Warning, This Page Has Naughty Language!

Before I start this page, I've been getting a lot of flak about it from my folks. They really didn't want me to put this on the internet, but I feel that it needs to be stated. Fuck. It's a word, that, in common circles, means "to have sex with". Only shows on expanded cable networks can say fuck, and PG-13 movies are allowed one fuck by the MPAA. Shows on standard cable and network TV say things like, but not limited to: sex, do, nail, bang, screw. All synonyms of fuck. PG-13 shitflicks like 10 Things I Hate About You talk about sex throughout the entire movie, yet they never utter that horrible, horrible word known in our society as FUCK. If a CD has more than one fuck, it usually gets a Parental Advisory CD(although the RIAA is usually good about hypocrisy, if a song has ANY sort of intimacy it gets that damn sticker). What I don't understand is the fact that horrific violence is plausible on the stage of the MPAA, but a single word can change the rating of a film. Take something like DareDevil for instance. Brutal fight scenes where men get dismembered, stabbed, shot, beaten, and a particularly gruesome scene where a woman is beaten, stabbed and sliced. PG-13. Now lets look at the film Mallrats. Says fuck and shit a lot. No violence. A hard R. Why? How, in any case, is violence toward our fellow beings easier to accept than a word? What is wrong with our society? Since when was seeing a woman stabbed through the chest easier to choke down then hearing FUCK. I don't understand it!! The MPAA is made up of a group of Puritan fundamentalists who probably also believe that war is the answer to everything, hence the fact that they are constantly embracing violence on film. Something needs to change within the system in order for these social nuances to be corrected.