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Redwall Compendium

By Redspike Firequill

Originality: There is only one sight I have seen similar to this, being Snowfur’s Encyclopaedia of Redwall, but the Encyclopaedia is not nearly up to the standard of the compendium.
The site covers topics such as all weapons and species mentioned in the Redwall series - and many more besides - and also has an element I have not seen in any other site; a blueprints section.
8 points out of 10

Creativity: There is not a great deal of the webmistress' own creation, as weapons and species etc. have been taken straight from the books and other sources of information, although this is the main function of the site, to explain and provide information in great detail from Jacques’ work.
Of course the details had to be painstakingly scoured from the books and as far as I can see not one item has been missed.
However, the creativity of the webmistress cannot be called into question, given the wide variety of information she has brought to light.
7 points out of 10

Updates: On the main page are several notices each dated. The last entry was 31/10/02, and so it can be seen that updates are few and far between. However, from her writings, it appears that the "in between" time is taken up with actually finding and writing out the information, ready to just be put on the webpage, and the updates when they arrive are very good. Also, in the meantime, there is more than enough information to keep us satisified!
7 points out of 10

Navigability: It is extremely easy to navigate out of the home page; the bar is laid out in contrasting colours reaching about half way down the page with links all working. But once out of the home page you hit upon a rather nasty problem. That problem; split screens. These can be a great distraction, and have you looking in three or four different ways at once. However, there are no broken links, and although a couple of pages took a while to load up, everything was there in full glory.

9 points out of 10

Effort: A lot of effort has gone into researching the various topics and pictures and the site does look very impressive.
Not much more to be said.
9 points out of 10

Activities: At present there are no activities other than browsing on the site.
There were forums on the site instated in early August 2002 but these were quickly removed by late October due to lack of use.
But since this is an encyclopaedia - a reference site and not a member site, therefore not intended for activities - an average has been taken of the other marks.
8 points out of 10

Achievement: The site has received many awards from many different sources and creating an encyclopaedia of that size and quality is a great achievement in itsself.
Many links sites have rated it between 4 and 5 star so it is widely considered well worth a visit
9 points out of 10

Initial impression: On first entering the site it looked very impressive, not too bold but not faint either. It had great looks and certainly appeared to be the Redwall researcher’s dream!
9 points out of 10

Legibility: In some sections of the site, the font was quite tiny, making it hard to look at, but in other sections it was "loud and clear". Snowspine always writes with clarity, making the information easily accessible for us.
8 points out of ten

Atmosphere: While little pleasure can be got from reading an encyclopaedia if it's not your type of thing, the webmistress seemed quite genial and always open to suggestions and communications from her readers.
9 points out of 10

Viewer Appeal – 83%

Snowspine's Redwall Compendium is owned by and copyrighted to Snowspine

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