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Amazing New Books

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Descent into Illusions (

Dreamcatcher (

The Hobbit (

Joy (Red Stone)

Hannibal (

The Brethren (

Evil Thoughts (Redstone)

False Memory (



Of All these novels I think the Hobbit and Descent into Illusions are the best. Here is what one reader had to say about Paul Omeziri's Descent into Illusions: "Nick Anderson a reserved and quiet loner is at the centre of this story. His life is regimented, he fears change, and he lacks security. One day he has a dream that persuades him to take control of life, and instead of simply living to really be alive. He joins the army to fight in Vietnam, but when he returns, strange things start to happen to him. Things he can't understand or explain. Things are moved around even though he hasn't moved them, people approach him as if they know him, but he doesn't remember them. The dream he had had years before returns to him, now in the form of waking existence. The barriers between his subjective experience and objective reality melt away. In the end this is an experimental novel that borrows from the German and British theme of idealism, in which the whole world is merely a mental phenomenon. The story is full of twists and turns that are really the foundation onto which the rest of the novel is built. As a result it's almost impossible to say anything about the story without ruining it for everyone else. Although I'd say Descent is experimental it is not groundbreaking. It clearly is written in the same style as Rushdie's Satanic Verses. Whether one got its style from the other, or both got it from a third source I can't tell. All in all if you are into ontology and enjoy literature that breaks boundaries I suggest this book. But if you're looking just to be entertained I probably don't think this is the book for you. I personally thought it was one of the better books I've read, and although it is not a very popular book it does have a significant underground following."