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The Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum
November 26, 2002

Try not to mind the blurriness of the pics. [I was shaky and had no tripod]
It's my first time w/ a digital camera.
Thanks mom!

Pb260033.jpg (58053 bytes)
Garden in the front

Pb260034.jpg (29106 bytes)
First water pic (Not as dark as it looks)

Pb260035.jpg (89282 bytes)
James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge

Pb260036.jpg (110321 bytes)
Flowers by the entrance

Pb260037.jpg (80169 bytes)
Water side

Pb260038.jpg (83522 bytes)
Morikami Falls

Pb260040.JPG (60877 bytes)
Morikami Falls

Pb260041.jpg (48094 bytes)
Trees and steps

Pb260042.jpg (84147 bytes)
Small bridge over stream

Pb260043.jpg (74516 bytes)
Looking out at the water

Pb260044.jpg (56754 bytes)
James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge

Pb260046.jpg (82916 bytes)
Stone Latern

Pb260047.jpg (52127 bytes)
James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge

Pb260048.jpg (88502 bytes)
Stone Latern

Pb260049.jpg (64339 bytes)
Bridge to Yamato Island

Pb260050.jpg (77237 bytes)
Rocky Point

Pb260051.jpg (64633 bytes)
Flower near Yamato Island Bridge

Pb260052.jpg (81310 bytes)
Bridge to Yamato Island

Pb260053.jpg (85537 bytes)
Bridge to Yamato Island

Pb260054.jpg (83568 bytes)
Stone Latern

Pb260055.jpg (85977 bytes)
Stone Latern

Pb260056.jpg (83876 bytes)
Bonsai Garden

Pb260057.jpg (87131 bytes)
Bonsai Garden

Pb260058.jpg (84220 bytes)
Bonsai Garden

Pb260059.jpg (62074 bytes)
Turtle Island

Pb260060.jpg (83059 bytes)
Allen S. Austin Mermorial Waterfall

Pb260061.jpg (67403 bytes)
Fish at Turtle Island and Yamato Island

Pb260062.jpg (81287 bytes)
Yamato Island Monument

Pb260063.jpg (81977 bytes)
Turtle Island

Pb260064.jpg (61411 bytes)
Me, Anna, Randi, Erica, and Andrew at Yamato Island

Pb260065.jpg (63794 bytes)
Challenger Memorial

Pb260066.jpg (80893 bytes)
Ishidoro Stone Latern

Pb260067.jpg (60637 bytes)
Rocky Point

Pb260068.jpg (65179 bytes)
Looking across to Rocky Point

Pb260071.jpg (82892 bytes)
Morikami Memorial

Pb260072.jpg (78007 bytes)
Morikami Memorial

Pb260074.jpg (79913 bytes)
Cousins at Nan-mon ("South Gate")

Pb260075.jpg (77170 bytes)
Cousins at Comtemplation Pavilion

Pb260076.jpg (68135 bytes)
Hiraniwa Flat Garden

Pb260078.jpg (73245 bytes)
Trees of Morikami

Pb260079.jpg (79550 bytes)
Early Rock Garden

Pb260081.jpg (73642 bytes)
Late Rock Garden

Pb260082.jpg (83984 bytes)
Shishi odoshi ("Deer Chaser")

Pb260083.jpg (83787 bytes)
Bamboo Grove

Pb260084.jpg (54128 bytes)
Looking across the water

Pb260085.jpg (72114 bytes)
Bowing at the Kodai-mon

Pb260086.jpg (63375 bytes)
Rocky Point

Pb260087.jpg (54259 bytes)
James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge

Pb260088.jpg (63214 bytes)
James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge

Pb260089.jpg (68386 bytes)
Randi and Stacey

Pb260090.jpg (65370 bytes)
Me and Randi

Pb260091.jpg (65397 bytes)
Japanese II and III class 2002


Pb260094.jpg (56881 bytes)
Erica and Anna

Pb260097.jpg (49694 bytes)
This is my little gift from the shop, a Kokeshi doll ^_^


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