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Thank you for visiting Empire Web's Personel Division. Empire Web is dedicated to maintaining the nation's best sales force. If you are interested in joining our award-winning team, you've come to the right place.

For nearly a decade, Empire Web has stood for innovation and quality in the web design world, and boasts one of the best compensation packages available in the sales market today; Base + Commission + Residule.

The way it works for you:
Performance is measured in a Five Quarter cycle, and your base pay will be determined by a point system averaged over the course of your entire sales year. In addition, you recieve a commision immediately upon the close of every sale, and in the case of a contract with residule income, so too do you recieve a residule commision - for as long as that contract remains valid, and you maintain employment in good standing with Empire Web.
We also offer an attractive bonus plan for strong, year round performers, and employment is done on an 'independant contractor' basis, meaning none of your hard earned pay is taken out for Uncle Sam (we do suggest, however, that you do set some aside for tax time, or Uncle Sam may become grumpy, and nobody likes that).

Your career with Empire Web will begin with a 90 Evaluation Period. You will earn full credit for all work during this trial period, following which you will be interviewed a final time to determine if Empire Web is the right fit for you. Once you are a full Associate, you become eligible for all bonuses, give aways, and other special events. As stated before, you retain all credits and points from your initial period, as your first quarter.

Empire Web is currently seeking Sales Managers, District Managers, and Sales Reps for our Nation Wide expansion. We are also seeking Contract per Diem web designers for 'overflow' work. For further information, or to apply please contact VP of Sales & Marketing, Rebecca Dunn at: