Suicide Of An Angel

By: Crimson Phoenix


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Chapter 1


Serenity couldn't help but smile. Her happy air was contagious, as the gang that sat around her they couldn't help but smile either. Yugi chuckled slightly while Serenity gave off a brilliant bout of happiness. Even if his chuckle was bitter, and cold.

Her perfect white teeth showed over her lips, as she clutched Joey's arm. Tea smiled from the background at the young, happy girl. Her brilliant red hair flew around her, as her liquid brown eyes glittered mischievously.

Yugi watched from afar, as his Yami laughed with the rest of his friends. Yugi' smile became grave and sour. His face twisted into an expression never before seen on his face. He looked dangerous, angry even.

He had often just sat watching, following idly, while everyone chatted. They laughed, joked and played. All without noticing the solitary figure that watched them, always alone.

"But why should they! They only care about HIM. They only want to hang around with HIM. HE promised that HE would protect me, be there for me! Love me! HE promised that because I was HIS light!" Yugi yelled out in frustration.

Yugi let a sigh escape his lips, while he risked a glance through the Game Shop's window. Tears stung his eyes at the sight.

"What a loud of crap" he muttered under his breath icily.

Yami was hosting a party. All of his so called 'friends' were there. They were gathered around, playing truth or dare. SO, Yami could invite his friends, but not his light?!

Yugi tried desperately to fight back the tears that threatened to spill. Yami was laughing at a joke Tristan had just told him, while everyone else chuckled softly.

Yugi wiped back tears; they were starting to stream down his dirty face. They made tracks were dirt had covered them. Yugi sniffed, and tried desperately to stop them. To no avail.

Yugi knocked nervously on the door, and waited for a reply. Not that he was expecting one. Yugi sighed yet again, and opened the door.

No one looked up as he entered.

But they could smell him. Earlier that same day, Yugi had been beaten up by bullies as there was no longer anyone to help him. They just ignored him, only bullies paid him any heed, and even then it was painful.

Yugi's hair lay limply down onto his face; tears streaked its once smooth surface. Blood oozed from cuts and scratches, while bruises adorned his shattered frame. He smelt bad, the smell of blood, and dirt. As they had mixed.

Serenity and her brother Joey looked up in disgust. They wrinkled their noses in at the horrible smell, while Yami looked up from their game, and spotted Yugi. He smirked.

"It's only Yugi. No need to worry." Yami explained, like they were meeting for the first time.

Yugi scowled at this.

"Yuck! He smells horrible!" Tristan said.

"Yeah. And he's so puny! Can't even hold his own in a fight!" Tea shrieked.

"You guys! I can hear you!" Yugi yelled.

But he was ignored. It was like he was invisible. Yugi turned and walked away dejectedly. He could hear them insulting him in the hallway; it was like he had never been there.

Yugi sniffed, while more tears poured out from his large violet eyes. They told a story, one of great angst. Ones that were blinded from the light. That only saw pain. As was the life of Yugi Moto.

Solomon Moto stood in the hallway, sweeping up. He looked at Yugi, with eyes that no longer held compassion. He frowned, looking down on Yugi, as if he was some king of insect, one that he was about to squash.

"You look like shit" he stated.

Yugi eyes started to water. Not even his own grandpa cared about him anymore; it was all Yami, Yami, Yami, and Yami. It was like Yugi had never even been born, it was like he had never existed.

"Well, what are you waiting for? I don't want you to dirty the floor! (A/N: Hey! It rhymed!) Go upstairs and have a shower, you smell awful, boy!" he hissed.

Yugi let out a whimper. In the past year, Solomon had resorted to calling his own grandson 'boy'. Yami had grown in Yugi's place. Became the person that everyone wanted to see.

And to think that Yugi once trusted his darker half. Even cared about him. Helped him.

But all he got in return was isolation. The bastard had stolen his friends, taken over his life, and even stolen his deck. Not that Yugi needed it anymore, he basically never dueled. No one ever wanted to duel the invisible Yugi Moto. NO, they all wanted to duel the famous Yami Moto.

He was shunted from friend to friend, until they deemed him rubbish, and all went flocking over to Yami. At least Seto Kaiba hadn't. But Seto never liked any of them in the first place.

Even his dear friend Ryou had left him, and god knows where Bakura was.

Yugi ran upstairs; he could hear Solomon shouting insults up the stairs as he ran up them.

Yugi ran upstairs, more tears in his eyes, as he grabbed a towel, PJ's, and locked himself in the bathroom. Yugi whimpered as he touched a cut that ran down his left shoulder, he winced as he came back with sticky black blood.

His life had been perfect just before. Before Yami. Before Yami, he actually had friends, people that he could hang out with, and trust.

He had helped his Yami through
Battle City, putting his life on the line to help Yami's cause, and protect him. And what had he gotten in return. Abandoned, rejection, pain, and angst.

Yugi slipped into the waters cold streams. Yami always used up all the hot water, as HE was allowed to, but Yugi was only allowed to use cold water. They thought that he cost too much. Need I explain more to you?

Yugi winced out loud, as the harsh water cleaned away his wounds; blood fell to the floor, in his oozing lines, that stained the white basin. He knew that he would get in trouble later, for staining it, even though he couldn't help it. He would probably hit once or twice by Yami, and then scolded by Solomon.

But the worst thing was that HE would walk away with his friends, tell them. And they would LAUGH.

"Where they even my friends in the first place?" Yugi asked himself.

More tears spilt from Yugi's eyes, as he renewed old memories.

Battle City, Yami had gotten a body for his own, he had moved in with Solomon at the game shop, enrolled at Domino High. And that's were everything went bad.

Yami started to steal Yugi's friends, take over his life; Yugi was just a shadow, nothing more. Yami's shadow, the shadow of one he used to trust, treasure. He had been betrayed. By part of himself. By Yami.

Yugi heard rich laughter float from down stairs. Oh, how he remembered the times when that would be him, before Yami came. Having fun, with people he knew. Laughing at the silliest of things, and having fun, actually having fun. Not being ignored, or beat on, those were the times, when he had laughed, and enjoyed myself. When Yugi was innocent, and pure. But those qualities were long forgotten by his friends. Even by him.

He only knew angst.

Yugi slipped out of the shower, and dressed. He now had hand-me-downs from Yami. As no one would by him things anymore, they only got them for Yami, and stuff that Yami didn't like, were then given to him, second rate.

He pulled on the 3 size to big PJ’s; they were a deep purple color. They had a neat picture of the Dark Magician on the front pocket, and were past his wrists.

Yugi now hated the Dark Magician; it was Yami's favorite card, the one that helped both of them. The one that he had once treasured how he despised it. He longed to go up to Yami's room, pull out his deck, and rip the Dark Magician into tiny pieces.

He would then show them to Yami, and you know what, he would laugh, like they had done to him do many times. He would laugh.

Yugi sighed, and pulled out one of Yami's old toothbrushes; it had been given to him, as Yami no longer used it.

Yugi squeezed some paste onto Yami's old tooth brush. He vigorously brushed his teeth. He spat the foam back into the shiny sink. Yugi then washed out his mouth, and had a drink from a half empty glass on the counter.

Yugi sighed yet again, and walked outside of the bathroom. He looked down at his watch; it said that it was
8:59, in flashing neon green numbers.

Yugi paced down the hall, and up another pair of stairs, he walked into the tiny attic. This was now his bedroom.

His bedroom was extremely dirty; dust was everywhere, as it coated everything in sight. Wood shavings lat scattered around the room, as it no one had bothered to clean it before Yugi was forced out of his room.

The room had been crammed full of things, long forgotten chests and such. Yugi's bed had been crammed in lazily, in a corner. He had worn out blankets strewn across it, and thousands of holes adorned its frail mattress.

Yugi sunk onto his bed, and pulled the frail blankets around his injured body. Yugi shook from the cold. He let out a whimper, and for the first time in his life, Yugi cried.

He let out all his emotions that had remained bottled up for so long, he screamed out in loss and pain. He let himself be barraged by emotions, as he cried for all he was worth.

Not caring if Yami or Solomon yelled at him, or beat him. He cried, he cried properly for the first time in his once happy life.

As was the life, of Yugi Moto.

Chapter 2


Yugi whimpered again, he could hear Yami coming up the stairs, with Tea, Joey and Tristan, Ryou wasn't there; he had 'other' things to do.

Yami rapped on the door. "Boy!" he snarled, "Stop that Ra-bedammed noise now!!!" Yami roared.

Yugi whimpered, and pulled his blankets up higher. "I-I will, g-gomenasai." (Sorry in Japanese)

"You better be boy!" Yami hissed. He knocked on the door. "Let me in you runt!" he demanded.

Yugi was tired of being beat on. He hated it being done by one he loved. Yugi pulled the blankets further around himself, as some kind of protection. He took a minute to steady his voice, as he was trembling uncontrollably.

"NO!" he shouted. For once he was actually sticking up for himself.

"What was that?!" Yami growled.

"I said NO!" Yugi said. But with more strength this time.

"Don't say no to me, you little worm!" Yami howled.

Yugi smirked, the cold half smile crossed over his now harsh features. He pulled out a pen from his schoolbag, and grabbed a piece, of old and crumbly piece of paper. He scribbled hastily onto it. It read: Piss off Yami; you were never there

Yugi slipped the old piece of paper under the door.

