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Who are we?

     If you clicked on this link, you are presumably new to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). First, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Current Middle Ages!

     SCA is a non profit organization which is a sort of living history group for the period of time from 600 to 1600 a.d. Anyone can participate, whether they are a formal member or not. The Knowne World is divided into 16 laurel kingdoms, which are divided into regions called Baronies, which are further divided into smaller local groups called Shires and Cantons.

Where are we?

     The Canton of Misty Marsh is mundanely located in the northeastern part of South Carolina, encompassing Florence to Myrtle Beach. It is part of the Barony of Hidden Mountain, which comprises the entire region from Interstate 95 to the coast. Hidden Mountain is one of 15 different Baronies within the borders of the Kingdom of Atlantia, which encompasses Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and a little piece of Georgia.

When do we meet?

     The Canton of Misty Marsh holds monthly populace meetings the first Sundayof each month beginning at 7 pm at the Golden Crown Restaurant, Florence, South Carolina. This is a meeting open to anyone who wishes to attend, where we discuss any current or upcoming business of the group. Workshops are held weekly on a variety of topics. Currently, they are on the third Wednesday of the month beginning at 7 pm at the home of Lady Cecelia Blythe, contact her for more information (669-6584 ).

    Information about our weekly fight practice can be found here.

    There are events nearly every single weekend somewhere in the Kingdom. There are three requirements to attend: (1) to pay the required site fee (if any), (2) to make an attempt (it need not be a necessarily good attempt) at wearing pre-seventeenth century garb, and (3) to act in a courteous and chivalrous manner as would a noble of the realm. Click here for the current Kingdom calendar for more information on events.

What do we do?

    Each of the 16 laurel Kingdoms around the Knowne World are ruled by a King and Queen, chosen every 6 months in Crown Tournament. Fighters participate in a double elimination tourney. The winner is crowned prince, and later becomes King. The Baronies are governed by a Baron &/or Baroness. Kings & Queens and Barons and Baronesses hold courts to grant awards to those gentles who they deem deserving, whether for their skills in fighting or the arts, for service, for courtesy, or for a number of other reasons.

    A typical event will have fighting, arts & sciences activities (classes &/or competitions), children's activities, and such during the day. Often, merchants are there as well. In the afternoon, there is often a court, followed by feast, and then perhaps dancing or a bardic circle (for storytelling, singing, etc.), and drumming.

     In the SCA, there are basically 2 things: there is fighting, and there is "everything else". We call "everything else" in the SCA "arts and sciences". This covers a myriad of topics from armor making to leatherwork, woodwork, metal work, garb making, cooking, dancing, heraldry, calligraphy and illumination, music, embroidery, etc. Anything you can think of (almost) that is done today was also done in the Middle Ages - just in different ways. To explore how it was done in the Middle Ages, and how you too can do it in this fashion, try the links button.

    In the SCA, we each choose a "persona" - we create a person and name based on a particular place and time period of our own choosing. We attend events as our persona, and we refer to each other with our SCA name rather than our "mundane," or everyday, name. This helps us establish an ambiance of actually being in the Middle Ages.

Who can participate?

     While membership is encouraged, it is not required to attend events, meetings, or workshops. There is much to do in the SCA. There truly is something for everyone. Wherever your interests lie, you can find something in the SCA to your liking.

Getting to know us

    Those from Misty Marsh are a warm and generous people known for their hospitality. We welcome inquiries on how you, too, can join us. Please contact our chatelaine (the officer in charge of assisting newcomers) or any of the officers listed in the Contacts section for more information.

Canton of Misty Marsh

A group within the Barony of Hidden Mountain in the Society for Creative Anachronism

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