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Man Between The Mattressess Storys

"Hello, I am the Man Between The Mattressess, and I tell storys to people who visit. I have a constant visitor, she's a girl and i've never gotten her name though she has come for the last five years. Well, now I am going to continue with my storys," said the Man Between The Mattressess. "Well hello litlle girl, ready for another story?" said The Man Between The Mattressess. "Okay" said the little girl. "Hmmmmmm, heres one, it's about the magnifying glass and the ant." said The Man Between The Mattressess. "I'm a little ant on the sidewalk, short and stout, here is my stinger and here's my mouth" sang the ant. "You're a horrible singer," said the magnifying glass. "I'll crawl on you!" said the ant. "Oh no! Please no!" said the magnifying glass. "Oh I think I will, hahahahahahahahhah," said the ant. "Oh yes!! My master is here! He's picking me up to fry you!" said the magnifying glass. "Then i'll become a fire ant!" said the ant. "That's not a pun," said the magnifying glass. "Yes it is, you think not because you've got glass for brains!!" said the ant. "Well, you've got... um uh," said the magnifying glass. "Ha! That's right, I've got brains for brains!" said the ant. "Well, your brain is the size of a cell!" said the magnifying glass. "No it isn't!" said the ant. "Weren't you sopposed to be fried by now?" asked the magnifying glass. "Well, I-AAAAHHHHHHHH" screamed the ant. "There we go," said the magnifying glass. "Well there you go, the pointless story of the ant and the magnifying glass." said The Man Between The Mattressess. "Tell me another one!" said the little girl. "Okay, but would you mind if you would hand me a bar of soap?" said The Man Between The Mattressess.