The Lost Green Eyes: Akina's Reincarnation

By: AJay Lin Shorn


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Chapter 1

AJay: You guys wanted a sequel, you got it!

Mokuba: Yey!! (Jumps in the air excitedly)

AJay: (Puts arms around Mokuba and cuddles him) Mokie-chan, don’t get to hyper.

Kaiba: This takes place right before and into Battle City.

AJay: Yes,I am fully aware thatBattle City is over in the anime series, but like I said so much in the other story: DEAL WITH IT!!! There is also a bit at the end which takes place after Battle City, but it’s after all the other stuff in the original series has happened.

Malik: Where do I come in?

AJay: Just sit tight and you’ll see.

Malik: AJay does not own Yu-Gi-Oh.

In the principal’s office of Domino High, an older woman with half blonde/half grey hair, sat with a teenage girl, talking with the principal.

“Principal, please understand, despite my daughter’s condition there is no need to assign someone to help her. She is extremely independent and can get along well on her own,” the woman explained.

“Doesn’t see need someone to at least help her around? Just for this week perhaps?” the principal argued.

“No,” said the girl. “I remember everything from yesterday.”

“You are certain?” the principal asked.

“I am,”

“Very well then, but we don’t allow dyed hair or pets here. I’ll let it your hair color slide for today, but it must be back to her normal hair color by tomorrow and the bird must leave with your mother.” the principal said.

“My hair is naturally like this and Adan helps me get around,” the girl said stubbornly.

The principal’s eyes widened.

“She isn’t lying, my good sir, her hair has always been this color and Adan is always with her no matter what. This bird has always helped her get around since the ‘accident’. He is strictly a ‘seeing-eye bird’, you could say. I don’t know exactly how, but my daughter can understand him. I can assure you that he is extremely well behaved and won’t be a problem,” the woman said gently, siding with her daughter.

If it was even possible, the principal’s eyes went even wider.

The woman rested her head on one of her hands, which were starting to wrinkle with age. “If you want a note from the doctor about her hair and from the vet about Adan, I’ll get you one,” she said in vexation.

The principal stared at the girl’s hair, then at the woman, and said “That won’t be necessary, Madam. The first period of the day will be starting soon; your daughter had better get to class.”

“Thank you sir,” the old woman said. Without another word, her and her daughter turned and left the room.

Meanwhile, it was around nine o’clock in the morning and Yugi Motou was sitting at his desk with one of his friends. “Did you hear? There’s supposed to be a new student coming in today,” asked a tall boy around sixteen with blonde hair and honey eyes.

“Well, I did hear a rumor, Joey...” Yugi stammered. He was considerably shorter than his companion, but with black and purple hair that stood up straight and around his eyebrows and the top of his ears were golden bangs.

“Well, you know my sister Serenity?”


“Well, she has a...” BRRIINNGGG!!

Suddenly the school bell rang, and everyone had to take their seat. The announcements sounded, stating that Kendo Club was after school from four o’clock to five, basketball practice was cancelled, etcetera... finally, after what seemed an eternity, they were over. The teacher at the front of the classroom stood up. He was average sized, in height, and was rather portly, with dark brown hair that was beginning to bald. The suit he wore was the color of horse-dung, and smelled like it to. As he stood up, assuming this was going to be a “normal all-period-note-taking day”, nearly every student took out their notebook and a pen or pencil. “Before we begin class I have an additional announcement to make,” he said in a curt voice. “We have a new student joining today.”

As he spoke a girl who was somewhat short, only about 5’2”, entered the classroom. She looked around sixteen and had bright green hair that grew a little past her waist; she wore blue worn jeans with along black sweater that went to her knees. In the crook of her arm, she carried a maple walking stick with a dragon carved onto the one end. On her shoulder was a red-headed falcon that was preening its beak through her hair in a seemingly affectionate gesture. She muttered something and immediately the bird stopped, turning its head to look around the classroom. Her hands and what could be seen of her face was tanned and there were thick black sunglasses hiding her eyes from view.

“Everyone this is Miss Rogue Kaisaris, she has come all the way from western America to Japan,” the teacher explained. As the teacher introduced her Rogue tipped her head a little. “You will be sitting next to Mr. Seto Kaiba, Miss. Mr. Kaiba could you help her...”

I hate it when people do this to me, Rogue thought. She turned to the direction of the teacher’s voice and said, “That won’t be necessary, Sir,” a short-tempered voice. “Simply point out whom this Seto Kaiba is and I can get to my seat just fine, I can assure you.” Everyone looked at her puzzled. How could she not know who the richest man in Japan was? Why had the teacher asked Kaiba to help her? And why was she wearing sunglasses in the building?

“Alright then,” the teacher said in a slightly bamboozled tone. He pointed to a tall boy with bright sapphire eyes and chestnut hair. The bird screeched in the girl’s ear softly and Rogue nodded. She walked over to the row of desks that Kaiba was sitting in, all the while using her cane to help her walk.

Does she have trouble walking or something? Yugi thought, looking at her with a curious look in her eyes. Why is she using that staff?

Take another look at her, Yugi Yami told him. Yugi started paying attention again, and saw Rogue got to the row where Kaiba was and began walking down it, putting a hand on each desk as she walked. Several people were watching her, some whispering to each other and pointing at her.

I hope these idiots know I can hear everything they’re saying. Well, it’s not like I’m not used to it, Rogue thought to herself as she went along. Seven desks back, this should be it... She stretched her hand out, running it along the desk to see if anyone was there. Her hand ran into something warm and solid, and she was pretty sure that wasn’t the desk.

“Excuse me,” said a cold voice. She heard and felt the thing she had her hand on get up and grab her hand before she could withdraw it. “Your desk would be over there.”

Unbeknownst to Rogue, the person she had touched was Seto Kaiba. He was pointing to the desk behind Rogue wearing his cold glare, but she didn’t move; only her expression seemed to change. He couldn’t see it clearly because of her sunglasses, but she seemed not to like him. Unlike any other girl, she didn’t withdraw, become suddenly timid, or crazily hyper because he was touching and speaking to her, but abruptly jerked her hand out of his.

“Don’t touch me,” she demanded coldly.