A few moments of silence went past, as Yami and his gang read the note. Yugi gulped nervously, as no one had made a sound yet.

Then suddenly there was and uproar, everyone was screeching, and trying to pull the door off. Yugi could hear the hinges start to shudder under their force.

********** One Week Later **********

Yugi curled up in his now blood-stained bed. The red liquid dripped onto the broken material, in huge streams. It had dried, and now Yugi slept on it. Yugi's frame was horrible.

His skin looked grey and pinched. His ribs could be seen easily through his tight stretched skin. A few bones were sticking out in odd angles, as they had been either snapped, or dislocated. Cuts riddled his small body, as huge gashes adorned his shoulders and legs.

His once vibrant hair flopped over his head lazily; blood streaked its shiny surface, making it red. Yugi's bangs had lost there color, and were turning a ghostly white. Yugi's violet eyes seemed to have lost there spark, as he looked into nothingness. As he no longer felt anything.

His eyes had clouded over, as he had lost all his strength to live. A huge rattling breath escaped his cracked and bleeding lips. He wiped them, and came away with a layer of skin. Blood pored out, as scabs reopened.

In doing so, Yugi opened a gash, the huge gash split open, and more blood pored out. It fell over his clothes in long forgotten patterns. He stared at them, transfixed. It then snaked its way onto the floor. The room had so much of Yugi's blood spilt into it, that it might as well have been a relative.

Yugi sighed. He moved into a more comfortable position, so he could stare at the blood better. But in doing so, only opened up more cuts and scratches. He didn't even wince.

He remembered when Yami had pushed open the door that fateful day.

********** Flashback **********

Yugi trembled, and shivered. He didn't know hoe much longer the door would hold, but he didn't think that it would be very long. Hey collided to the door with huge echoing bangs.

The door would give way soon, Yugi pulled up his covers higher. The door gave off a terrifying rattle.

I fell clean off its hinges, and landed on the cold, hard floor. But Yugi made no sound; he didn't want them to get the satisfaction, for them to know that they had scared him. Yugi slipped out of his bed, and walked over to Yami.

"Hello my darkness" Yugi hissed.

Yami's face turned into a vicious snarl.

He pulled his hand back, and turned it into a fist. He threw it forward. All while Yugi stood still, without wincing, waiting for whatever to happen, to just happen.

********** End Flashback **********

Yami had snapped three of Yugi's ribs that day. Joey had dislocated his shoulder, while Tristan just abused his shell. While Tea, his first friend, the one who was always there for him. The one who he secretly loved.

Just stood there, and laughed, with Serenity.

Yugi never cried out when he was beaten, he didn't even cry. He didn't want them to know that he cared. He held his ground the whole time, and faced everything, with a smile. Because he knew that it all was about to end, and soon.

Yugi had always pondered if he should commit suicide. But there was always a spark, a flash of hope, that something would happen, and he would have reason to continue living.

But now that hope was shattered, like it was made out of glass, and Yugi's soul had been consumed by darkness. He was no longer the innocent hikari. But he wasn't a Yami either. He was gone. Lost to the depths of his agony.

Yugi had never had the strength to commit suicide before. But now he did. He had the strength; you didn't need to be physically strong to commit suicide. You need a lot of will power. And that was Yugi's strong suits.

Other wise, how could you live through all the pain, and still have the will to keep living. But Yugi no longer had a reason.

But before the fallen angel would commit suicide, he needed to do some things first. Yugi silently got out of his bed; he opened the door slowly, and ventured outside the attic.

He crept silently down some stairs. Yami was out with his friends to the movies, and wouldn't be back for another hour, if Yugi was lucky. Just enough time to do some things, and commit suicide.

Yugi was going to mock Yami, his friends, and his grandpa, they always wanted him to be clean, and so he was going to have a messy death. He was going to slit his wrists, lie on Yami Yami’s bed, and leave them a note.

So they would live in shame. Because he no longer cared, he didn't have a conscious, he was only darkness.

Yugi smiled. It wasn't a nice smile; it was cold, and seemed to suck the happiness out of the world. Yugi let out a horrible high-pitched laugh, as he jumped down the rest of the stairs, and landed like a cat.

Yugi slipped silently past Solomon's, the door was open, and you could hear him snoring. Yugi smirked, well; there was no one to interrupt his plan, or plans.

Yugi jogged silently into Yami's room, he hadn't been in it for over a year. It had been repainted a sand color; the bed was made out of golden wood, and stood happily.

Huge posters adorned the walls; they were all of ancient
Egypt, with huge pyramids, sphinxes, and huge golden temples. He had red wood furniture and a shelf with all his prizes on it. And some of Yugi's.

Yugi hissed when he saw the
Duelist Kingdom trophy, HIS Duelist Kingdom trophy. But that was just another part of his well calculated plan.

Yugi rummaged around in one of Yami's drawers, and pulled out his deck. All the cards were in order, and the fabled Dark Magician lay elegantly on top of the pile. He seemed almost to frown at Yugi, for what he was doing. Yugi only smirked.

Yugi pulled out a huge knife that he had found in the kitchen. It was amazingly sharp, and had been polished, so it shone with an eerie light.

Yugi got the knife, and slit one of his wrists slowly, not to deep, but deep enough to get enough of a flow, to do what he wanted. Yugi pulled the
Duelist Kingdom trophy over to himself.

He dipped his fingertips in his bright red blood, and wrote a message across the prize, in his own life force. It read: You betrayed me. In huge red letters.

Yugi stared at his blood, mesmerized; it fell onto the thick carpet, and made elegant patterns. It flooded the floor with his emotions, as it dripped, time forgotten.

Yugi got some more blood on his fingertips, and wrote a message across the floor, it was a poem, or lyrics to a song that Yugi had made up. They read:

I feel nothing I hear nothing I see nothing...I am nothing

You stole my life Broke my will To survive I see only darkness

My blood stains the earth As yours cannot It drips in lines A spurt of life

Darkness clouds me Consuming my soul I'm finally happy At rest

I'm dieing And I smile I had no will to go on And you should be ashamed

Signed Yugi Moto Your other half

Yugi read the message over, and nodded, he was almost finished. A ghostly smirk came over his face, he was almost dead, and he couldn't wait to rest, forever.

Yugi pulled out the Dark Magician card. Only one more thing to do.

He drenched the shiny card in his blood; it dripped off it, in huge drops that then fell to the floor. Yugi then ripped it into pieces, and held them to his heart.

Yugi cut his other wrist, and watched as the blood continued to drip. It fell onto the thick, white carpet, in mystical patterns. They swirled around, leaving Yugi's body. Never to return.

But it didn't hurt, it was only numb, and it felt good.

For the first time in over a year, Yugi smiled. It was full of promise. He would die, and go into another adventure, sleep, without wake. And he was looking forward to it, and for the first time in a long time, he was happy. Content.

Yugi collapsed into darkness, as he took his last labored breath. Yugi Moto, was dead, never to walk the earth again.

His eyes were open, like he was looking forward to something.

A smile came over his broken features, a twisted broken smile, but a smile none the less.

He was claimed.

In memory of a hikari.

Chapter 3


Darkness was all around. Nothing was seen. Not even himself. All there was was darkness. No light penetrated its blanket. It hung heavily in the air, which seemed to be made out of the same black material.

Yugi opened his eyes. But he couldn't see anything. Wasn't he supposed to be dead? He had committed suicide, right?

Yugi tried to swim through the blackness, but he didn't seem to be getting anywhere. He squinted his blood shot eyes, and tried to see something, anything. To no avail.

Yugi let out a howl, and for some strange reason, he knew that he wasn't dead. He just knew, deep inside his bones. He knew, inside of his shattered spirit, that death had not granted his wish, and had not listened to his desperation. He wasn't dead, only trapped. He lashed out in anger, as if to brake from the prison that he was in.

Red clouded his vision; power swirled around him, as he forced all of his energy out. In hopes of finding an escape. His body hummed with power, as a dark aura encircled him. Yugi screamed out in pain.

********** With Yami **********

Yami bade goodbye to his friends, as he rounded the corner of the game shop. He trudges through some puddles, as the water splashed up around his already drenched legs.

He sighed, and pushed his damp bags out of his dark purple eyes. (A/N: I know! In ancient Egypt Yami had red eyes, but in this fic, he has dark purple eyes! Live with it!)

His eyes were a deep and rich purple, and they had swirls of gold mixed into them, as they were set under heavy eyelashes. Yami shook his head, causing water to go flying in all directions.

He sighed. Yami pulled out some keys; he fumbled with them for a while, before finally managing to open the front door. He stepped gingerly inside, and closed the door behind him, with a small swish.

"Grandpa! I'm home!" Yami called out.

"Oh there you are Yami. Good to see you."

"Yeah, same for you gramps" Yami said with a chuckle.


"Yes" he replied.

"Have you seen that runt of a kid anywhere, he hasn't come home from school yet" Solomon asked.

Yami frowned. "No, I haven't seen the boy anywhere, sorry gramps" he stated.

"Ok then" he called back.

Yami took his shoes off, and laid them at the doorstep. He put his socks in them, and wandered into the kitchen. He lazily grabbed a soda; he popped it open, and drank greedily from it.

He sighed in content, as he felt the fizziness go down his throat. Soda can in hand, Yami wandered over to his bedroom. This had once belonged to Yugi.

