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In 1990, I was enrolled in Gongshang Primary School.  Ain't nothing much that I could remember but all I know was that I didn't study at all.  I wonder how I did it but seriously, I don't remember studying for any exams.  And the most wierd thing is that I managed to pass all exams.  And the passing marks are all like 70 to 80 over 100.....


We used to have this "Spelling" thing during those years.  If we made mistakes, we have to do corrections in the book and hand it up to our group leaders the next day before school starts.  One day, I happened to be late so I was unable to hand up the book and I totally forgot about it.  Time passed till it was my English lesson.  It was known that my English teacher was a so-called "HUNGRY LION". He's very big sized and fierce.  Most students, especially those small sized students like me, fear him a lot.  So back to the story, he entered the class with his usual menacing looks.  Out of the blue, he boomed "WHO DID NOT HAND IN THE SPELLING BOOK???  I AM SHORT OF TWO BOOKS!!!"  One student came up to the front and told him that he did not bring his book.  The particular student is the rascal of the class thus the teacher could care less.  He boomed again "ONE MORE!!!!WHO????" Forgetting that it was me, I just sat at my place, waiting like the rest.  "EVERYONE STAND UP! WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME THEN U CAN SIT DOWN!" One by one the names were called out.  In the end of it, I was the last one standing.  I was shocked and petrified.  I rummaged through my bag only to find it there all this while.  But I was fearless at that time as I knew I had done my corrections. "WHY DIDN'T YOU HAND UP???" Once again, forgotten that I was late, I answered boldly "The leader never collect from me".  Then, 'pammmmm' he gave me a tight slap on my face in front of everyone.  I was put in a state of shock and felt like crying.  Imagine a giant (and I mean a really big one) slapping a tiny dwarf.  I managed to keep my cool and just walk back to my seat.  Everyone was starring at me.  Only god knows how I felt.  Even my own father never slapped me before.  Imagine that... and for a small size Primary 5 girl, the slap was very painful, I could feel it for 3 days.  It also left a blue-black mark on my left cheek....



After passing my PSLE, I was posted to Damai Secondary School in Express stream. Stayed there for 4 years, took my O' Levels and the results were fine.  Life there dull and I didn't enjoy much.  It was endless study and projects, extended lessons, the so-called 'Self-Study' with a teacher being sent to the class to teach usual lessons. I only had fun with my 4 other friends whom are like sisters to me. They were the ones added colors to my life that time.  Without them, I don't know what would have happened. 


In secondary school, I don't really have a good clean record.  I was like the bad student of the class.  So getting into trouble with teachers are common to me.  This time, the incident has got to do with my temper. This incident I remembered clearly.

 There was this rascal in my class whom out of no reason teased me and I didn't even knew why as I never talked at all during that lesson.  So, each time he passed by my seat, he said something about me like 'Big Mouth', 'Stupid Dumb' and whatever.... The first time, I told him to watch his mouth.  The second time, I said " You better shut up or you're gonna get something from me".  The third time he teased me, I told him to stay back after lesson. And that was the last lesson as we had assembly after that.  So, when the bell rang, the other students packed their bags and proceeded to the hall as they don't want to be late for the assembly.  I packed my stuffs slowly and when almost everyone left, I stood up, went to his table and I tipped his bag upside down, which caused all his books to fell out.  Then one by one, I picked his books and sent them flying across the class, hitting him on the head and body.  I then shouted at him stuffs like "What the hell is the matter with you" and thing like that.  There were like 4 other boys in the class and they were all too shocked.  One guy then tried to calm me down.  I couldn't and my temper was flaring.  I started to throw the tables and chairs towards the rascal.  When the class was in a mess, I took my bag and left.  From that day onwards, those students who witnessed the incident, never teased me.  The incident has left the guys a very different impression of me.  That was the first and the last time I threw my temper in class.  And about the rascal, it took him about a year plus to talk to me again.  It happened when I was in Sec 2, and he only started talking to me again on our graduation night...



Though my O' Level results qualifies me to enter Polytechnics, I choose to enter ITE as I knew my attitude towards school work is not good enough.  I remembered enrolling into ITE on the last day as every time I tried to, I was stopped to my friends. I could remember them telling me that they were very disappointed to find out that I enrolled into ITE.  All I told them was that I rather get a Certificate than being a Poly 'Drop-Out' also known as 'O' Level Holder'.  And I am glad for my choice as there weren't much pressure in ITE.


At the end of my two-years course here, I would like to obtain my Higher NITEC.  I have no intentions to continue studying in Polytechnic.  After obtaining the certificate, I will search for a suitable job and start my life.  From there, if I need to improve on skills or knowledge concerning my job, I will attend night classes.  By that way, I am able to earn an income while polishing my skills.