“Same here,” Kaiba snapped an equally icy tone.

“Miss Kaisaris, perhaps it would be easier for you to explain your condition to the class,” the teacher instructed, clearly trying to avoid a first day fight among the students.

“There is nothing I need to explain. If these people are smart, they can figure it out for themselves,” she retorted.

“Miss Kaisaris, I must insist,” the teacher said firmly as Rogue turned and felt her way to the desk behind her.

Rogue let out a great sigh, with a slight shake of her head as if she were rolling her eyes, she put down her walking stick, lifted her hands to her sunglasses, and took them off. She heard the whole class gasp.

Yami... she’s blind... Yugi stammered through the mind-link he shared with his dark.

Rogue’s eyes were shut tight and over them were long, thick, and considerably painful-looking scars. There was a sudden thump! on the floor as someone fainted. Yep, get that all the time, Rogue thought. Without another word she put the glasses back on, sat back down, and the school day began as if out of the ordinary had happened.

AJay: Well, how’s the sequel so far?

Mokuba: Where am I?

AJay: You’ll come in, (--thinks for a bit--) the next chapter, more than likely.

Malik: Where am I?

Kaiba: It’s not Battle City yet.

AJay: Some forewarning: there are going to be very few duel scenes in this, because as entertaining as they may be in the show, I have to much stuff besides the duels to tell. I said it once, and I will say it again: DEAL WITH IT!!!

Chapter 2


At lunch, it was a nice day so pretty much everyone was outside. Unlike most of the kids who were sitting with their friends, Rogue took her lunch and went over by the fence that separated the high school section of the school from the middle school. A smile came to her face as she heard the children playing and having fun. Adan gave a loud screech and Rogue gave him his lunch, which had been packed in with hers.

“Well, today wasn’t so bad so far, right Adan?” she asked and took a bite of her bologna and ketchup sandwich.

The falcon gave a screech in reply.

Rogue laughed. “Yeah, my stupid classmates were dumb enough not to figure out I that can’t see; you’d think that they’d never seen a blind person before. You’d better eat that mouse before another bird does,” Adan picked up his meal by the head threw it up in the sir a bit then chomped down on it. She was sitting enjoying herself when she heard people approach her.

Eww! Gross!” she heard a prissy voice exclaim.

“It’s eating a poor dead mouse, that’s so cruel.”

“How can you live with yourself? Feeding a mouse to your bird, like that.”

“Wake up prissy,” Rogue snapped. “That’s the way nature works, most all predator birds, which includes falcons, eat meat; he can’t help that. What am I supposed to do, forbid him from doing what comes naturally? Now that would be cruel.” Then over from the middle school side of the fence, she heard voices that didn’t sound so friendly.

“Fork over your lunch money, kid,” said a rough demanding voice. It must have belonged to a bully.

“I swear I don’t have any,” begged a kid.

“You’ll have to excuse me, ladies,” Rogue said in an extremely sardonic voice. “As much as I have enjoyed our little chat, I have other business to attend to.” She felt her way to the fence that separated the two sects of the school and pulled herself over it with ease. As she approached the situation, she heard the rest of what was going on.

“Come on, kid, just hand over your lunch money and we’ll be on our way,” another rough voice said, this one was slightly higher than his companions.

“Hey, leave the kid alone,” said a younger voice, before Rogue could get reach the kid who was being bullied.

That voice belongs to one of the other middle school kids, no doubt, Rogue thought. Perhaps I should just kind stick this out and see if I truly need to step in.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Kaiba’s little brother?” another bully voice taunted. “Should we take your money as well?”

“I don’t care, beat me up if you want, but leave that other kid alone.” The bully had been right it was Kaiba’s little brother. He was short, unlike his brother, and had long black hair and indigo eyes.

“Very well then,” the bully took a step forward and stepped on a stick cracking it beneath his boot.

“Ha, how pathetic,” Rogue said, finally making herself present to everyone. “Taking little kids lunch money, didn’t you out grow that in elementary school?”

The bullies turned to her. “What do you want, Missy? This is no business of yours,” one of the bullies taunted.

“Scram or we’ll take you down too,” a different voice goaded.

The sunlight flashed off of Rogue’s sunglasses. “I would love to see you try,” she said hoarsely, egging them on.

“As you wish;” One of the bullies charged at her and Adan gave a loud screech and jumped off her shoulder. As the bully charged, Rogue heard him coming, dropped her walking stick, and prepared to counter. Just at the right moment, when Adan screeched once more, she grabbed the fist headed towards her face and threw the boy over her shoulder. He flew into a tree and went unconscious. She slipped smoothly into a fighting stance and said, “Any other takers,”

The other bullies shivered a bit, and then one said, “Run away.”

“Cowards,” Rogue muttered. Adan flew over, picked up her staff, and dropped it in her hands, then went back to his spot on her shoulder. She turned and made her way to where she had heard the younger boys’ voices. “Are you two boys alright?” she asked, turning her head from side to side as if she were looking for them.

“I’m right in front of you, Miss,” said Mokuba’s voice. He was the only one around now

Adan screeched, and Rogue looked in front of her, looking down slightly. “Well, are you okay, and what happened to that other kid?”

“I think he got scared and ran off, but I’m okay.”

“Who are you anyhow, kid?” Rogue sat down on her knees in the grass and heard the kid copy her.

“Well, as you may have heard those bullies say, I’m Seto Kaiba’s little brother, Mokuba. Who are you?”

“Name’s Rogue, and that’s all you need to know.” She extended her hand and felt Mokuba shake it.

“I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new?”

“I am,”

“Made any friends yet?”

“Not really,”

“You have now,” Mokuba said laughing.

“Thanks, you know, that was a courageous thing you did back there with those bullies.”

“What I did was nothing compared to you, you fought them. I was afraid.”

“That’s okay, Kido, there’s something you need to understand that clearly your brother hasn’t taught you yet: Courage is never the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something is far more important than the fact that you’re afraid. Does that make sense?”

Mokuba nodded.

“Did you hear me?” Rogue asked him, but Mokuba’s attention had now switched to someone standing above her and him, his older brother.

