Electronics Boutique: A Lesson In Corruption

I was at the sanctuary of adolesence last Saturday, otherwise known as my local mall. I'd spotted an offer in the Electronics Boutique catalog that said "FREE Copy of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic for ANY 3 Xbox, PS2, and GameCube games." Naturally, I was stoked...and who wouldn't be? The most renowned RPG for the Xbox, for only 3 games? Of course, the fine print said that there were "some games not valid for the trade", but of course, it couldn't apply to the games that I had. I had brought in my copy of "Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick", "Spider-Man", and "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind." As I trotted into EB, I asked the clerk if the offer(which the coupon stated was to end on October 15th 2003) was still valid. The clerk, who also happened to be the manager on duty at the time, asked me which order I was talking about. I told him about the coupon, and he said I was lying. I showed him the coupon, and he accused me of falsifying documents. Finally, I grabbed the copy of their catalog and showed him the coupon inside. Then he had to believe me. So he scanned the games I brought in and then told me that none of the games were valid. The 3 games, which all came in their original boxes with their original instruction booklets, without a scratch on the discs, were rejected. Why? Because, regardless of the price that they debuted at, they were now valued at $19.99, and no games under $29.99 were valued for the deal. Funny how they failed to mention that little fact in the coupon. I plan on updating this article in a couple of days with the mile-long list of games that they reject in this "offer". Until then, don't shop at EB.