Yami opened the door. He stared inside. He was stunned, absolutely shocked. Blood was everywhere; it had sunk into the floor. It lay around the room, as if daring him to come inside. It had been absorbed into the carpet and the furniture.

Yami let out a desperate scream. It was high-pitched and grotesque. Yami fell over backwards at the sight; the soda can fell out of his grasp, and spilt onto the floor. It rolled into his room, and landed next to a folded up note.

Yami's hand grasped his face, he was grasping so hard that huge marks were being left, and he was going a pale grey.

Solomon came running in at the outburst. His eyes widened. Yami's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. He looked absolutely horrified. Yami's eyes widened even more, when he red the poem that Yugi had left.

I feel nothing I hear nothing I see nothing...I am nothing

You stole my life Broke my will To survive I see only darkness

My blood stains the earth As yours cannot It drips in lines A spurt of life

Darkness clouds me Consuming my soul I'm finally happy At rest

I'm dieing And I smile I had no will to go on And you should be ashamed

Signed Yugi Moto Your other half

Yami cried out in despair, when he read his other half's message, his last words, and that's when it dawned on him. Yugi had committed suicide, that blood was his.

Yami curled up into a ball, and began to tremble. It was his entire fault, it was all his, no one else had made Yugi do it, he had caused all of his hikari's pain. And he had only noticed it now, when it was too late to turn back.

Tears rolled down his face, and for the first time in the ancient spirits life, he cried.

********** With Yugi **********

Yugi was enraged, how dare death not let him pass on, the nerve of some places. It had ignored his plea, and trapped him here. Yugi roared out in frustration. He wanted out, and he wanted it now.

Yugi bared his teeth, and let out a savage howl, while he felt his anger consume him.

"Calm your fury young one" a voice echoed. It sounded like everything, like the earth, the water, the wind, and fire of the soul. It was like thousands of tombs rubbing against each other. It was horrible, yet heavenly at the same time.

Yugi immediately stopped thrashing around, and instead, looked wildly around for the origin of the voice.

"Who are you?!" Yugi hissed his voice at a deadly whisper.

The ancient voice only chuckled in response. It was a rich warm sound, and it only seemed to infuriate Yugi further. A snarl plastered itself over Yugi's scarred face. His eyes narrowed, and he glared with a malice that he never knew he had.

The voice only chuckled some more. Yugi let out a scream in frustration.

"Show yourself! I demand that you show yourself!" Yugi roared. He beat his fists on the hard air, and let out a vicious growl.

"Very well, oh mighty lord" the voice mocked. While giving off another chuckle.

Suddenly Yugi wished that he hadn't asked. The world around him seemed to twist. The shadows let out grotesque noises, as they seemed to melt. The broke open, only to be replaced by more shadows. They encircled him.

Yugi thrashed among the darkness, but the more he fought, the harder they fought back. The shadows latched onto him, and started to squeeze. Yugi couldn't breathe. They continued to strangle him.

Yugi's grip was fading, he couldn't move. And they just kept coming; he didn't have enough strength to keep fighting. He gave in, and they pushed his last breath out of him. But they didn't stop there; they started to crush his lungs.

Yugi screamed out in pain. He needed help, any kind of help, it didn't matter. He screamed out in pain again. His voice tore through the shadows, and found a being that could help him.

"Get off him you stupid shadows" a voice hissed.

The shadows seemed to hesitate.

"I'll send you to Ra if you don't get a move on..." it growled.

The shadows immediately got off Yugi, and went away as fast as they could. Yugi let out a sigh of relief, and hissed at the retreating figures in anger.

Yugi whipped his head around. He could hear something. Something was coming. Huge footsteps echoed through the dark land. They broke the blanket of silence, and chilled the air. It was as if, the land was afraid of what was coming.

The sound of metal echoed through the land, as the wind seemed to shudder at it ancient power. The footsteps got louder and louder, Yugi gasped. It couldn't be... could it?

********** With Yami **********

Yami couldn't move, he was paralyzed. Blood was everywhere, he could hardly breath. The smell was intense, it drifted towards him, and seemed to mock him. Yami let out a whimper.

His hikari was gone. And it was his fault. Yugi was gone. He couldn't get over the shock.

Solomon looked at the door. There was a note, covered with blood, hanging on the door, with a piece of sticky tape. Solomon pulled it down with shaking hands. It was addressed to Yami.

"I-I...Y-yami. I think, y-Yugi left you a note" he said stuttering. It was so sudden. He gave it to Yami, who took it carefully.

Yami shook off some of the blood, and opened it with trembling fingers. It read:

Dear my other half, It's me, your shadow. Yugi, though I doubt that you actually remember my name. I was known as 'runt' or 'boy' to you.

Don't you remember all that I've done for you? Probably not. But who cares? Your overly sensitive hikari couldn't know a thing. Unlike the amazing Yami.

You hurt me, hit me, and took over my life. I wish I had never solved that puzzle. I was better off without you. I would have smashed the puzzle as well, but the Dark Magician was sufficient. Yes, that's right, I destroyed the Dark Magician. And you know what, it was fun, and I laughed.

Like you have done to me so many times.

I no longer have a conscience; you made my soul get consumed by darkness. It's your fault, and I'm blaming EVERYTHING on you. Yep, it's your entire fault.

I no longer have a conscience, so, I don't fell badly by what I've done to you. You deserve it. I couldn't care less. Live in shame. I don't care.

Because you haven't cared for me, in a long time.

But how would you know, you were never there.

You should be ashamed. But you know what, I'm happy, because, I'll never wake up to see your face again. Never be pushed to the back, and then beaten on. I'll die, and I'm enjoying myself.

And, I'm content, knowing that I'll have probably ruined your life.

I hate you. But now we're even.

Goodbye my darker half, and from here, the darkness looks better than what I have here.

Goodbye, Forever.

But there was something else, but this had been written in pure gold, its tidy scrawl was embedded on the paper, and it was evident that Yugi hadn't written it.

Often known as runt or boy. But we will always remember him as a fallen angel. We, the gods bless the young and innocent hikari.

Whose soul has been consumed by darkness?

Death blesses Little Yugi. May he never have to walk the earth again?

Yami looked at the letter in shock. He re-read it a couple of times. Tears started to from in his eyes. His tears dripped onto the last letter, and mixed with Yugi's blood. A whimper escaped Yami's lips.

He trembled, and so did Solomon. They had finally realized what they had done. And they couldn't undo it. Couldn't go back.

"What have I done" Yami whispered.

He cried out, his ancient voice ripping past the mortal world. He fell; to his knees, and roared for all he was worth. He roared in loss and pain.

"Please...just come back Yugi...” He pleaded.

His plea reached the ears of Yugi.

Chapter 4


A huge head ripped apart the shadows, though it was hardly recognizable. It bit into the darkness, and tore its way through Yugi's current prison.

Dark purple mist, flecked with a deep gold spiraled out of no where. A howl pierced through the darkness's thick blanket.

Huge ears perked through a barrier, as a huge black, magnificent head loomed into view. A huge jackal's head tore into the confinement that Yugi was in. Huge yellow eyes stared at him, they were eerie, and illuminated huge blood stained teeth.

The rest of the body slipped into the realm of darkness. Huge paws, with mighty blood stained talons clicked against some unseen floor. Huge amounts of gold glinted from around its legs and chest. The god's huge black body was shrouded in mist.

As his bracelets gave off an eerie glow. His huge tail swished angrily behind him, as his fur bristled furiously.

Huge angelic wings sprouted from his well muscled back. They were pure white, but something was wrong with them. Huge lines of oozing red blood oozed down the wings in huge pooling lines, as the feathers were unfit for flight. But the dripping stopped when it reached the fur, and simply evaporated.

He sat down; paws out in front of him, looking like a bored cat. It was the god of the under world. Anubis.

"Hello Little Yugi" it greeted.

********** With Yami **********

Yami gasped, Yugi's body wasn't there. Blood stained his room, but Yugi was no where to be seen. His corpse was gone.

"But how is that possible?" Yami breathed to himself.

You could clearly see the spot in which Yugi had been lying when he had committed suicide. His shape was clearly outlined, but he wasn't there. And he couldn't have moved, or more blood would have been smudged.

Solomon gasped, he seemed to be coming to the same conclusion.

"W-w-w-what-t are we g-going t-t-to do?" Solomon asked shakily. He still couldn't find his voice properly. He started to tremble, and fell to his knees, much like Yami had done.

Yami couldn't say anything; he just shook his head back and forth, in the gesture of no.

Yami looked at his hands; they were stained with his hikari's blood.

"It's my fault" he whispered. His hands started to shake, as he clenched them into fists.

"I killed my hikari" he whimpered.

Yugi pulled his hands up to his heart. He shook, and let Yugi's blood spill onto him.

"I'm sorry" he mouthed.

Yami curled into a ball, and fell into his own pit of despair. He moaned, and kept chanting an ancient Egyptian prayer. He kept mouthing it, as he pulled himself further into himself.

Tears escaped his blood shot eyes, as he let out a cry.

"Please come back Yugi, its killing us."

Solomon fell onto Yami, and they cried together. And they realized that it was their entire fault. They had caused his death, and they couldn't undo their decision.

Their tears mixed with Yugi's blood, as they cried.

********** With Yugi **********

"Why aren't I dead!" he roared at Anubis.