“Little brother, there was a rumor that there was some bullying going on with you involved. Tell me, are you alright? Did she do anything to you?”

“I’m fine, Seto, Rogue saved me. You should have seen what she could do. I’ll bet she could take you on...”

“Okay, that’s enough, little one.” Rogue got up put a hand where Mokuba’s voice was coming from and gave him a pat on the head. “Perhaps we’ll meet again.”

“I hope we do,” Mokuba said.

Rogue nodded and turned to leave, but Mokuba stopped her.

“Hey, wait a second, Rogue,” he pleaded, grabbing her free hand. “Seto, maybe she can come over our house for a while this afternoon and hang out.”

Rogue felt the blood rush to her cheeks. “I don’t know if that’s a very good idea Mokie,” she said, choosing her words carefully.

“Mokuba, I’m going to be very busy working for the next few days, I won’t have time to hang out with your new friend,” Kaiba told him.

“Well, she and I can hang out then and you can join us when you’re done with your work. I truly don’t see why you need to work any more now. The tournament...” Mokuba was going to continue, but Seto put a firm hand on his shoulder.

“That’s enough little brother,” Seto said rather off-handedly.

“What are you planning, some sort of Duel Monsters tournament like Pegasus did or something?” Rogue retorted.

Kaiba glared at her; she had guessed exactly what he had been planning. She was pretty sharp, for a blind girl. Before he could respond, Rogue did.

“No matter, I’m not really into dueling anyhow.”

“Come over today and I can teach you,” Mokuba exclaimed enthusiastically, giving her huge adorable puppy-dog eyes.

Rogue could picture the excitement on his face and the break-your-heart-cute puppy-dog pout he was, more than likely, giving her. Just thinking about this was more than enough to make her say yes.

Yey! Meet you by the school gate when school lets out,” Mokuba said. Rogue nodded and as she walked away, he turned to his brother. “Seto, Rogue’s blind isn’t she?”

Kneeling down to his brother’s height, Kaiba took hold of his brother’s shoulders and looked squarely in to Mokuba’s eyes. “Yes, Mokuba, she is. But remember what I told you when we were still at the orphanage, don’t trust her too much.”

“I can’t help it. She seems so much like a mother. Our mother must have been like her, was she Seto?”

“I don’t know this girl well enough to tell you that Mokuba.” Then the school bell clanged so loud it made their eardrums pound.

Finally, the end of school bell rang. Rogue got out of the classroom as quickly as she could. Not paying attention to where she was headed or Adan’s warning screeches, she slammed into someone or something. Adan immediately started flying around her head, screeching as if to say “I told you so, you ignorant human!”

“I know, I know, shut-up you ridiculous bird. You’re causing a racket,” Rogue muttered furiously.

Satisfied, Adan began gathering Rogue’s things and placing them in her hands.

“Sorry Rogue,” said a timid male voice. She had obviously run into a person.

“Yugi, you need some help there, pal?” another boy’s voice asked.

“I’m fine,” the kid called Yugi answered as he helped Rogue pick up her things. Then without warning Yami suddenly took over. With deep curious violet eyes, he gave a very long look at Rogue.

Yami, why did you suddenly take over? Yugi asked through their mind link.

I feel a strange familiarity from this girl. I feel as though I know her from somewhere.

How could you know her... unless...

Yes, Yugi, I believe this girl could have something to do with my past.

Chapter 3


At the front gate of the school, two people were waiting for Rogue. One was tall, had silvery hair, pale skin, and light grey eyes. The other was Mokuba. “Hi, Rogue,” he yelled and ran at her.

Rogue as felt someone slam into her around her middle. “Hello there, Mokuba,” she said returning the hug he was giving her.

“Have a good day at school, Sister?” asked a male voice.

“It went just fine, brother.” Rogue let go of Mokuba for a moment and walked towards the voice. The man who had spoken to Rogue had been the man with white hair. Strong arms embraced her and she returned it.

“Who is your new friend?” he implied.

“Oh, this is Mokuba Kaiba. Mokuba this is my older brother, Yoko.” (Yes, as in Yoko Kurama, there is also a slight YuYu Hakusho cross over here, but just Yoko and someone else we’ll see a bit later.)

“Good to meet you,” Mokuba said.

From back at the school, Kaiba was watching his little brother suspiciously. Rogue seemed to be introducing him to someone. If that girl did anything screwy... wait a minute, was that Yugi and Wheeler walking towards those three?

“Bye Rogue, sorry for running into you in the hallway,” Yugi said as he and Joey left.

“Bye,” Rogue answered, slightly confused about who had spoken to her.

“Who was that?” Yoko asked.

“I don’t quite remember; his name was Yuri, or Yugi, or something of that nature...”

“His name’s Yugi Motou,” Mokuba informed them.

“As in the Duel Monsters Champion...” Rogue asked.


“Yoko, Mokuba was wondering if I could go to his house with him after school today.”

“I don’t really see why not. You just need to be home before dark. You know how Mother gets.”

“How could I forget?”

“So I’ll just leave you two here then.” Yoko turned to his sister, ruffled her hair a bit, then nodded to Mokuba and left.

“Hey there Mokuba,” Kaiba said, putting a hand on his little brother’s shoulder. “You ready to go?”

“Yep,” Mokuba answered.

“Alright then,” there was the sudden sound of a car pulling up and then of a door opening.

Rogue turned her head towards the sound, but stayed where she was. “Aren’t you coming Rogue?” Mokuba asked. He grabbed her hand and helped her into the vehicle. Inside Rogue did something very peculiar, she put her staff on the floor and put her arms in front of her and began feeling around the inside of the auto, trying to get a grip of her surroundings. Kaiba had to bite back the urge to laugh.

“This is a very spacious auto,” she commented, putting her hands down.

Kaiba could no longer hold back, “It’s a limousine moron,” he said, laughing a little as he spoke. He suddenly felt hard heels make hard contact with his shins. “Ow!”

“You’re the moron,” Rogue retorted.

Despite how much he disliked this girl, Kaiba found himself feeling a bit sorry for her because she was blind.

“And quite feeling sorry for me! Just because I’m blind, Seto Kaiba, doesn’t mean I deserve anyone’s pity!” she exclaimed.

