Army of Darkness--The Director's Cut

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Before I start worshipping the great collaborative work of Sam and Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, I must let all fans know that Bruce Campbell is hospitalized from a recent car accident, caused by a drunk-driver careening into him. Many prayers go out to the great Mr. Campbell for his condition. He's not critical, but let's hope that he's well enough to crank out Evil Dead 4!! First of all, Army of Darkness is the third and greatest movie in the Evil Dead series. The movie provides a decent prologue where it explains why Ash is in the year 1300, why he has a chainsaw attached to his right arm, and why he fights zombies. After being sucked into a vortex at the end of Dead By Dawn, Ash arrives in the 14th century and is mistaken for a marauder. Hilarity ensues. The reason this movie is so great is that is functions on a higher level than most. There's no deep, convoluted plot or shitty love story(the one presented here is believable), but instead 81 minutes of Ash kicking deadite ass(don't you dare call it a fucking zombie!!). The DVD features are nice(I bought the "Official Bootleg Edition) with commentary, deleted scenes, and a still-image gallery.--10/10