Californians--Meet Your Leader!!

Sometimes I feel like I'm part of a minority. People blessed with common sense. What the fuck is wrong with Californians? THEY'VE ELECTED THE FUCKING TERMINATOR TO LEAD THEM!!! If their economy was in the shitter with Gray Davis, just wait until you let Conan have at it! And a few weeks after he started to pick up steam, the fun stuff started with his campaign. First, women came forth and said that he'd sexually assaulted them. You KNOW that these women are lying. Why? Because they didn't talk any sooner!! He's been a multi-million dollar movie star for DECADES!! Why didn't they say that he tried to snake his way into their panties during post-production of T3? Because that wouldn't ruin him. The American public is so dumb that they'd see a movie with a sexual predator in it("Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", case in point). The reason that the "victims" confessed now is that they were planted in a conspiracy by other Gubernatorial candidates Gary Coleman(Diff'rent Strokes) and Felicia Fox(Grand Theft Anal, Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style). And of course, the Hitler worshipping. I'm not even going to try and make fun of that. Any douchebag that compliments any aspect of Hitler(I don't care if you could shove coal up his ass and pull out a diamond, no one should compliment such a monumental douchebag). You might be asking yourself at this point, why is he bitching so much? Because this is a call-to-action. I suggest going forth and electing a new Governor for California. Who? Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme? He's perfect! He speaks worse English than Arnie, and he's French(and all of us sure hate the French right now!). So I ask you, my followers, go forth and demand that the TimeCop becomes the new ruler of the 2nd largest state in the free world!