South Park: Greatest Animation Ever

Best South Park Episodes

American animation, more often than not, has been classified as "kiddie-fare". This has always made me angry, just because of the fact that in Asia animation is treated seriously as filmmkaing. Beyond "The Simpsons", primetime animation was thought to be a lost art. In 1998, however, "South Park" came along to change all of our stereotypes. We are introduced to an unusually strange cast of charcters, such as Stan(hopeless romantic), Kenny(poor kid who dies in each episode), and Cartman(landmark fat kid and traumatized bastard). In every episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone covered topics from pedophilia to absentee parents to the war on "terror". Each episode is a landmark unto itself because of the fact that each episode has a moment that will crack you up completely(Christopher Reeve sucking the life out of fetuses, Timmy and Jimmy beating the shit out of each other, Cartman professing that he got all of his semen by "closing his eyes and sucking it out of a hose"). I love "South Park", and I don't know anyone who doesn't.