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Name: Paul Tyler Newell (a.k.a. "Eyvre")

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado.

Occupation: Freestyle Artist/college student at Stephen F. Austin State University

Background: Began listening to rap at age 12 when I met Marti (thanks dawg). I began freestyling and writing lyrics at age 16 (thanks God). Currently I rap with an artist from Chapel Hill named Da Juan (a.k.a. "The Don" or "H20"). I've collaberated with many artists in the Nacogdoches area, including: "Big A" (much love), Robert Jackson, "Super Ced", "T-Lane", "Mike-T", Dain (a.k.a. "Bubba Complex") and "ILL Will" (a.k.a. "Oreo"). In the Colorado area, much love to: Cody Jones (a.k.a. "Ody"), Marti (a.k.a. "Marti"), Billy Krantz (a.k.a. "B.K."),

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