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Sir Euqine and His angel

Bring On The Rain

sometimes things happen Master that i do not understand. it is during these times that i tend to lean on You more because i know without a doubt that You can and will get me through them. You offer me strength and You give me direction. You are the light that guides me and shows me the way when i am lost. when i feel like lashing out, You teach me patience. i have never known You to attack anyone no matter what the reason or situation. You are always in control of Yourself, as well as every endeavor You must face. You are so wise my Master, so strong. i trust You with my life and that is why i have given it to You, as well as my heart. You are the love of my life, my soul mate. You are my Protector, my Teacher, my Confidant. i will try very hard to always make You proud of me and even though W/we must sometimes face things W/we wish W/we didn't have to, please know that through it all, i stand beside You, strong and proud...i have so much faith in You and i love You more than i have ever loved before. i am indeed an extension of when life's little set backs intrude on U/us as O/one, i say...bring on the rain...T/together W/we are strong...and i can do anything with You by my side.

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Bring On The Rain