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My Favorite Web Sites

Cheats for every game ever created!
Your own
Get all of the Nascar reace updateds and standings here!
Get your own AngleFire website here!

My 3 Favorite Nascar Drivers

Who is your favorite driver?? E-mail me at Also if you can try to be consitrate and e-mail the link to this website to atleast 3 peolpe. If you do and e-mail me telling you that you did and who you sent them to I will help you create your own webpage, photo gallary, or blog. Also if people need help learning HTML that is one of the reasons that I am creating this webpage and I would be more that happy to help you with the HTML as long as once again you e-mail the link to this website to atleast 3 people to help promote it! Last but not least I am hiring for people to help teach HTML!! If you are intrusted pleese e-mail me at JimBow