Nesting just aren't going away, even as attempts of quashing by my Mother-in-law, This improving quirk isn't going away. Another thing, every notice that some people are so stingy that they will go to crazy lengths to not spend. I call them TightWads. I'm sorry but oftentimes cheap equals Nasty. It's worth it to spend an extra dime if you're going to get quality. My mother-in-law will go shopping for 5 hours and not stop to eat anywhere. She will drive 45 minutes to get home and eat only when she gets home. Then she wonders why she is so tired and grouchy. Low-blood sugar is a Nasty things folks!

Posted by empire2/music-inmind at 10:30 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 26 June 2004 10:34 PM PDT
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