Kaiba felt his eyes go wide. How did she know he felt sorry for her?

Out of the corner of his eye he watched as Adan flew to Mokuba’s shoulder and began preening his hair. Sensing Mokuba’s discomfort, Kaiba turned to Rogue, “What’s your bird doing on my brother’s shoulder?”

Rogue chuckled, “It means he likes him; Adan’s very fond of children. He finds them very trustworthy; and, Mokuba, as long as you don’t ruffle his feathers or pull any out, he’ll let you touch him.”

Throughout the rest of the ride Rogue and Mokuba got to know each other pretty well, but there was always one question Rogue refused to answer: how she had become blind. It was clear that she hadn’t been blind when she was born, but she would always find some way to avoid that particular question. If the Kaiba brother’s were about to ask her about it, she’d always change the subject before the words even came out of their mouths and if it even was asked, Adan would cause a bit of a distraction and they would forget about it.

“Rogue, why did you enroll in school two weeks before summer break?” Kaiba asked.

“We had moved in two years ago after another excavation on one of the ÅŒsumi Islands. Mother had decided she liked Japan and Yoko and I got liked it as well so we had moved here. About a month ago, my mother, brother, and I returned from a two-year archeological dig in Egypt, and before we left I was enrolled in this school. I had used the Internet to keep up with the class work, so all there was no reason for me not to get back into a real school for the last two weeks and take the final exams”.

A few minutes later they pulled into the drive way at the Kaiba Mansion. Rogue opened the window with a little help from Mokuba and Adan got out and flew beside the car, screeching to her the entire time. The car slowed to a stop and Mokuba went to get out, but Rogue put out an arm to stop him.

“Hold on one second kido,” she said. “What’s this behind your ear?” She reached into Mokuba’s hair and pulled out an apple.

“You can do magic?” he exclaimed excitedly.

“A bit,” she answered, handing the apple to him. When Mokuba had gotten out of the car Adan flew back in and gave Rogue her staff. Mokuba then grabbed her hand and dragged her inside.

Rogue’s visit to the Kaiba’s was very enjoyable. Sure the elder Kaiba wasn’t around too much, but she could have cared less. Sadly, Mokuba failed to teach her Duel Monsters properly because she couldn’t see. In his distress, she comforted him by performing some more of her magic tricks. Around six they took her home, where Mokuba met her mother and got to look around her home.

On his way out, Mokuba asked Rogue a few more questions. “I forgot to ask you this before, but how old are you?”

“Seventeen, well almost, I will be tomorrow.” (Today was Monday.)

“May 28?”

“You got it.”

“What do you want for your birthday?”

Rogue blushed, “You don’t have to get me any thing...”

“But what if I want to,”

“The best gift you could give me is the one you gave me today, your friendship.” (A/N: Sorry, I just had to make her say that. No, she’s not another friendship freak like Tea.) Rogue ruffled his hair and saw him out the door.

After the limousine had driven away, Rogue went up to her room, and turned on her laptop so she could check her e-mail. Her e-mail had been programmed so that it would be read aloud to her by the computer.

“You have two messages,” the computer said in a monotonous tone.

“Wonder who they’re from,” Rogue muttered to herself and clicked on the first one.

“Hey Rogue, it’s Malik. How are you? I hope you and your family are doing alright. Where are you now? You mentioned going back to Japan when the dig in Egypt was over. If you’re there, I hope you can stay for a while because I may be coming to Japan for a while. Maybe we could hang out sometime while I’m there. Do you still have that necklace I gave you? If you don’t, well, you told me you did have a tendency to lose things, so don’t worry. Don’t let anyone get you down. Missing you very much; Malik.”

Rogue felt her cheeks grow very warm. She had met Malik on the excavation in Egypt and ever since they had been pretty close friends. Okay, okay, he had kissed her once, but that didn’t make them boyfriend and girlfriend, did it ... anyhow she clicked on the other one and the computer began to read it.

“Hey there Rogue, it’s Serenity Wheeler, you remember me right? Well, as I told you at summer camp a while ago, my eyesight is still failing. But guess what? My brother entered the Duelist Kingdom Tournament and won the prize money to pay for the operation that can prevent me from going blind. And I’m coming to Domino for my procedure. If you’re in Japan now, ask your mom if you can come to Domino until it’s done. It takes place this Sunday. I hope you can come see me before and after the operation. I’m arriving Saturday morning by train at noon, meet me there if you can. Hope to see you later, Serenity.”

Rogue felt her jaw drop. Serenity’s brother, win enough money to pay for the operation? That must cost three million bucks! How? She never knew he was a duelist. But then again Serenity had told her she hadn’t seen her brother for years, so he may have become a duelist in that time frame. Rogue quickly typed back her reply (1) then got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Blind people can actually type. You know those little bumps on the F and J keys on the keyboard? Those are to help blind people type once they memorized the keyboard.

AJay: That’s a wrap!

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AJay: You were in it.

Malik: Yeah, an e-mail.

AJay: Chill, you’ll be in the next one. I promise.

Malik: I’ll hold you to it.

AJay: Sure, review people!

Chapter 4


Two years ago, Rouge had traveled to Egypt with her mother and Yoko. She had still been blind then and was still adjusting to it. After spending almost a year there, when one night at dinner in a restaurant some thieves had wanted her mother to hand over some artifacts she had found. Her mother had refused, and the thieves had taken her (Rogue) because of it. She had tried fighting back, but they used a knockout gas of some sort when she had started resisting. When she had come-to she was lying on the ground, blindfolded, and had no idea where she was. Anyone who she heard dare try to approach her she attacked, or at least tried to... her hands and feet were tied, and then she had heard this deep voice talking to her.

"Don't be afraid. No one is going to harm you," it said.

"I'm not afraid! I just don't know where the hell I am!"

"Let me speak to her, Odeon; perhaps my millennium rod can help her see reason," said another not-so-deep voice.

Rogue couldn't see it, but one of the men, the one called Odeon, was bald and wearing a log black robe; he also had tattoos on the left side of his face. The other had shoulder length sand blonde hair with the bangs hanging in front of his eyes a bit. He wore a purple shirt and kaki pants, and on his arms were several gold bands, he also had gold earrings in his ears and held a long golden rod.

