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The Joy of Single Living



These links are not necessarily Christian and are independent of this site. We are not responsible for where they may lead you.

Adam Meet Eve - Christian Singles Advice from Pastor Jim Rives. Includes reviews of Singles Dating Sites.

Boundless Line - An Online Magazine for Christian Singles and Young Adults from Focus on the Family

Christian Dating Advisor - Christian dating advice you can count on.

Christian Singles Today - Abundant Christian Single Living

Dating Discussion Group - Presented by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend authors of Boundaries in Dating.

DivorceCare - database of 1500 divorce recovery support group locations and other resources for recovering from the hurt of separation or divorce.

Flying Solo - The Lifetime Management Resource for Divorce and Aging Issues.

Hero - (Blog) - "Here’s straight truth with irrefutable evidence of what makes an ultimate hero to women who long for men of faith—men who stand by their convictions and make their world a safer and better place."

Jesus Rocks on IRC - Free Christian Chat Rooms

Phoenix Singles Examiner - Giselle's new column specifically for singles in the Phoenix, AZ area with links to singles groups & ministries, activities and volunteer opportunities.

Relationshipweb - includes an extensive directory helpful relationship links, discussion forums and help on affairs, marriage, dating, divorce, addiction, abuse, and breakups.

Single Parents Association - international nonprofit organization devoted to providing educational opportunities and fun activities for single parent families.

Singled Out – A Podcast for Christian Singles - The Fundamental Baptist Singles Fellowship is proud to present Singled-Out, A podcast for Christian singles. Listen in on interviews, sermons, and topics relevant to Christian sinlges of all ages and backgrounds.

Soul Supply - "Making Sense of Life" -Offering daily "Soul Snacks"

Unmarried America - "An information service for the new unmarried majority"