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I did good at JV League
went 2-0
took first
Coach Ulmer put it on the site at
pinned the first guy with a cradle.
got half of my points against the second guy with the cradle.
The cradle is awesome
hell yes
first kids club tournament tomorrow
kind of nervous
don't know how hard it will be
I think i'll do good though
track starts soon
I'm going for the mile record this year
It's 4:57 or something like that
I think I can make it.
I dunno though because I haven't timed a mile in so long
turns out i didn't need to worry about kid's club
I ended up going 3-1 and taking second
lost my first match
Second guy didn't show up, so it was a scratch, and I won
stuck the third guy in 20 seconds
fourth match i had to wrestle one of my friends for second place
In the first period I got a takedown and he hit a switch
In the second period scoring was the same, except he got three back points
In the third period he got a takedown, but i got his leg
a little later i got his head and stuck him
It's Friday
I was sick so I had to stay home from school
I missed a test that i'm gonna have to make up
I have youth vespers tonight
I havent been there since the week before JV League
Subs for kid's club is in two weeks
I should at least make it to district
If I don't I will be very angry
Track starts two weeks after Subs
I'm looking forward to both of them
It's Sunday
I did bad at Saturday's wrestling meet, even though I took fourth
It should've been 3rd
In one of my matches I lost 12-0
I had 12
I was going to put in another banana split in the third period, so i could hold him until the time ran out
I screwed it up and the guy got me in a headlock
it still took him another 30 seconds to pin me
but then i couldn't hold it anymore
I swear i was about to black out from lack of air
The worst part of all of this is that I could of won if I paid attention to the coach
In the beginning of the third period, I decided to go for the pin instead of asking the coach what position to take
big mistake
only 2 weeks till track now
I'm counting the days