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.::. Alices Stuff .::. -- All that stuff you REALLY wanted to know

 .::. Alices Stuff .::.
   All that stuff you REALLY wanted to know

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Rants & Raves

Into the Swing - 18.Nov.2003

Really getting into this site thing today, deleted the diary coz it was a load of crack! sorry if you didnt get to read it, which is proberly everybody coz i dont think that many people have visited the site. . . *looks at webcounter and wonders how many of the six people shown were me*. . . its off to a slow start but hey i forgive ya there aint anything to see at the moment anyway!

but i finally got my ass into gear and got a free domain name, so instead of its now - thanks to that little island that calls themselves tokelau :D to get your own go to !!

also thankyou to proboards who i got a message board off. . .unfortunatly at the moment i dont think that their servers are working or something like that but oh well i hope that it will be up and running soon :) . . . get your own here! - yes im doing a lot of free advertising in this update aint i? bt you gotta lurve it!! haha maybe they will pay me for this one day :P

Cheers to all my non-exsistant fans that gather in the millions to view my site luv yaz heaps ;)

Oh and BIG shout out to ang, who tore this site to pieces and made me put it back together, with the proper spelling and mostly proper grammer. Cheers ang!!

Welcome - 5.Oct.2003

Hey all and welcome to this site.

Its full of just junk that i surf round the net for, my rants and raves etc.  being in its infant stages its not very good at the moment but give me time and i hope that i won't forget about it!

Random Links
Bean and Cheese
In other words Steph and Sarah, in that order

Crazy cunts but seriously look like cool guys :D

Awsome drawings!! cool cars!! nice guy!!

its luke, doin some stuff for me, so the only way that i can repay him is show my adoring public his site!

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