"Leave us alone, Odeon," the lighter voice ordered.

"Yes, Master Malik," Odeon answered, and then he turned and left.

Rogue heard one of the man leave; she assumed it was the one called Odeon because the man with the not-so-deep voice spoke to her again. "This should be fun; you seem like the perfect mind-slave." He aimed the rod at her and he felt his powers reach her, but suddenly a streak of grey reached out and shot him against the wall, shocking him.

"How dare you try to enter my mind, you asshole," Rogue growled. Who did this guy think she was? Just someone he could toy with?

"You can do magic?" he asked her in wonder. That had been one powerful attack, he was out of breath and his body was still shaking from her attack. He took a good long look at her; she seemed so familiar to him. His eyes widened in slight fascination as they traveled from her green hair to her nearly shapeless chest and all the way down the rest of her body.

Even though Rogue couldn't see what he was doing, she could fell his eyes staring at her. She had felt that kind of stare from someone else before and she didn't like it. "Quit staring at me; and yes, I can do magic, somewhat." She heard footsteps advance towards her. "Stay back," she warned.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said. He got down on his knees and her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I said, stay back!" Trying to squrim away as much as she could.

"And if I don't," the man let out a soft chuckle. This girl was pretty unpredictable, especially like this. The only way to calm her down would be to do the completly unexpected.

"You'll get shocked again, this time much worse," Rogue retorted.

"You won't,"

"Give me one reason why."

"This," Unexpectedly (that was redundant), the man grabbed her chin and stole a kiss from her lips.

Rogue was extremely surprised at this, so surprised that she found herself weakening to him. As they parted, her jaw dropped. "What the hell was that for?"

"To calm you down,"

"Calm me down? How was that supposed to calm me down?"

"Aren't using your magic no more, are you?"

Rogue was silent.

"Let's call it truce," he proposed. "I don't use my magic and you don't use yours."

"Fine," Rogue agreed. Then she felt his removing the blindfold. "Why are you doing that?"

"I want to see your eyes,"

"Prepare to be disappointed," she muttered. As she felt the blindfold fell away she heard him gasp.

"Your eyes... they're scarred over; you're blind!"

"No shit, Sherlock!"

"For your information Miss, my name is Malik."

"Hi, I'm Rogue," she said in a false cheery voice, slapping on a fake smile. "Now let me go." Her voice changed to an impatient tone.

"Hey, I'm the one who gives the orders around here!"

"FYI: I take orders from no one." She felt his hands brush against hers. "Now what the hell are you doing?" She tried to get away from him, but Malik grabbed her lower arm just above the wrist.

"Just hold still; I'm trying to untie you."

Rogue heard the sound of a knife being unsheathed and became so still, you could have sworn she was struck dead. There was the sound of a knife being rubbed furiously against tough rope, and her hands became free. Then he did the same to her feet. "Why do you do this?"

"What... untie you? You're blind what harm can you do?"

"I can do quite a lot as you've already seen." She felt his hand run down the side of her face.

"I like that fiery spirit of yours, but you have no idea where you are. It's not a good idea for you to be running around, whether you can or can't see."

She heard him get up and almost leave, but she ran in the direction of his footsteps and tried to reach his shoulder, but ended up slamming into him and falling down.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I had to ask you one last thing," she said as he helped her off the ground.

"Fire away."

"Why did you kidnap me?"

"I thought your mother had something I wanted,"


"I was wrong,"

"And you kidnapped me why?"

"Tomorrow, I'll take you back home."

"You didn't answer my question,"

"I kidnapped you because I thought you had something I wanted, but I think I found something better in you." He ran a hand through her hair and left her. Both of them not knowing this would be the start of an interesting and complicated friendship and, they also didn't know that it would also lead to much more.

Slowly, that dream melted away to form another, in this one she could see, but fat lot of help that was, she was surrounded by darkness. Someone stepped out of the darkness and she could see who it was.

It was some blonde dude with spiky hair and tan skin who looked about her age. "Hello Rogue, or should I say Akina?"

"Akina, I don't know who you're talking about."

The man chuckled and stepped towards her. "Akina, my darling do you not remember me?"

"I don't know who the hell you're talking about, but it's not me. And who the hell are you?"

"I'm Malik,"

Rogue stared at him. No, it couldn't be Malik. He had described himself to her and let her touch his face to get a better knowlage of what he looked like and, according to that, he looked nothing like this man did, sure they both had blonde hair and purple eyes, but Malik's hair didn't stick up right like that and this fraud's voice was definitely different from the real Malik's voice. "Imposter, you're not the real Malik. And I'm not Akina," she exclaimed.

The pretender laughed evilly and got closer to her. He grabbed her chin roughly and gazed deeply into her eyes. "You have her green hair; you have her beautiful dark grey eyes. How could you not be her?" (Under her scarred eyelids, Rogue's eyes are dark grey, like Akina's were.)

Rogue didn't like the way this man, whoever he was, was staring at her. His stare gave the impression that she was some delicious meal he couldn't wait to devour. Hungrily, he crashed his lips against hers in a ravenous kiss.

"Stop, please, leave me alone," she pleaded as one of his arms encircled her.

The imposter broke the kiss and brushed some of her hair away from her ear. "At last after five millennia of waiting, I have found you, my darling Akina. Now I can avenge your death by stripping the Pharaoh of the little power he has. Come, be my queen and we will rule the earth together."

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, you fraud, but I will be nobody's queen, especially yours." A grey aura surrounded her and with a great feat of strength, was able to push him away from her. Then she turned and run off.

"You can't run from destiny, my love," he yelled after her as she retreated.

Rogue took no heed of his words and kept running, not daring to look behind her. Suddenly, she was running through a cavernous room that looked as though it was made of clear watery quartz. In the center of the room was a large mound of black translucent crystal with hieroglyphs carved on the sides. Strangely, Rogue could read them as if they were written in English. Having no idea why she could, Rogue began to read the writing.

"Here she sleeps, within an unknowing soul,

Whose suitor was a pharaoh, but husband a priest,

She lived to die, saving all that she loved

This place is where she lies, Akina, the Mighty Sea."

