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Two Excellent Pieces of Literature; by Larry Bernstein

The nineteenth century novelist Edward  Bulwer-Lytton exclaims "the pen is mightier than the sword," and his words still resound with us today. A people's stories are the foundation of their culture from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Lord of the Rings. A people's stories establish their values and their worldview, a concrete representation of man's inner sentiments. Two Novels that have been written in the past few years I think accomplish this relatively well; Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie and Descent into Illusions by Paul Omeziri. These two novels blend symbolism and drama, in order to represent a world replete with mystery and wonder. They show that even in a society dominated by science and materialism that magic and mystery still stir the human heart. 

Editorial Reviews: 

Descent into Illusions "One day Nick Black, a quiet loner who leads a regimented solitary existence, awakes from a dream to find the world changed. He leaps out of his bed frantically, filled with the mysterious sense of something awesome taking shape around him. He feels as if he has awoken from a dream into another dream, or fallen asleep into waking life. Things begin to move without his moving them. Strangers approach him as if they are old friends. Odd notes surface everywhere. The world loses all form of coherence and order. But is there meaning behind this bedlam? Is there an answer to this awesome question surrounding him? Descent into Illusions is a wonderfully erudite study into the nature of consciousness and its connection to things. It is an epic journey through the murky lairs of the human psyche with an ending that will leave you amazed. This book is bound to be a classic of modern literature" 

Satanic Verses "Just before dawn one winter's morning, a hijacked jetliner explodes above the English Channel. Through the falling debris, two men-Gibreel Farishta, the biggest movie star in India, and Saladin Chamcha, an expatriate returning from his first visit to Bombay in fifteen years-plummet from the sky. Washing up on the snow-covered sands of an English beach, they proceed through a series of metamorphoses, dreams and revelations. The Satanic Verses is a wonderfully erudite study of the evil and good entwined within the hearts of women and men, an epic journey of tears and laughter, served up by a writer at the height of his powers"


Paul Omeziri's Descent into Illusions

San Francisco Tribune

"Paul Omeziri's Debut Novel Descent into Illusions is a stunning portrait of Materialistic American life and its suffocating influence."

Boston Examiner

"Magical, Surreal, and Wonderful. Finally an honest book from an industry clamoring for profits"


Salman Rushdie's Descent into Illusions


New York Times Book Review

"Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Voltaire's Candide, Sterne's Tristam Shandy.... Salman Rushdie, it seems to me, is very much a latter day member of their company."

Sunday Times

"A masterpiece."