If Anubis had any eyebrows, they would've been raised. He opened his eyes up further, and stared down at the enraged mortal.

"Now, now, pharaohs' light, that is no way to speak to a god" he said lightly. Anubis chuckled merrily, and looked down upon Yugi.

"Look at yourself young one, you have changed, or have you not noticed it? You just haven't finished changing" Anubis said with a hint of jealousy in his ancient voice.

Yugi immediately snarled at the god of the underworld.

"What do you mean?!" he demanded.

Anubis surveyed him coldly.

"Very well" He walked off. Muttering a few things about arrogant mortals before coming back.

Anubis held out an object. Yugi noticed that it was a mirror. The mirror was made out of black diamonds, and blood red rubies. They entwined together, and made the images of lots of shadows linking around the actual reflection. But it wasn't made of metal; it was a milky liked black substance that swirled within its own depths.

Anubis held it out to him. But quickly withdrew it again. He looked worried, almost uncertain for something.

"I cannot force you into looking. You have a right to choose" he whispered, mainly to himself.

He lowered his ears and eyes. His tail swished out elegantly behind him. He sighed. His fur went flying by the action.

"As I know, you have committed suicide. Now, your time wasn't meant to be now. But you did it for a reason, so you get a choice. I, Anubis, Egyptian god, and Ruler Of The Underworld, am giving you a proposition." He announced, looking grave.

Yugi snarled, looking violent. His lips were pulled back, and his canines seemed to have grown in size.

He smirked, and let out a cold, high pitched laugh.

"And what if I don't want to hear this proposition" he mocked. His eyes narrowed dangerously as he sent the mighty god a death glare.

The god was getting frustrated.

"Shut up and listen! Do you really want to stay here forever" he snapped.

Anubis stood up on his long legs, and walked around Yugi for a while. As if he inspecting him. He nodded his head curtly. His eyes seemed to glimmer, like he had hatched a plan.

Anubis started to glow a bright gold, it got brighter and brighter, until Yugi could no longer stare into it. He screwed up his eyes, and turned away. The light only continued to intensify, as Yugi let out a howl in pain.

He threw his hand over his eyes, and muttered a few strings of curses.

The light let out one last pulse that rippled through the land, and continued into the distance. Yugi blinked a few times, as if to clear the gold to his vision.

He desperately tried to claw it away, but nothing happened. He felt something leap onto his shoulder. It was quite light, as it sat there. It pressed a paw over Yugi's eyes, and took the gold out of his vision.

Yugi opened his eyes, and stifled a gasp. Anubis was sitting on his shoulder, only much smaller. The god looked at him, and rolled his great yellow eyes impatiently.

The mighty black god leaped onto Yugi's other shoulder.

"What? Is the young mortal not used to having gods on his shoulders?" Anubis mocked. Causing Yugi to growl in his throat.

Anubis chuckled again, and rubbed his body around Yugi's face, and he walked from shoulder, to shoulder. Yugi shivered, Anubis was so cold, like ice, but even colder. He was the endless cold of death.

Anubis pushed his nose against Yugi's, and looked him in the eye.

"Foolish mortal, you should be honored that I'm actually taking time to talk to you." Anubis growled.

Yugi gulped nervously at the tone the god of the Underworld was using. The god only chuckled in response. He curled his long bushy tail around Yugi's neck lightly. Yugi immediately went rigid. It was SO cold!

"So young mortal, I am the god that favors you, like Ra might honor others, I honor you. So shut up and listen!" Anubis spat.

Yugi flinched, but listened.

"Good. Now, you can either stay here, and be eternally trapped in this darkness, and Ra forbids you actually want that." The god hissed.

Yugi nodded slightly in response.

"Or, you can live again, you will be changed, but you will get the chance to walk your realm again. And before you ask, yes, you can get your revenge on your darker side."

Yugi nodded a yes to the god.

"Good. Now, if that is your choice, you shall become one of my
Chosen. One of the few who will follow me. I need your help Yugi, no matter how I hate to admit it. For there is something about you, a darkness that has long lain concealed inside of your innocence. And it is so powerful, that the heavens could be plunged into darkness."

Yugi looked stunned, he opened his mouth, as if to ask something, but was cut off by Anubis.

"No questions! Let me continue. I do not know what it is. But I am drawn to it, as it has been drawn to me. In your new life, you will remember things, but not everything, sorry, but that is the best that I can do."

Yugi squirmed under the gods glare, but found his tongue.

"Why can't I just pass on?! Why can't I just die?! What's so important! That I must live?!" Yugi roared, enraged.

Anubis hissed in Yugi's face.

"You really want to know?! FINE! If you die, we all die, heaven will brake down, and bleed upon the earth, and then they will die, the Underworld will become crowded, and will crumble in on itself! Our blood will stain our land, and then it will decay, and bleed like its children did, and die! Is that what you really want?!" Anubis shouted.

Yugi flinched, and swallowed.

"N-n-n-n-no." he stuttered.

"Good" the god of death hissed. He curled around Yugi's shoulders some more. He then lay down around them, and looked Yugi in the eye. His yellow met violet, as they waged a private war.

"What is your decision?" Anubis asked voice at a deadly whisper.

Yugi looked deep into his eyes. And then quickly looked away.

"Fine" he sighed, "I'll be reborn."

"Good, you picked right."

Anubis jumped off Yugi's shoulder, and landed on and invisible force. He flew up to Yugi's eye level. He nodded curtly, and went back down.

He flapped his blood stained wings a few times, causing blood to go flying, and hit Yugi's hands. It then was absorbed into his skin, and his blood stream. Yugi flinched and tried to take his hands away. But Anubis kept them there, with an unseen power.

When he was done, he turned to face Yugi again.

"Blood now stains your hands. As my blood is inside of you now, we are one, yet we are many. Follow your instincts, as your heart will only destroy you my
Chosen" Anubis said. Yugi nodded, he finally understood, he knew everything Anubis did, and saw everything Anubis did.

"A guide will, be here soon; he will lead you back to the mortal world. He is, an old friend of mine, I guess you could say. He is wise, and will help you. But before he comes, you must look into the shadows of bareness" he said, while walking in-between Yugi's legs.

Yugi nodded a timid yes. Anubis pulled out the mirror.

"The mirror will reveal who you really are...” The god let the statement go, as it was plunged into darkness.

"It will also be the thing that changes you, into what you are going to be..."

Yugi nodded again, and looked into its swirling depths of solid shadow.

Chapter 5


Yugi screeched as he felt a force like no other enter his soul. He felt his light being ripped out of him. Hr roared at the never-ending pain. He pulled at his hair wildly.

He arched his back, as he let out another long, pain lined scream. He let out a series of shouts, as he felt his innocence being torn from his very being. Blood poured down his cheeks from an invisible and unseen force. He felt like he was being cut in two.

He let out a blood curling wail, as blood dripped down from his eyes, instead of tears. He could feel himself changing. He could feel himself mutating to look like the darkness that had succumbed him.

He felt part of him shatter, and give into the never-ending black. He felt it consume him, take over his senses, Yugi welcomed it.

His felt his soul takes on another shape, the one the mirror had shown him. The one which he knew he really was. His soul was no longer the one of the innocent hikari; it was one full of shadow.

A huge burning sensation overcame him, he cried out, blood flying out of his small throat. Coppery liquid rose in his mouth, he swallowed it down, forcing it not to rise.

He screamed out in agony, as the burning sensation seemed to spread down his skin, blood poured out of invisible wounds, as he screwed his eyes up in pain.

"Don't worry little one," Anubis purred, "It is only your link from Yami being severed off, because you know have your own dark side."

Yugi felt something snap from within him. It must have been his link Yami, and it hurt, like no mortal wound ever could. He screamed out loss, and the pain escalated to new levels.

He could feel his appearance changing. His blond bangs spiked up more then ever. He could feel the darkness in his soul warping his appearance. Red streaked down his bangs in huge bloody lines, before they became accustomed to the change.

He could feel them perk up more, as the maroon rimming his black spiky hair turned the color of dry blood. He felt his eyes take on a strange gleam, as they turned a bright red. They seemed to glow eerily, and suddenly, Yugi noticed that he could see in that absolute darkness better. He could see all the tiny words carved into Anubis's bracelets and collar.

He watched in fascination as he saw the blood drip down the god's wings in beautiful, time forgotten patterns.

He felt himself grow taller with a sudden swish. He felt muscle adorn his lithe frame in strange noises.

He screeched as he felt something try to fight its way out of his back. He twisted around in pain, as he felt it push out with an amazing force.

Two huge, pure white wings arched from his back, as blood poured down from the wounds where they had broken his skin. Blood seemed to pour down from them, as they turned black, with faint red high lights. Silver blood pulsed down his wings in huge lines, as he let out a huge roar.

He felt his skin become instantly tanned. It grew a strangely Egyptian bronze shine, as black marks tattooed themselves under his crimson eyes.

He fell down in exhaustion, as he panted for breath. He collapsed in the darkness. He had finally became his darkness, what he was on the inside.

A smirk overcame his now harsh features. Huge, canines, well, they were more like fangs now, curled around his blood thirsty red lips.

Anubis seemed to smile down upon him.

"And now your guide" he said softly.

He glowed a bright gold and purple, his great yellow eyes let out mist, as his bracelets did the same. The mist seemed to consume him, as he suddenly started to disappear. He burst out into huge shards that broke into the darkness.