In that instant, the top of the mound shattered into a myriad of pieces, revealing a relatively young woman with green hair and tan skin. A golden Eye of Horus necklace was around her neck. Rogue reached under the neckline of her pajama top and brought out her own necklace, which was exactly identical to the one around the woman's neck. She took a second look at the woman and saw her body was scarred, much like her own, and her eyes also had huge scars over them, sealing them shut.

"She... is... me..." Rogue slowly admitted to herself.

Then the woman's body became completely lucid white and flew at Rogue. The thing transformed itself into the dragon staff that Rogue used to get around. There was a great shudder throughout the cavern, the ground fell away beneath her feet and she began to freefall. Then she hit a hard flat surface with a loud thud!


Rogue really was lying on a hard surface. Everything was black, she felt around her and hit her bed beside her as she did. I must have fallen out of the bed in my sleep, she thought. Her hands went to her neck and she fumbled around the neckline of her pajamas with shaking hands until she found what she was looking for, a thin chain that had an Eye of Horus pendant hanging from it, the one Malik had given her.

Good, she thought. I didn't lose it while I was tossing and turning. She got on her knees and crawled out side of her room.

Outside in the hall, she used the walls to help her to her feet. Very carefully, using the walls to guide her, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She heard the soft clink of a mug being placed on their Formica table. According to the smell wafting from the kitchen, it was full of black tea. Yoko must be up too, she thought, He's the only person besides me that drinks tea.

"Rogue, what are you doing up?" she heard him ask as she entered the kitchen. "It's four in the morning; you need to get ready for school in about two hours."

"It's okay, bro. I normally get up an hour from now."

"Ah, early to bed, early to rise, keeps..."

"A man healthy, wealthy, and wise; Benjamin Franklin said that." Rogue felt her way to a chair and sat down.

"One of the greatest inventors of his time,"

"The Egyptians were good inventors too."

"And don't we know it." Their mother was an Egyptologist. There was the sudden shuffling of papers as their conversation halted.

"What were you doing brother?"

"Just been looking at some old pictures and such. Would you like some tea, Sis? I made a whole pot."

"That sounds nice. Why not?" She heard him get up, pull a cup out of the cabinet, pour some tea in it, and place it in front of her.

"Sis, how about we tour downtown Domino Friday evening?"

"That would be fantastic!" Rogue raised her glass to her brother.

Alright then, Friday it is! And by the way, Happy Brithday, Sis!" He clinked his glass against hers and they both drank.

Chapter 5


Hours later Rogue was at Domino High, eating her lunch.

“Hi, Rogue,” someone shouted.

“Hi, Mokuba,” she shouted back, recognizing the voice.

“Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you,” she felt him take away her lunch box. “Hey give that back I’m not finished eating that.” Her hands were grabbing the air trying to find the rest of her lunch.

“But I brought you something.” He put something into her groping hands.

Rogue felt the outside of the what ever it was. It was somewhat small, only about the size of the lap, square, and very smooth. “It’s a box,” she said monotonously.

“You have to open it first, duh!”

Rogue chuckled and felt around the box for a crease or a break in the cardboard. When she found one she ripped the paper away. “Like I said, it’s a box.”

“Not just any box...” Mokuba told her, taking the box out of her hands and opening it. The sweet aroma of chocolate filled the air around them. “But one with chocolate cake inside.”

“Oh my gosh Mokuba; thank you so much. I love chocolate cake.” She leaned forward and gave him a gentle hug, being careful not to crush the delicate cake still in his hands.

“I made it myself and cut it up before I came to school. I had hoped Seto would come and share this with us, but I can’t seem to find him anywhere.” His voice seemed a bit forlorn as he spoke.

“His loss then; this looks great, Mokie-chan. Cake, please.”

Mokuba reached into the box and handed her a piece. Putting the rest of it on the table Rogue was sitting on, grabbed himself a piece and sat next to her.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It’s delicious; you must have worked hard.”

“I did.” Then Yugi and Joey came over.

“Hi Mokuba, what you got there?” Yugi asked from behind them.

“Hi, Yugi,” Mokuba answered, turning around and facing Yugi and Joey.

“Is that chocolate cake?” Joey asked. There was a loud grumble from his stomach as he said this. Everyone laughed.

“Yeah, it’s my birthday today. So Mokuba brought me some cake,” Rogue said turning in the direction of the new voices.

“Can I have a piece?” Joey inquired.

“I don’t see why not,” Rogue reached into the box and pulled out a piece for him. She felt him take it from her hand and heard him devour it. “Don’t eat too much at once, you’ll choke and I’ll have to do the Heimlich.”

At that precise moment, Joey began to choke.

Rogue shook her head exasperatedly. “Guide me to him, would you, Mokuba?” She stretched out her arm and Mokuba lead her to Joey, who was now slightly blue in the face. She reached her arm around his middle and squeezed really hard.

Joey spat out something a dark mass and fell to the ground as Rogue let go. “I think you broke a few of my ribs,” he gasped, breathing hard.

“Hey, at least you’re not choking to death any longer,” she retorted.

“Rogue, excuse my curiosity, but how old are you now?” Yugi asked.


“Well, anyways there’s someone I'd like you to meet,” he said cautiously.

“Who?” Rouge tilted her head sideways in confusion. She hadn’t heard anyone with them besides Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba. Everyone watched as slowly Yugi let Yami take over. (A/N: AJay: Everyone knows about Yami in the magna version, except Kaiba because at the time he’s being an ass.

Kaiba: (hits AJay on the head) Not funny!

AJay: Weren’t you listening? I said in the magna version, not this fanfic.)

“Me,” Yami said in a voice much deeper than his hikari’s. “I hate to cut this party short, but Joey, Mokuba, could you leave us alone for a while.”

“Sure pal,” Joey answered walking away. “See you inside.”

Yami turned to Mokuba who hadn’t moved. “I’m staying,” Mokuba told him firmly.

“Suit yourself,” Yami reached for Rogue’s hair, but just as he did, Adan flew right in his face and started screeching.

Rogue backed away, shaking her head side to side as if looking for something. “What Adan? What’s wrong?”

