Best of 2003

My Favorite Things About Angelfire

Duh. This should be obvious. Mystic River might seem out of place with the above sci-fi and fantasy pictures, but it's really so good that it transcends boundaries. In terms of superhero movies, DareDevil wins points in my book simply because it stays completely true to the source material while keeping up a level of quality. X2, while deviating from the comics continuity, is the better film(Hulk barely made my top 10). Revolutions is a great film, and it more than makes up for Reloaded. I genuinely loved every scene with Hugo Weaving in Revolutions, and we all know that Morpheus kicked ass once again in that film. My favorite film of the year, however, was well deserved. I don't even have to say it's title. ROTK is just that good. I view these films as character studies. Fellowship analyzed Frodo and his decision to leave the Fellowship on his own. Towers was about Aragorn and his impending destiny. King, however, was all about the unstoppable force of pure courage, the amazing Samwise Gamgee. Words can't describe how awesome he was. Also, I positively loved Bernard Hill's work again this year. Nearly every word he said was gold, and every minute of it is precious(no pun intended.)