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~*~weia{TvB} ~*~

Greetings to the Free & slaves of Gor

This girl hopes the day has found You well
& that the Three Moons &
the Priest kinks have blessed You with the good fortune.

~*~gentlelarlkit~*~ STORY

This girl is the daughter of a slave and her Love Master,
she was birthed to them before the Master had Freed the slavegirl,
and so this girls fate was to be a slave aswell,
just as her mother was. gentlelarlkit was born in the wagons
of the Tuchuk tribe and at her 10th year
was pierced threw the nose in the ways of the Tuchuk

thus forever marking her a Tuchuk,
& sold to a Warrior of the Tribe for her training
& to start her on her life as a slave,
she trained hard and worked hard to please
this Master desired that the girl learn to care for & train the beasts of the wagon Tribe;
the kaiila, the Bosk, the sleens, the larls, and the great Tarns,
so the girl has no fear of the fierce beasts of the Realm and knows how to handle them.
Her Master took her to the Southern Citie of Lara
& and girl was sold in the Auction House
where she brought her Master some 4 GT,
and she entered the pleasure pens,
where she Trained in the Arts of the Pleasure slave
where she excelled and swiftly reached the rank of Red Silk.

She was then perchased by the Lady Wolf Shadow of the Fortress of Shadows,
and was trained in the raising and breading of Tarns,
as well as was made first girl of this Ladys Home
and trained her slaves and ran the Home in the Mistresses apsense

girl was then sold to a Master that Loved her and she Loved,
they journeyed together for quite some time when she was parted from Him
by a crook of Fate and now this girl wanders and roams Gor
where she was found By Jarl Jorvik
and brought to Torvaldsberg and this girl so remains learning and seeing if she can find a home here.
As of the morning of Feb 19th 2004 this girl was collared into the Home of TorvaldsBerg on mIRC as the girl weia{TvB}

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