DareDevil Review

Recently I purchased a copy of DareDevil #181 for twenty American dollars. Twenty bucks for the greatest comic book in recent history, the issue when Elektra is murdered by DareDevil's worst enemy, Bullseye. It's a great book, and it's in mint condition, too. Most people won't be able to find it. However, i wholeheartedly encourage picking up a trade of the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson run that revitalized the character... The film DareDevil copies this storyline almost note-for-note. Ben Affleck nails DareDevil with an intensity unforeseen by Marvel actors except for Jackman and Snipes. Jennifer Garner plays Matt's love interest(and enemy) Elektra. It is this dichotomy that drives the tragedy/love-story. We feel sorry for Matt when the woman that he loves tries to kill him. Colin Farrell plays the maniacal assassin Bullseye, and he's essentially a madman who is obsessed with DareDevil. Michael Clarke Duncan plays Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin, and is very intimidating in an unusual role for him(he is usually the good-natured) black guy. The psychodrama between Kingpin, Bullseye, Elektra, and Bullseye is the highlight of this movie, and makes it the darkest comic-book translation to the big screen. As for DVD features, DareDevil has two extra tracks: commentary and trivia. They both provide nice insight to the plot and history of the character. The second disk has a couple of documentaries about the film, and some nice 360 fight-breakdowns, and an especially nice documentary about the creation of the comic-book, with interviews from Frank Miller and Kevin Smith. --8/10