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John And Tiff

Is my life now complete?

Before you I thought I had everything,

but now that I have u,

I realize I had nothing,

and I am presented with the best gift.


I wandered before almost headless,

I did things that seemed right for the moment,

not thinking about the steps to follow,

and I faced the consequences,

Which seemed almost hidden from my eye.


But life with you a path is clear,

it holds no bounds,

you make me smile,

even when times are torn,

and your laugh is like no other.


The shear twinkle your eyes hold,

like stars on clear nights,

which you seem to like so much.

These nights I know won’t last,

but the memories with you remain.


I just need to know,

that you need me,

And that you will always need me.

Because you are part of my life,

and you complete me.


If I was just given that chance,

a chance to hold you in my arms,

for the rest of my life,

I know my life will be happy,

and that happiness will never fade.