The World As We Know It--By Sean Collins

As I sat there on Sunday morning, watching our commander-in-chief make up new words on Meet The Press, I realized that the Democrat's chances of taking back the Oval Office aren't really all that farfetched. Through the President's mind-boggling answers and shockingly circular reasoning(mostly flat-out denial), I realized what I hope other Americans know, too. Our President is, by far, the most incompetent leader of all time. When questioned his stance on the War in Vietnam, he stated that he "supported his government". When asked why he served in the Air National Guard and not the Air Force, he stated that service to any armed force is still a service to the country. However we can all assume that Daddy got him out of the death slot that so many other lower-class Americans were doomed to face. And, his saving grace to all these questions he stepped out and said in the voice that reminded me of that of a 4-year-old, and I quote, "I flew fighters" in a squeeky high voice. And when asked about how he and John Kerry attended the same Secret Society, he said its so secret that he couldn't speak of it. For the most part, Bush was completely torn apart in the interview. He never answered most of the questions and bent over backwards to avoid others. And did I mention the numbers, O those sweet numbers that just don't lie. Surplus+Deficit=>32% unemployment rate. Not to mention the unnumerable amount of jobs lost. Under this compassionate conservative we've fought 2 wars and ended countless lives, all in the pursuit of...well, I don't know. Neither does Bush.