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Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Hidden Mountain:

Baron Guillaume De Bracy
(Patrick Tart)
Baroness Rowen the Shiftless
(Christina Waring)
104 Stephen Court
Summerville, South Carolina 29483
843- 871-6832

Canton of Misty Marsh Officers:

Seneschale: ((Contact with matters concerning policy and anything the other officers can not resolve.))
Lord Robert the Banished
(Stephen Pace)
612 West O'Shay Road
Lake City, South Carolina 29560

Minister of Arts and Sciences: ((Contact with issues concerning research, crafts, and A&S (arts and science) competitions))
Position Open

Exchequer: ((Group Treasurer. Contact with questions on money, payment or refunds.))
Maestra Julianna Fiorentini
(Sherry Mack)
2357 Julie Ann Drive
Florence, South Carolina 29505
(843) 601-2376

Minister of Minors (MoM): ((Youth Director))
Position Open

Canton Web Minister: ((Issues Concerning the Webpage only.))
Tina The Shy
(Tina Walls)

Chatelaine: ((Newcomer Aid))
Position Open

Knight Marshal: ((Contact with issues concerning heavy combat and fighter practice.))
Position Open

Please do not call any of these numbers after 9:00 pm EST. Thank You.

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Canton of Misty Marsh

A group within the Barony of Hidden Mountain in the Society for Creative Anachronism

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