Yugi blinked, how was he meant to get back to the mortal realm without Anubis? Shit...

Yugi blinked suddenly as he could see something coming towards him. He blinked again, but it just kept coming. Whatever it was, it was bright. Yugi screwed up his eyes in pain, and flung his arms around his head.

But he could still see that infernal light. No matter if he closed his eyes, or opened them he could see it. He slowly cracked open his eyes.

The white light grew intense, and lanced out over the darkness, vanquishing the shadows. A colossal figure loomed into view.

The figure seemed to step towards the scowling figure of Yugi. The form was of a man, he was ghostly, and painfully transparent. He had beautiful, long white robes billowing around his body, as his skin was very slightly tinted blue.

Two huge, yellowing wings sprouted from his shoulders perfectly. They glowed with a pure white light and fell gently around him. Feathers seemed to fall off his wings when he closed them gently.

Jewelry adorned almost every part of his body, it glowed with white, and light gold light, while he smiled down at the new Yugi.

Yugi gasped, it couldn't be. Could it?

"Hello young mortal, I am your guide" he said placidly.

Yugi looked up at him in awe; he felt so out of place around the god of light. Not like around Anubis, he felt at home with the god of death. Something in the gods amused glare made him fidget uncomfortably.

He chuckled; it was a rich sound that reminded Yugi somewhat of velvet.

"I am Osiris" the god stated bluntly.

Yugi stared at him. His eyes never leaving the god in all his brilliance.

"It's not polite to stare you know" he said softly. Causing Yugi to jump.

"Such a skitty mortal," he sighed, "Oh well, come, I will show you the way out."

Osiris turned away from Yugi majestically, causing his robed to billow out behind him in waves.

Yugi followed him, as Osiris walked through the darkness confidently. The deceased god smiled to himself, as he led the hesitant Yugi to a door.

The heavy doors were made out of a polished bronze. Huge motifs carved elegantly in silver and gold snaked their way up its legendary surface. Huge dragons curled around themselves in huge coils of gold. As magnificent ghostly images of angels and demons hung in the background in splashes of graceful silver. Huge handles adorned it. One was made out of ruby, and was carved in the shape of a Nightmare. And the other, was made out of sapphire, and was carved in the shape of a rearing Pegasus.

Osiris opened the doors for Yugi, and stood beside them.

Yugi nodded a thank you to him. He made his way over to the magnificent doors, and without a backward glance, jumped through them.

Chapter 6


Yugi lay silently. The rain spattered around him in small pieces of hail. His lungs screamed at him, as they started to draw in air once again. Rain slid silently off his sweaty forehead in clumps. As his clothes stuck to his body, and were starting to freeze his skin.

His breath came in ragged gasps, his mouth struggling to get any air. His red bangs were plastered to his face, as his red eyes fluttered dangerously closed. He knew that he was going to get seriously sick if he didn't do anything. But he couldn't move. And he had the sneaking suspicion that Anubis had something to do with it.

He was lying in an alley-way, exactly where, no one could find him. Bins fell around him, as rubbish poured out of them half-heartedly. He choked on the rain that fell around him. Not enough air was circulating through his new body.

His wings furled and unfurled in a rush of black feathers. They fell around him in a small storm, as the wind and rain pummeled them against Yugi's back.

His fangs glittered dangerously over his red lips, as his eye sight started to waver. Darkness was starting to descend upon the young, and now blood thirsty young boy.

'Please don't let me die. Heck, I don't even know if I can die, I might be immortal. I have no idea. But please don't let me die before I get my revenge on yami.' Yugi thought desperately.

His wings thrashed around wildly for a few moments, before they lay defeated at his side. The silver blood of his innocence dripped down from the wings, and spilled onto his dark form.

The darkness grew in his eyes, his vision started to darken around the edges, as no air came into his form. He took one last ragged breath.

He wrapped his wings tightly around himself, hoping for some warmth. He let out a choke, as he felt the darkness claim him.

Damn Anubis, he knew that he had something to do with it.

********** With Bakura ***********

White hair flashed dangerously around the youth's face. It flew out behind him in ripples, as his deep, dark brown eyes slanted viciously.

Bakura's fist clenched tightly. He threw his body forward, as his run became faster. His feet hit the ground silently, small splashed of water rose around him from the impact. He snarled savagely, his canines becoming clearly visible in the low light.

Rain slid off his shiny white hair, as he let out a long stream of exotic Egyptian curses. Water flooded his jacket, which was now sopping wet. He threw up his hands in a useless defense. The blasted water would not stop coming.

About a year ago Bakura had gotten his own body. He had finally become physical, with the help from a certain god that he was not about to name. Yami hated him for it, but did the tomb robber care? No. and that was all that mattered to him. Why would he care anyway?

Ryou now hung out with Yami, the pharaoh, oh how Bakura despised him for it. But he couldn't do anything, because the two no longer shared a body. Ryou would often comfort Yugi, but he needed more. Not just a friend that was half with Yami, and half with him. But at least he got comfort from it.

Bakura had been wondering where Yugi had been. Wherever he went, there was no Yugi to be seen. Not even in his seat at school. He had been missing for two weeks now. Bakura was starting to get suspicious; the pharaoh hadn't told him anything.

Heck, he hadn't even seen him or his dream team friends since Yugi went missing. But, when Bakura stopped to spy on Yami, he would always hear him crying, alone in the dark solitude of his room.

Once or twice he saw Joey, Tristan, or Tea go out for groceries, but that was all. No sign of them, it was like they had gone into a deep depression.

And why for, Bakura had absolutely no idea. Though, he thought that it all might have been linked to the pharaoh's light, namely Yugi. Sure, he had seen the way Yugi was never included in anything, always by himself, always lost in his own little world of angst. But he never thought anything of it.

Anyway, he didn't have more time to watch Yugi at school, he had to support himself. So, he had a job, and an apartment. As he had moved out from Ryou's house.

The tomb robber shook his head, causing curtains of water to fly out of it in all directions. Too many confusing thoughts, he had to think about something else, this was starting to make his brain hurt.

He screeched around a corner, making water from built up puddles go careening to the sides. He was trying a new shortcut today. The normal way for getting home would get him too soaked, so he was going to take the back alley. The alleys were never used; no one would even go near them. Rapists and murders hung out in them. But Bakura could handle any of those easily.

He blinked a few times, as rain flew into his eyes in waves; he put a hand to his forehead, and had to squint to see where he was going. Bakura cursed when he accidentally lost his footing. His shoed connected with something hard, he let out a strangled yelp, as he tripped right over it, and went tumbling to the ground.

'Great going Bakura, I bet no one would believe that you were once a tomb robber, one of the best none the less' he mentally scolded himself.

He quickly leapt up to his feet, and brushed himself off, which was completely useless as it was raining. He growled at the offending object, as rain stopped him from seeing what it was.

He heard a muffled gasp; he immediately whipped around to where the thing that he had tripped on was. Then he realized, that thing wasn't a garbage can of some sort, it was a real, living breathing human being!

The rain started to lesson slightly, as he could start to make out a dim figure. The water splayed out violently, as it slowly started to go down to a drizzle. He let out a shriek, he couldn't believe it!

He couldn't believe it! Yugi was lying right there! Straight in front of his eyes! But something was wrong, and seriously different.

Bakura noticed how Yugi had changed. He was much more muscular now, and was quite the looker. His hair sat wildly about his unconscious face, and reminded Bakura a lot of blood. His hair seemed to have lost its shine, and was a lot more rugged looking, and untamable.

He noticed how Yugi seemed to have grown much taller, he was crumpled on the ground in a small ball, and his breaths were coming at long intervals, like he was having immense trouble breathing in any air.

But that wasn't what shocked the yami the most. Yugi had wings! Holy Ra! He had wings!

His wings were wrapped dangerously tight around his trembling frame. They lay limply around him, as their black feathers seemed to loose their sheen. The blood red highlights seemed to fade, and now resembled the color of dried blood.

Huge sticky streams of thick, silver blood traced down Yugi's solitary frame, they spilled over his shirt, and trickled down too the ground. The feathers of his wings seemed to drip with the blood, and seemed to feed it. Encouraging it to fall down Yugi's back.

The blood pooled out of Yugi's being, like his innocence and past life. It seemed to abandon him in malevolent lakes. The blood formed a huge, rippling pool underneath him. The pool seemed to twist with each breath that the ex-light took. As it mutated grotesquely under his body.

Bakura shuddered; it was the single worst thing that he had seen in his immortal life. It was truly terrifying.

Yugi heaved up an unhealthy amount of blood onto the cold, hard, and still wet ground. He felt like his inside was being torn to shreds, and he dare not move, in case it claimed him.

He let out a desperate cry, he needed help, and he didn't care who it was from. Just as long as it wasn't his yami.

Bakura was numbed from the sight. But none the less, he bent down to Yugi's level. He looked over the shivering boy; he had changed, and had become a much darker person.

The thought made Bakura smirk. He liked the kid's style.

Yugi felt Bakura's soft breath on him. He squirmed involuntarily through unconsciousness. His wings beat half heartedly around him, as he tried to sub consciously push the white haired boy away.

Bakura looked down upon the winged boy. Such an awe inspiring sight.

"Don't let Yami come" he whispered through his sleep.

His eyes fluttered wildly, as if he was having a horrible nightmare.

"Please don't let Yami come" he begged, still asleep.

