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Can you make £50,000

($90,000 USD) in 30 days? this entire page and decide.

If I offered you £1,000,000 cash today or 1 penny doubled every day for thirty days...

Which would you choose?

If you do the math you’ll soon realize that a penny doubled every day for thirty days is less than £1 the first week,

less than £100 the second week,

but over £10,000 the 3rd week,

and on day 30 it turns out to be over £10,000,000!

Even starting with something as small as a penny can turn into something if doubling or duplication occurs. The principle is based upon a large number of people doing simple and ordinary tasks which as a whole amounts to exponential results. Listen to how one entrepreneur explained it…

“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 people than 100% of my own”

- Jean Paul Getty

How does understanding the principle of duplication help ME?

This is the basis of royalties or residual type incomes that creates huge wealth.

For instance every time a movie is played with Tom Cruise in it he gets paid a small fee. Seen any Tom Cruise films lately? In other words, rather than basing your income on a large one time sale (example of the £1,000,000 above), what if you could base your income on a small piece of a continually growing pie (the penny doubling over thirty days)?

By following simple tasks and teaching others to do the same, you can put yourself in line to benefit from the doubling principle over and over again until your income reaches unbelievable heights.

Testimonial: "I have only one thing to say to you...OH MY GOD! I did just like you said and went on vacation. When I got back my account was up to £875. I owe you!" Mary W., Harrow, Middlesex

Ok. I am interested. What do I have to do and more importantly how much is it?!

Every business needs a plan. MBAs and CEOs call them business plans or models. They describe a business, its objectives, strategies, market , and financial forecast.

Business Model

We are going to sell eBooks. But first you must own your collection of eBooks to resell. What are eBooks? Type "ebooks" into the search engine below to see how wide spread eBooks have become.




Join PayPal by signing up for a free account. If you already have an account congratulations you are more than half-way to realizing your dream. If not click on the banner below to open up a PayPal account only after you have finished reading.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


Purchase all 5 eBooks from the people below by sending each person £5 ($9 USD) from your PayPal account to their PayPal email address.

Make sure to have the eBook # in the subject header. Your total cost is 5 x £5 ($9 USD) = £25 ($45 USD)

For example: Using your PayPal account, "Send Money" to and type Order eBook #1 in the subject header.

Order all 5 eBooks now.

1. eBook #1 How to Refer People to PayPal.

2. eBook #2 How to Create a Free Website.

3. eBook #3 Where and How to Advertise.

4. eBook #4 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Legality.

5. eBook #5 Self Motivation.

You will receive a "thank you" email from them along with the eBook. Be sure to save each "Thank you email" for all 5 eBooks because you will be using the same ones to send to others who purchase the 5 different eBooks from you.

It will look exactly like this:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your order.

Go to to view eBook #(?) Title(?)

Remember to save this email to forward to customers who purchase eBook #? from you.

Good Luck...Here's to YOUR successful future!


Create an information website just like the one you are reading. Don't worry if you do not know how. eBook # 2 will explain in simple detail how to set up a free website like the one you are viewing now.


Move each name down one position. This is critical!!! DO NOT try to add a bunch of your own different email addresses or alter the rankings. You will not experience the duplication growth I explained to you earlier and you will not make much money. Once you see and understand how this works, you will also see how it does not work if you change it. Remember, this has been tested successfully, and if you alter in any way, it will not work!!!

In your case you will enter YOUR PayPal email address in the #1 position. Then bump each person's PayPal email address down but notice the eBook report #'s stay with the position #'s.

It is important to do them in this order for accuracy.

Move #4 down to #5, then #3 down to #4, #2 down to #3, #1 down to #2, and then put yourself in the top spot.

Like so:

1. eBook #1 How to Refer People to PayPal.

2. eBook #2 How to Create a Free Website.

3. eBook #3 Where and How to Advertise.

4. eBook #4 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Legality.

5. eBook #5 Self Motivation.

Keep advertising until you have 10 orders for eBook #1 (You made £50 ($90 USD) and your residual income is on its way.

Once you have been moved down to the #2 position ( after 10 orders for eBook #1), keep advertising until you have 100 orders for eBook #2. Look at the chart below (You have now made £ 500 ($900 USD). Not bad for only £25 ($45 USD).

Let me explain: watch how YOU make money as your name goes down the list!!!


You got 10 orders for eBook #1 (10 x £5 ($9 USD) = £50 ($90) Double your £25 ($45 USD).

now those 10 moved you to #2 and they got 10

1. Your






You now have 100 orders for eBook #2 (100 x £5 ($9 USD) = £500 ($900 USD)

now those 100 moved you to #3 and they got 10

1. Their

2. Your





You now have 1000 orders for eBook #3 (1,000 x £5 ($9 USD) = £5,000 ($9,000 USD)

now those 1000 moved you to #4 and they got 10

1. Their

2. Their

3. Your




You now have 10,000 orders for eBook #4 (10,000 x £5 ($9 USD)= £50,000 ($90,000 USD)

now those 10,000 moved you to #5 and they got 10

1. Their

2. Their

3. Their

4. Your



You now have 100,000 orders for eBook #5 (100,000 x £5 (9 USD) = £500,000 ($900,000 USD)

Add it up -

£50 ($90 USD)

+ £500 ($900 USD)

+ £5,000 ($9,000 USD)

+ £50,000 ($90,000 USD)

+ £500,000 ($900,000 USD)

= £555,550 ($999,990 USD)

Oh, but wait. Subtract the £25 ($45 USD) you initially spent £555,525 ($999,945 USD) Profit!


Send out all your orders as soon as possible. The faster you send them out the quicker your hard work will pay off and then you can relax and make withdrawals!!!

Testimonial: "Thank you for the info. I have tried other at home programs and never made a dime. I sent my website to my friends and in 2 weeks I got paid £1285! I can't wait just to reach half of the students here. " Charles F., UCL, London

Convinced? Ready?!

Obviously, millionaires aren’t born overnight. Someone is likely to break the cycle, meaning that it may take you longer or you may not reach the full goal. But ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have a better plan for achieving financial and time freedom?

2. What if it takes you two or three or even four times as long?

3. What if you only reach half way? Or a quarter of the way? Or a tenth of the way?

4. Could you be satisfied with £100,000 a year of ongoing, repeated income?

The power of duplication really works! If you don’t join for any other reason, join to give yourself a plan for the future. It is helpful to have some direction and be taking one step at a time to achieve your goal. Buy the eBooks Now . Put yourself on track to become a Millionaire through this steady process of building. Find one other person who shares this goal and is willing to find one other person is the power of duplication… and it works!