Yami grabbed her shoulders. “Calm down, nothing’s wrong,” he told her, shaking her slightly. His eyes drifted to Adan, who was now sitting on Rogue’s shoulder and glaring at him with a look of utmost scorn in his night-sky black. (A/N: I own that color, unless Crayola or some other stupid crayon-making company has made a color called that.) Then his eyes drifted back to Rogue.Some how, she can understand that bird of hers... that ability with animals... her green hair... and that girl that I saw last night in my soul room.


Yami was wandering aimlessly through his soul room, trying to find out about his past. He needed more information, what he did know wasn’t enough. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glow coming from one of the doors. He ran to it, a stitch forming in his side because he was running so hard to get there. As he reached it, the door opened to him.

Inside he couldn’t see because it was too bright, then he noticed a vision was passing before his eyes. There was a little girl with green hair saving his life... then everything went black.

When he awoke, he didn’t recognize where he was. It looked like a tent. He looked to the side of him and saw no one, why was he suddenly feeling concerned. He went outside the tent and saw that he was in the desert, before the sun rose. There was a fire burning to his right and as he looked upon it, he saw a girl with green hair putting a flaming stick to ropes around her ankles.

“Don’t do that; you could burn yourself,” he said running over and taking the stick from her hands.

“For your information, I knew what I was doing,” she said in a vaguely familiar voice.

He took a long look at her; she looked extraordinarily like Yugi’s new classmate, Rogue, except for the fact that instead of being blind, this girl could, obviously, see.

Then another vision flashed:

The girl was lying in her bed, linen bandages wrapped over her eyes.

As soon as that vision came another replaced it:

A large dragon had fired a fiery blast at him, despite how hot the blast was he found his heart frozen in fear, the girl with green hair ran forward and blocked that blast. He saw her fly back, a small splurge of blood spiting from her throat as she was airborne. As she fell he saw someone else run forward and catch her falling body, but he (Yami) knew it was too late.

Akina, my beloved, wake up, please don’t be dead,” the man begged.

Then the vision was gone...

End Flashback

This mysterious Rogue-girl had to be Akina, there was too much connection. “Akina,” Yami whispered.

At this Rogue got mad. “Again with this stupid Akina stuff?!!” she stormed. “First I have this weird blonde spiky-haired dude telling me I’m the reincarnation of his lover, Akina from the past; and now you. For the last, final time I am no one’s reincarnation!!”

And just then the bell rang. Yami, looking quite shocked, walked away. Yugi appeared beside him in transparent form.

I think that didn’t go very well... he told his darker side.

Well, not as I planned, at least

Still want to get to know her,

Of course, I do his dark told him with a crafty smile.

I don’t like that look.

Yugi, I need your help with this.

I was afraid you’d say that.

Inside the school, Yugi took over, but Yami still kept taking to him, even during exams. They had begun taking end-of-year tests.

No, he argued. I’m not going to do your dirty work. Ask her yourself if you want to get to know her so badly. Now, please Yami, leave me alone I need to pass this exam.

Fine, but only until you’re finished.

Two hours later the school bell rang, releasing its tormented students from the anguish of the final exams.

No, Yami, you ask her, I’m not doing it for you!

Please Yugi, his darker half begged, materializing in front of his hikari in spirit form and giving him puppy-dog eyes.

Despite the fact that Yugi knew he could do the puppy-dog pout a hundred times better than his yami, Yugi could feel himself weaken. Fine, if you’ll leave me alone, I’ll do it. He walked up to Rogue and tapped her on the elbow.

“Who is it?” Rogue asked, turning in his direction.

“It’s Yugi. My friend would like to speak with you.”

Yugi, what in the name of Ammit are you saying? Without warning, Yugi retreated and Yami was forced to take control.

“It would help if your friend came out and told me what his name is.” Rogue said testily.

“I am already here,” Yami told her. “And my name is Yami.”

“What is it that you wanted to speak with me about?” Rogue’s tone didn’t change as she spoke.

“Look, I know you’re probably still upset about what I said this morning, and I want to make it up to you.”

“What’s the catch?”

“No catch, how about I take you around Domino this Friday after school?”

“You mean like a date?”

Yami faltered, slightly confused by the word ‘date’. He thought for a moment thinking about what Yugi had explained a ‘date’ was. Finally, he answered, “sure, whatever you’d like.”

“First off, I don’t date, so just as friends, okay?”

Damn, he thought, but then he said “Fine by me.”

“Second, my brother and I are going around Domino Friday evening, but perhaps you can take me around before then.”

“So, you’ll give me your answer tomorrow, after you talk to your brother, then?”

“That won’t be necessary; my brother should be waiting at the gates for me.”

“Is he the man with the silvery hair?”

“He is, in fact.”

“Rogue, who’s your new friend?” her brother’s voice asked.

“This is Yami, Brother,”

“Hello,” Yami said.

Yoko looked confused. This boy looked exactly the way that Yugi-kid did; however, the voice was very different. “Hello,” he said slowly.

“Yoko, Yami was wondering if before you and I go in the evening.”

“You were going around in the evening and the afternoon, Sis.”

Rogue put her hand on her head as she just remembered that. “Oh my gosh, that was the plan, I forgot that part.” She turned to Yami. “Sorry Yami no can do.”

“That’s okay. See you tomorrow.” Yami turned and walked away.

Around the corner however he turned and punched the cement wall that went around the perimeter of the school. “Ow! Ow! Ow,” he exclaimed, jumping up and down slightly. Then let Yugi take control again.


Chapter 6

Friday came all too slowly for Rogue, between having to study all night for and take exhausting exams in the morning and afternoon everyday, then the pain of knowing that she would have to wait until Wednesday of next week, the last day of school, to know their scores put lots of stress on everyone. Then finally come hell and high water, which here means the energy-draining exams and the anxiety of the unknown scores; Friday finally arrived.

As usual, her brother was waiting for her at the gates when the end-of-school bell rang. "You ready to see what this town has in store for us, Sis?" he asked, putting an arm around her shoulder.

"You bet I am!" she answered ecstatically.

"I hear there's an Ancient Egypt exhibit at the museum. Want to go there first?"