Bakura gasped, Yami had done this to him. Maybe that was why he had been weeping, something had happened to his light. And here he was right now, with huge wings sticking out of his back, and ivory white fangs glittering in the low light.

Bakura smirked; he bent down to Yugi's vulnerable form. He gently collected the boy into his strong muscular arms. Yugi struggled against his hard and tight grip.

"You will be fine with me fallen angel" Bakura whispered into his ear.

Yugi immediately perked up. He came out of his state of unconsciousness in a daze. Everything around him was blurry. He couldn't see Bakura properly, he really couldn't see anything, and Bakura knew it.

"Are you Yami?!" Yugi growled, voice echoing off the stone walls.

Bakura was startled by the boy's harsh words. He sounded like a caged animal when he said them. And it was obvious that he was going to get his revenge on his darker side. No matter what it meant. Or what levels he had to go to do it. Bakura let out a small shiver, as he looked at the half awake dark creature in his arms. The fallen angel.

"No, young fallen angel, I am not Yami" Bakura reassured him.

Yugi seemed to nod at this information, as he suddenly slipped back into unconsciousness.

'How did he become like this? He was once so innocent, so pure. He wouldn't hurt anything. Not even his abusive darker side. But how? Why is he like this?' Bakura thought to himself.

He stood shakily up with Yugi in his arms. He started at a slow jog back to his apartment.

'But for now, I shall call him a fallen angel, for that is what he is. A fallen angel, devoid of innocence.'

Chapter 7


Yugi tossed violently. He reached out with a hand, and tore the sheets off him furiously. They broke under his new found strength and flew off his figure. Huge beads of sweat rolled down his sticky forehead. His hoarse voice cried out into the thick darkness.

Yugi turned around wildly, the covers tangled around his arms and legs, while knotting around him. His red bangs plastered themselves to his pale face, as his breath came in gasps. Silent screams echoed around his body, as his thrashing became more powerful and desperate.

Flashes of taunting images whirled through Yugi’s black mind. Faces of his once friends stood at a distance taunting him, while passer-by’s just looked on, before walking away. Yugi wasn’t good enough to waste their time on. No one was. He was never helped, and it only made him madder.

Thoughts of his darker side ran wild through Yugi's blood stained mind. He could see Yami smirking at him. He re-lived painful memories about his past through blood thirsty crimson eyes. Yugi let out a howl, all the pain that he had gone through consumed his voice. His voice strained, and was tearing through the silent room, and out into the malevolent night.


Bakura sighed. Looks like the black fallen angel he had found was having some nightmares. The ex-tomb robber pushed his snow-white hair from his brown eyes; the hair cascaded lazily down his shoulders, as spikes shook up from either side of his head.

But, how did Yugi end up that way? How did he become what he was now? How did he become the blood-ridden raven on the street? Bakura sighed; all this thinking was making him tired.

The being of darkness massaged his temples slowly. He wanted answers. And when he wanted them, he would get them. Or, a few people would end up in the street, stabbed to death. They would always be the people that didn’t tell him anything either.

A smirk grew across his harsh face, now, didn’t that sound like some fun. Bakura hadn’t tormented any souls for a few weeks now. His record. A glum expression engulfed him. He couldn’t bring himself to kill anyone after Ryou had mysteriously disappeared. And the way he did scared him. He didn’t love his hikari, far from it. He liked him as a brother, but it was the way that he had disappeared that got to him.

The day before he ran away, Ryou kept talking about his destiny. He had grown a further and further away look in his eyes, before he was surrounded by mist. And then, he was gone, fallen into the ever-greedy sands of time.

Before Ryou had gone, he would start to throw up violently; he would start to itch his back until the skin broke and started to bleed. But his blood was not red, no; it was silver, silver and thick. But it wasn’t innocent, it was regal. Through that time, his eyes started to look powerful, as he held himself with more authority. Until he faded away all together.

Bakura threw his fist on his red wood table; he hated not knowing what was going on around him. But, he knew he would go mad if he didn’t drink from someone. He would die soon if he couldn’t get any blood. A smirk came across him, not even the pharaoh knew his secret. Thinking of the pharaoh, where was he lately? Bakura hadn’t seen him for a while.

He hadn’t even seen any of his dream team friends either and he knew that the new Yugi had something to do with it.

Bakura sighed; he opened the fridge door slowly, letting the cool air drift onto his figure. The tomb robber opened a drawer in his fridge and pulled out a bottle of coke. He bit off the top and took a swig from it.

Bakura never drunk beer, contrary to popular beliefs. Beer dulled the senses, and the robber didn’t need that. He stuck with coke and apples, kept you awake at day. Coffee was good for that two. He probably drank almost as much as Seto Kaiba and that was saying something.

Bakura gave a grunt as his phone rang. This wasn’t what he needed right now. He hauled himself off the blue couch and stalked over to the phone. He angrily picked it up and jammed it to his ear.

“What?” Bakura hissed into the phone.

“B-b-Bakura? Is that you? ...It’s me...Yami.”

Bakura stood there in stunned silence. Yami, the pharaoh, his nemesis, was actually willing to talk to him! Had the heavens been plunged into blood shed! Had the Egyptian gods actually decided to do something useful! ...Probably not.

“What do you want?!” Bakura snarled back nastily.

Shaking could be heard from the other end of the line. Yami pulled himself together and gathered his wits, by taking in a few deep breaths.

“I think you have a right to know about what has happened lately. You are probably getting suspicious…”

“No shit!” Bakura growled.

“Let me continue. A-anyway...I guess it all started when I got my own body. I became part of Yugi’s life. Lived with him, dueled with him. We were real close. Like we always had been....” Yami took his breath as a sob escaped him.

Bakura waited patiently for the other darker side to start continuing again.

“You see. I got carried away in my life that I started to take over Yugi’s life. I started to take his friends, his family, even his right to have hope. I took his relatives, and left him with nothing. I left him to heal his own wounds. But, at the time I didn’t know that I was doing it. I was too wrapped up in my own little mind...”

Yami continued. “Then, because of what I had done. Yugi started to feel alone. He started to withdraw from our group, cease to talk to us. We just forgot about him, as he became a part of the back round. We convinced ourselves that he could never be as good as us. We started to treat the poor angel like dirt. He started getting beat up by bullies...and...B-b-beaten” Yami admitted, voice full of shame.

Bakura gasped over the line. Even he hadn’t gone as far as to hit Ryou, he might have thrown an insult, or the occasional mug, but he had never hurt him. He knew he would be hurt because they were tied. But Yami and Yugi weren’t tied, and since that happened. He could hurt Yugi without feeling the shame. Bakura started to say something, but was cut off by Yami finishing his story.

“Yugi didn’t even cry as we hit him. Didn’t utter a word. He wouldn’t sink to our levels. He started to fall into a depression, as no one used his name. He started to cut himself. Though, none of us noticed at the time. And then, one night, Joey and I beat him really badly. Blood dripped down his broken we laughed! Bakura, we laughed! It was horrible. And I didn’t even know what I was doing...”

“After that, the whole gang went out to the movies with me. I can still remember coming home. The lights were off, as I stumbled to my room. I turned on the lights and looked inside. The room was full of blood. Crimson was over the walls, as graceful, yet traumatizing poetry was etched into the walls...with Yugi’s blood. He even went as far as to shame our deck...”

Silence engulfed both ancient spirits. Yami was the first one that broke it.

“My hikari blamed it on me. He mocked me in his own blood, making me feel guilty for his death. Saying it was my fault... that it was... and then, I finally realized. We hurt the one’s we love most. They are the ones that we cage. But, if you really love someone, you must have the strength and faith in them to let them fly away from you. So that they can mend their dying and broken hearts. Flying into death’s abyss. And it’s only now I realize, I loved Yugi, and I didn’t have the strength to let him fly away, as I kept him under a rule of iron...”

“I shattered him. And now, he was the one that had the strength to set me free. He set my mind with guilt. Which I deserved. My beautiful hikari had the power in his broken and tormented soul, to fly away...”

Realization sunk in. But then, how did Yugi, come back. Bakura’s eyes narrowed. Powerful Egyptian black magic was at work here.

Bakura whipped his head around as he heard a sound. His breathing became shallow into the receiver, as Yami grew worried.

“Bakura? What’s wrong?” Yami asked tentatively.

Bakura let out a shriek as he was thrown to the floor. He jumped up and looked at his attacker. It was Yugi. His intense eyes were soulless, yet powerfully fierce at the same time.

The new Yugi bent down to Bakura and snatched the phone out of his hand.

“Bakura? Is that you?” Yami asked over the line.

Yugi was silent, as Bakura just watched him with amusement; he had gotten stronger, and developed a backbone too. He would let him have his fun with the pharaoh. He and Yugi were one in the same.

“Hello Yami...” Yugi whispered into the phone.

“Who’s that!” he demanded.

Yugi chuckled tauntingly. It was dark and untamed. Succeeding to send shivers up the Yami’s sides.

“Let’s just say, that a virgin suicide is a blessing in disguise.”

Yami started to shake.

“I can see that you’re afraid that. I can sense it...” Yugi hissed.

“I mock you young pharaoh! Beware of the bird that flew away. For that silver bird had lost its white, its innocence. It has experienced death, and been re-born as a malevolent black phoenix of death. Sent spiraling back to life to a long awaited revenge. For it is that bird that will destroy you. It is that bird that has always been the most dangerous. That broken bird that you destroyed, that bird that lay weeping at your feet...

