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Loren Land

You find yourself in Loren Land with the same feeling you get when you awake from a long, deep sleep--refreshed and energized, but somewhat disoriented. You are lying by a softly trickling stream in a warm meadow. You can hear the chuckling of the water as it hurries over the rocks. As you look around, you see that the stream leads to a broad pond that reflects the clear blue sky. The lake ends where the green mountains begin. You see a unicorn grazing not far off, and two pegasi trot side by side into the trees across the meadow. A weather-worn wooden sign points in the direction they are going, and reads: Join the Loren. This, you suddenly know, means "Join the Lost." You gasp, realizing that you have found your way to the land of myths and legends, the middle-earth you heard the old folks speak of, in far-off voices. This is Loren Land, an empire unto itself, with no good and no evil--no black and white, only many shades of every color. There is no single leader of this land, no king or queen--only the leaders of the terras. This place has a certain feeling to it, a mood you cannot find any words for. But you feel that there are infinite possibilites on the doorstep of your mind.

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1.7.04 Belated Happy New Year's, and all that jazz. :) Sorry for the lacking of updates in a while, folks...you highschool-attenders know how it is...anyways, what this update is really about is the deleting of terras! To up the activity more in the terras that are the most active currently, I'm doing a bit more slimming down! Rainbow Canyon will be going, thanks to Flame's immense generosity, and perhaps Quicksilver Falls as well. In fact, I'm seriously considering moving Indigo Springs, Diamond Pond and the Glacier Stream to the main terra page, and deleting Wanderer's Forest. Tell me what you think on the OOC page. Thanks, peeps.

12.28.04 There is a paradox
Of light and dark
Of hatred and compassion.
There is a land
Of found and lost
Where stirs and ancient mystery.
A fae as white
As a full moon
On a pitch-black, starless night.
A stag as black
As a pitch-black sky
When the stars are gone and the moon is set.
And another brute, a third equine,
With a canvas shining brilliant silver
A twisted horn, three glowing runes
And eyes as blue as sapphires.
She of danger
Her brother of strength
And the third, the silver one,
His destiny is tangled
His fate shadowed with doubt
An inexplicable bond holds the trio in a knot
Of hate and loyalty
Friendship and repulsiveness,
And when the time comes
A great battle will be fought
The war has already begun,
And its center, so young,
A fae of snowy hues
A brute of darkest black
And a stag of silver glory.
She of danger,
He of strength,
The last of destiny.
12.16.04Hey guys! This is Kay here, re-creating the layout! (Yes, Vala asked me to, I'm not hacking in :P) Hope ya'll like it, 'cause I personally love it!
But while I'm here, may I remind you that these ideas are my own and anyone even thinkingof stealing them may screw them over now because if it does happen you shall face the severe consequences.
Humph, now that I sound like a bitch, make sure you have fun!

12.9.04 Wow, it's been a while! Sorry for the absence of updates, but I've had relatives over and also a lot of schoolwork. So anyway, there's a new law! It's about joining. It goes into effect for all characters joining at 3:00 P. M. on Thursday, December 10, 2004, and afterward. Those joined before this time will not be screened. Everyone should go to the rules page and read about this law. Thanks, people. And also, there is now the Foaling Meadow, where the foaling will happen! Check it all out, and tell me what you think on the OOC board. --The Owner--

Any questions or anything, you can always email me: lorenhelp@yahoo.com

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