"Duh," she put an arm around her brother's shoulders and they were off.

As they walked, Yoko would frequently stop Rogue and point something out to her by turning her head and telling her what was there. Adan made sure to take note of everything; so that if Rogue accidentally ended up on her own, he could help her out, since she could understand him. At a hotdog stand they got, give you one guess... hotdogs! Rogue's covered in ketchup and Yoko's plain. After about fifteen minutes of dawdling, they reached the museum.

They lingered for a bit looking at many miscellaneous artifacts for a time. Then while they were walking down a corridor to the Egyptian exhibit when Rogue felt her walking staff begin to pulse. As they continued walking she felt the staff give a mighty lurch and she was forced to follow it, or risk it getting pulled out of her hands.

Yoko followed his sister diligently as she was pulled down more corridors. "Sis, could you tell that staff to pull slower? If it goes any faster it'll pull your arms out of their sockets!" He trailed her through corridors full of Ancient Egyptian jewelry, sarcophaguses, scrolls, and other relics. Finally, it pulled Rogue down a flight of steps that seemed to be blocked off, and finally stopped in front of two very large stone tablets covered with hieroglyphics.

"Welcome, Akina, to your origins," said a mysterious female voice from behind them.

"Again with this 'Akina' stuff? This is really starting to annoy me." Rogue said, turning around.

Yoko turned and saw a woman with tan skin, blue eyes, and black hair standing behind them. "Who are you?" he asked her. Then he turned to Rogue, "And what's this about Akina?"

"A few of the people I've talked to lately seem to think I'm this green-haired grey-eyed someone-I'm-not."

"I am Ishizu Ishtar, and it's true, you are Akina... well, you're at least her reincarnation..." the woman told them.

"A reincarnation... that kind of makes sense..." Rogue said wonderingly.

"Who exactly was she?" Yoko asked

"She was a strong Canaanite warrior with powerful magic and fighting skills." Ishizu told her. "The Pharaoh Yami wanted her for his bride, but she resisted him and eventually he allowed her to marry her lover, a priest by the name of Marik; however, soon after their marriage she died protecting the pharaoh."

"And she looked like me?"

"Exactly like you,"

"I'm still not sure if I believe all this."

"Then perhaps my millennium necklace will be able help convince you..." Ishizu lifted her hands to the golden necklace around her throat and there was a sudden flash. I know you can read me thoughts Rogue, so now open your mind and see into the past you once knew.

(A/N: AJay: This will sound familiar if you read Lost Green Eyes.

Everyone else: Get on with it!!)


A clear vision formed in Rogue's mind as part of an Egyptian palace. Rogue recognized the room that formed as possibly an Egyptian throne room. There she saw what looked like a high priest, one of the palace guards, and seated on a gold throne was the current pharaoh.

"As the Pharaoh's loyal servant I will duel you on his behalf, you traitor," the guard shouted.

The guard fought the priest and lost miserably.

"I will have no more people die on my behalf." The pharaoh said as he stood up. "Seth, I accept your challenge."

End Vision

When Rogue returned to the present, she was knelling on one of her knees struggling to get her breath back as if she had run a mile test for a school exam. "That dream I had... five nights ago... with that woman... it was real... not just some freaky dream!" she gasped.

"I hope I have helped make things clear to you," Ishizu said and she walked off.

Rogue picked herself off the floor and heard her brother say, "So I guess you were some ancient Egyptian girl in your past life."

"Guess so," she answered.

"However as long as you're alive in this life, you're my stubborn little sister, and I don't think that you're going to be dying to save any pharaoh whilst I'm here. Come on, the museum will be closing in five minutes."

They walked out of the building and headed home. After about five minutes of walking Yoko stopped her.

"What's wrong, bro?" she asked.

"There's a crowd gathering," His tone sounded rather nervous.


"Yo Rogue," said a familiar voice.

"Hi Yami," Rogue answered.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Touring the town," Yoko informed him. "Do you have any idea why all these people are congregating here?"

"Well, all I know is that I received an anonymous invitation talking about another Duel Monster's Tournament. I guess these people probably got the same message."

Suddenly a loud voice thundered around them from out of no where. "Greetings Duelists, welcome to Battle City." Unbeknownst to Rogue, all the television billboards changed to show a large picture of Seto Kaiba.

"It's Kaiba," Yami said.

"Yeah, no kidding. That fool's arrogant voice is all too easy to forget," Rogue agreed sarcastically.

"Honestly, I don't know what's bigger, his ego or his melon on the big screen!" announced a female voice from beside them.

Yami turned and saw a young woman with curly blonde hair and purple eyes dressed in purple beside him. "Greetings Mai," he told her.

"Hey Yugi; who's the chick wearing black? Are you on a date with her?" she asked.

"I wish," he grumbled.


"Her name's Rogue; however, let's see what Kaiba has to say."

"Well," the face on the billboard said to them. "I see you all received your private invite and that you all had the brains to show up here today." (A/N: I don't remember exactly what he said that day so bear with me here) "Seeing that you are all elite duelists I'm sure you can cope with the added twists of this tournament. First off, you'll duel using my new and improved duel disk system. Second, before each duel begins each duelist will anti-up their rarest card and the loser will forfeit his card to the winner. All I've said and more can be found on my tournament rulebook."

There was a loud noise from up above them that sounded like a helicopter. Rogue hunched down to the ground with her hands over her ears trying to block the sound. Yoko put his hands on her shoulders while Adan rubbed his head against her ear. All who could see looked up and saw a Kaiba Corp. helicopter flying above them with Kaiba standing on one of the rail thingies they use to land. "Don't forget to register and pick up a duel disk because exactly one week from today my Battle City Tournament begins!"

"You're on Kaiba," Yami muttered as the helicopter flew away.

"Come on sis, let's go home," Yoko said pulling her off the ground.

"Good idea; it's getting late." she said, sounding as if she hadn't been bothered by the noise.

Far, far, away somewhere on this little planet...

"Battle City, eh?" Malik Ishtar's voice asked mockingly.

"Yes Master Malik," was the reply from some men standing in front of him.

"Well, my Rare Hunters go to the town of Domino at once," he ordered. "It's time to begin the hunt!"