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Fear Factory

Fear Factory is a very fucking kick ass mother fucking band formed via L.A. Their style is unique in many ways and their genre is also wide, those include: Industrial Metal/Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Speed Metal/Alternative Metal. With hard hitting, perfect timed sequenced guitar, drums and bass. With vocals ranging from death metal growls to actual melodic singing, Fear Factory is a must band. Anyone that likes any Industrial Metal [Marilyn Manson/Ministry]or just all "American" Thrash/Speed Metal [Slayer/Pantera]. Will appreciate the synthesizer-esque & hardcore synchronized machine gun riffs, that Fear Factory offers. Mainly containing songs about "Man Versus Machine", Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell has alot to say. His words being influenced by his personal life and movies, such as "The Terminator" & "The Terminator 2: Judgement Day". Raymond Herrera & Dino Cazares are the main driving force behind the band, with their combination they seem perfectly impossible to stop. I would have to say that Dino Cazares & Raymond Herrera are my main musical idols, even over or neck and neck with "Head" Brian Welch & "Munky" James Shaffer of Korn. I actually didn't know where I was going with this page, but I wanted to make a decent Fear Factory page....I guess you might enjoy it, either way you are here...aren't you......sighs....bitches. The Coach

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