“Be careful arrogant pharaoh. For that little bird will fight back...”

The line went dead.

Chapter 8


Bakura surveyed Yugi through half slit eyes. He drank in the fallen angel’s new form. So different, so deadly. And bent on killing the pharaoh. It was amazing what a backbone and a little attitude could do to a hikari. Yugi met Bakura's brown eyes. Bakura couldn’t help but chuckle darkly. They were crimson, and they suited him perfectly.

Bakura walked a step forward. He strode up to the dark creature in front of him, eyes sparkling almost proudly. Bakura grasped his chin and wrenched it upwards so he could see him better. Yugi made no move to stop him as his eyes were once again locked with the tomb robbers.

Yugi inwardly fidgeted as Bakura drank in his leather-clad form. He could see his mind size him up, making judgments, as his face remained impassive. Yugi slipped a cold mask over his face; so all emotions were blocked out. His eyes penetrated the spirits in front of him, they looked soulless. As if nothing was behind those scarlet malevolent orbs.

Bakura approved. He liked the new Yugi, a lot better than the innocent one that was bent on rescuing his pathetic little friends. He smirked, as Yugi just looked cold and icy. Bakura let go off Yugi’s chin and walked to the fridge. He opened it, and was met by a blast of cold air.

Bakura rummaged around in the fridge until he found a large black tankard. He set it down on the table and poured himself a glass of red liquid. He looked back over to Yugi. His eyes widened.

Yugi was swaying, he looked sick. His feet were trembling, as his knees looked like they would buckle underneath him. He clasped a hand over his mouth, as his face went an interesting shade of white. He tottered dangerously to his left. His hair plastered itself to his face from sweat, his eyes opened and shut vividly.

His breath came in gasps, as his shoulders started to shake. Bakura cursed as he jumped over the table. He raced over to the other teen. Yugi’s eyes closed slowly. He fell forward, as he lost his footing. Yugi collapsed straight into the 5000-year-old boy in front of him.

Bakura sagged under the unexpected weight. He hoisted the light boy into his arms. He turned him over, so his face was close to his chest. Bakura bent down and opened his mouth with his hands.

He sighed. Yugi’s fangs jutted out slightly over his black lips. Bakura drew a finger across them. He didn’t even wince when their sharp points dug into his skin and drew blood. The red liquid raced down his fingers and spilled into Yugi’s mouth. He drew his hand back and sighed again.

Bakura slung Yugi over his shoulder and dropped him in a chair in the kitchen. He opened Yugi's mouth further again. He brought out the glass of red liquid and gently placed the edge on Yugi’s lip. He smeared some of it on the hikari’s lips. Yugi instinctively licked it off. His eyes fluttered open, as he found himself in Bakura's arms.

He started to pour some of the metallic substance into his mouth. Bakura put a finger to his own lips, telling Yugi not to speak.

Yugi greedily gulped down the heavenly tasting liquid. It was salty and had a slight tang to it. Yugi drank in more, trying to get as much as possible. He couldn’t help it. He needed more, heck, scratch that, he wanted more. He felt like drinking it would keep him alive.

The liquid bubbled down his throat like a river. He pushed the glass closer to himself for more of the liquid that had caught his affection so quickly. He reached up to grasp the cup, but found Bakura's hands around it.

Yugi moaned as the mug ran out of the drink. He groaned and tried to struggle away from Bakura, in search of more. Bakura pulled out another cup and poured more into it, he held it to Yugi’s lips as he drunk again. Yugi melted in his hold. He let himself be touched as he drank for all he was worth. All that mattered was the timeless liquid that traveled down his fangs.

“Drink well young creature of the night. Drink well my vampire,” Bakura whispered into Yugi’s ear.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Seto’s eyes narrowed. He sat on the edge of his shining silver windowsill. His legs were draped lazily over the side as he leant back on his hands. He gently wiped some brown bangs from out of his eyes.

A sigh escaped his chapped lips, as he stretched out like a cat. His black trench coat billowed around him in the winter’s cold wind. His short black shirt sat above his well-toned biceps and ruffled slightly in the gale. His black pants hugged his hips, as he idly drew a finger through the air.

His eyes pierced through the night. His eyes glinted yellow, as they pierced the inky blanket of the darkness. A hiss grew in his throat as he felt it encircle him. The night wrapped itself around its son like a huge cloak.

Fangs glinted over his silver lips. A small chuckle escaped him. He pulled a knee up onto the sill and wrapped his arms around it. A laugh tore out of his mouth and echoed through the air. He laughed at something that only he and one other would find amusing.

Huge black wings sprout from his back. He barely even flinched when they tore through the thin layer of skin on his clothed back. They closed by his sides, and spilled blood onto the sill and into his office. The red liquid slid down the silver, and etched itself into the fluffy carpet.

Yellow eyes rang out into the blackness, as they searched for someone, or something. His fangs doubled in size, and reached just over his porcelain chin.

Kaiba whirled around. He could hear something behind him. An ancient curse escaped his lips as he heard a yawn.

He spun around, using his impeccable eyesight to see non other than his younger brother. He hissed mentally.

“Nii-sama? Are you still awake?” he said groggily.

Kaiba desperately tried to pull his wings back into him, change his eyes and retract his fangs. But he was too late. The younger Kaiba flicked the light switch on sleepily, and rubbed his eyes.

Seto looked on desperately as Mokuba saw him. His eyes went went large, as the hair on his head pricked up. Sweat rolled down his cheeks, as his breathing became shallow.

Mokuba opened his mouth a few times; he looked like a fish out of water. He opened his mouth to scream. The cry didn’t even fight its way out of him. The plea was cut off by Seto. With inhuman speed he flitted up to Mokuba and clamped his hand over his brother’s mouth.

Mokuba tried in vain to struggle out of his brother grip of iron. He tore at Seto’s hands in a desperate and futile attempt to get away. Seto used one long arm to hold down Mokuba's arms, and used the other to clamp his mouth firmly shut.

Kaiba dragged the younger brother over to the windowsill. He didn’t make a sound as his younger brother flailed and thrashed wildly around in his hold. Seto gripped Mokuba's hair and pulled his face back, so his body became paralyzed.

Mokuba bit down on his brothers’ hand. The CEO made no move to do anything. Deep silver blood pored slightly out of the cut his brother had made. Mokuba tried to struggle, as the blood fell onto his lips. He twisted urgently, trying even harder to escape from the demon. But he couldn’t. He visible flinched as the blood traveled down his chin. A whimper escaped him, as his eyes went even wider.

“What did you expect? You bit me, drew blood. Is that what you wanted? For you pay for your childish mistakes. Go on Mokuba, you drew it, so what are you going to do with it?” Seto whispered into the 12 year olds ear.

Mokuba whimpered again. One single, clandestine tear fell from his huge left eye. It glimmered in the soft light, as it tracked its way down his chin and fell into the silvery blue liquid.

Seto put his lips near Mokuba's ear. Seto stood near the window with Mokuba pinned against him.

“Go on my innocent. You drew it, now drink it” Kaiba hissed.

Mokuba went rigid; he went stiff against his older brother. He tried to nod a no, but couldn’t.

“My patience is running thin mortal,” he growled.

Mokuba tried to struggle again. Seto sighed.

“As you wish.”

Seto pressed Mokuba's jaws at two points. He gently pried them open as he thrust his palm into Mokuba’s mouth. Mokuba shuddered as he was forced to drink down the blood. He tried to spit it out, but Seto’s hand was over his mouth, forcing him to swallow it.

Mokuba swallowed it and started to shiver. What had happened to his brother!

Kaiba thrust his brother’s to face the full moon. He pulled open Mokuba's eyes, making him stare into its depths. Mokuba squirmed and tried to look away, but he couldn’t. Seto held him fast.

Mokuba’s eyes opened further. The moon started to pulse red; the pulsing grew into an unearthly heart beat. The sound shook the very floor in which they stood upon. It shook his bones, and started to shatter his mind. He tried to let out a scream, but it was lost before it could be voiced. The sound echoed around his head, until he lost all control of his body. Mokuba fell limp.

Seto chuckled as he felt the shadows encircle Mokuba. The shadows entwined themselves around the young boy. They glowed eerily, as they set to work. Mokuba’s pale pajamas were replaced. Huge black pants wound their way around his legs as a long gothic top twisted its way around his shoulders. His lips turned silver, as a huge cloak billowed out behind him, as pure and dark as the night. A thin silver band tied up his long hair into an extremely messy ponytail. The night seemed to smile at its new son.

Mokuba’s eyes cleared and snapped open, the moon stopped fading as Mokuba’s eyes glinted silver.

Clouds obscured the moon from view. Kaiba looked at his brother. Now he too, was a demon. Creature of the night.

Mokuba seemed to wake from his daze. He whirled around wildly, effectively dislodging Kaiba’s arms from him. Mokuba let out a shriek as he bolted for the door. Seto ran after him and held his brother against its surface.

He grinned evilly.

“You may go my brother. But, I know you will come back, you will need answers for all your questions sooner or later, regarding what you have become,” he whispered.

Mokuba whimpered.

“It’s time for you to find out the horrors of this world young one. Now spread your shattered wings and fly,” Kaiba hissed.

He pulled back from Mokuba. He steered Mokuba to the window again. And before Seto could blink, Mokuba had scrambled out of it, and into the nights infinite imperfection.

Kaiba chuckled, he would come back. He had too. He would want answers for all his questions.

Seto sighed. He walked back over to the window ledge and sat gently and gingerly upon it. His now yellow stare scoured the city. Seto licked his lips. Demon or no, he still had human habits. His eyes glittered in the dark as he stripped down the city with his impenetrable glare.

He needed to find the yearned of shadows.

He needed to find Yugi and Bakura.

And he needed to find them. Now.

Chapter 9

Mokuba tripped and stumbled. His eyes were red and puffy from crying, and his hair was ensnared with twigs and rotting leaves. He fell to the ground with a loud thump, as he lay panting on the cold grass of the park.

His breath was coming in gasps that rattled his lungs and made him want to scream. But no, he couldn't scream, his lungs were to empty for that, and if he did have the nerve to, the ones who was following him would hear it.

He couldn't risk that, oh no, he could never risk that. The creatures that were following him were far from human; there were huge whirling masses of smoky shadows that moved within the night silently. Seen by no-one, and yet by all. If the shadows caught up to him, who knows what would happen.

He had seen their previous victims, and Mokuba had cried out in agony at the sights that stained his fragile mind. Entire corpses had been smeared across the black road, their heads meters away from grasping hands and mutilated limbs.

Some had their hearts ripped out of their chests, and others had been burnt, their skin black and twisted.

Mokuba quickly scrambled to his feet, and tore off through the foliage of the old park. He raced in-between huge branches and jumped over fallen longs that blocked his desperate path.

Then, he made his first mistake. He looked back. Terror grabbed his gut as he saw the face-less creatures charging towards him. Their monstrous mouths were opened to their full extent; rows upon rows of teeth lined their snapping jaws, while blood trickled down from them in small waves. They had no eyes, or even a nose. Apart from their mouths, which they used to eat people, there was nothing but a glob of solid shadow.

They moved at a sickening loping pace, which made them look like they were limping all the time. There talon fingers reached out for him, as they changed shape rapidly. One second they were normal human hands, the next they were talon fingers, then a paw, and once in a while they were hooves. The list was never-ending.

When Mokuba saw them, he stopped. Fear gripped his gut, as for the first time, he saw the monstrosities that pursued him. Sweat spilled down his arms as his face went pale.

He could feel his heart beating in his chest; it was like a bird inn a cage that was trying to get out. It was flapping its wings desperately at the bars for its prison, but couldn't escape. Mokuba could make no sound as his heart started to throb painfully.

His terror glued him to the spot, he was numb. Every single one of his limbs seemed to be separated form his brain. He would order his legs to move, to start running. But he couldn't. His entire being was too afraid to listen to him. He could only watch in grim fascination and black fear as the creatures raced towards him.

His throat opened up, and he let out a whimper. One clawed hand shot out to him and curled around his throat. The vicious shadow pulled the young teen's body towards him. It lowered its huge fangs to the younger Kaiba's throat. Blood fell from its muscled jaws as it surveyed the younger ones skin.

One of the other shadow creatures let out a growl. Shortly, a third one did the same thing, only this time it had a few clicks in it. Suddenly the entire horde of shadow things started letting out growls, the one that was holding Mokuba threw him to the ground and stalked over to its kin.

The things appeared to be fighting. Their guttural grunts echoed through-out the oddly peaceful night.

Mokuba didn't know what they were arguing about, but quite frankly, he really didn't want to know.

The one, who had grabbed him earlier, hit one of its brothers over the head with a hoof, which quickly turned into a scythe. It brandished it threateningly before turning back to Mokuba.

The child closed his eyes tightly, and started to cry. Silent tears fell gracefully down his full cheeks, as a small whimper escaped his chapped lips. This was it, he was going to die.

A small light appeared. It was pure, and seemed to float into the surroundings. The light grew brighter. The scythe was gently placed against his neck as Mokuba opened his eyes slowly.

He flinched at seeing the cold steel, but he gasped when he was the light. It got brighter, until the night seemed to look like a strange, and twisted black day.

Suddenly a white hand lashed out into the shadow and ripped its hand off. The scythe fell to the ground next to Mokuba. His eyes widened as the other shadows looked at the pure white being in front of them. One let out a snarl and charged at the blinding creature. Big mistake. The form grabbed the shadow, and as soon as its hands touched its grey flesh, the entire beast disintegrated into a fine dust. When its race saw this, they ruined around wildly like skittish sheep.

They tried to run away, but each one was struck down by the mysterious figure. It was ruthless.

Mokuba stumbled to his feet and prepared to run away again. He certainly didn't want to be killed by this creature and more than the one's that were following him before.

But before he could get anywhere, the white figure appeared in front of him. He let out a shriek as the light around it flared into life. It was blinding. The teen could even see it when he had his eyes closed.

The light hurt. He could feel it ripping into him. Wind blasted around his torso and joined the light, scouring his body. His hair fluttered around his fore-head in huge sweeps. He let out a hoarse yell as he felt something inside his body move around.

The light seared huge demon wings from his back. They arched into the open air before being cut off by an invisible blade. Blood ran down Mokuba’s back and arms as he tried to scream, only to find that he couldn't. He was trying to breathe; only there was no air.

Suddenly the pain stopped, and the strange combination of light and wind withdrew. The human let out a sigh of relief as he fell to his weak knees. He looked up at the figure through blurry eyes, and gasped at what he saw.

Ryou was standing in front of him.

He was wearing a long white robe that snaked its way around his anorexic body. His lips were silver, and his amber colored eyes glowed in amusement at what he saw. Two fairy wings sprouted daintily from his back. They wavered gently in the cold air and stood proudly out of his small back.

His wings were a gentle light blue color that suited his silver locks perfectly. Small amber high-lights tracked their way down the wings in abstract patterns that made you stare at them.

A huge silver scepter was held daintily in Ryou's left hand. The scepter was easily as tall as he was, huge lengths of glowing ribbon wound their way along its length, and at the top of it there was a huge neon blue orb.

There seemed to be something inside the orb. Small blue shadows twirled around in their prison daintily. Ancient runes were inscribed into the silver that it was set in and glowed with a strange light that you could see, but also couldn't see at the same time.

Ryou smiled down a Mokuba. God, Mokuba had gotten pretty in the last few years. His hair had gotten even longer, and had small purple streaks running through it, while his eyes had gotten brighter. He was slightly taller, and he still looked cute and innocent.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Mokuba?" Ryou asked calmly.

Mokuba looked up at him through his way-ward fringe. He let out a slightly embarrassed laugh.

"Yes Ryou, I guess it has."

An awkward silence engulfed the pair, as Mokuba looked away from the other, suddenly finding a piece of grass quite fascinating.

He squirmed under Ryou's intense eyes. They raked across his petite body hungrily, and Mokuba noticed. He coughed gently to break the tense silence and looked up at Ryou.

"Where were you Ryou? The gang thought you had run away," Mokuba said, making small talk.

Ryou shrugged, causing his blinding hair to fall over his eyes.

"I haven't been doing much. You know the usual. Finding out I was a Fay, and a high ranking one at that. Watching Yugi as he killed himself, talking to Anubis as he brought him back from the dead. You know, the usual stuff," Ryou supplied.

Mokuba looked at him in shock.

"Y-Yugi killed himself? But why?" Mokuba asked, tears brimming in his large eyes.

Ryou chuckled.

"Well, if you had bothered to pay any attention, you would have realized that Yami and the gang were abusing him. So he killed himself, so that they would live in shame. But then of course, Anubis, being the annoying god that he is, brought him back from the dead so that he could get his revenge on his other half;" he explained, as if it was no big deal.

Mokuba looked like he was about to say something, but was silenced when Ryou put his fingers over his lips. He leaned over to Mokuba’s ear gingerly. Mokuba shivered when he felt Ryou's hot breath against his neck.

"Don't worry Mokuba. This hasn't got anything to do with us at the moment."

Mokuba looked unsure. He pulled away from Ryou and tried to run away. Something was wrong with Ryou. This wasn't how he normally acted. It was like what happened when he was with his brother last. He shuddered at the memory.

He didn't know what had caused his brother to be like that. It was scary.

Mokuba barely got five steps away from the fairy when Ryou tackled him to the ground.

Mokuba struggled against Ryou's bulk as he tried to get out from underneath him. A small whimper escaped him as he tried to struggle. It was useless. Ryou pinned his hands to the ground and lowered himself onto Mokuba.

Ryou grinned savagely, as he looked at the enticing boy underneath him.

"No more questions for now, my pretty little rag-doll. You will be coming with me," Ryou said forcefully.

"But what if I don't want too!" Mokuba cried out into the inky blackness that surrounded the two.

Ryou looked at him through clouded eyes.

"I'm afraid that you don't have a choice, young one."

Mokuba opened his mouth to say something, but he never got to say it. A muffled shriek escaped his mouth as Ryou kissed him savagely. Mokuba tried to push him away, but Ryou wouldn't move.

His gently pried open the young one's mouth with his hands. He slid his tongue into Mokuba's mouth, as his hands assaulted the shirt that the younger Kaiba brother was wearing.

Ryou slowly broke the kiss and looked down at Mokuba, who in turn flinched and looked away.

"As you can see, you're coming with me. And you really don't have a choice."