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Hi my name is Shingo!!:

Nationality - Japan

Home town - Kumamoto

Years - 21st

I'm a 4th year student at International Pacific College(IPC).

I'm 21 years old. and also I'm from Kumamoto in Japan.

My interests are:

Hello everyone. I am Shingo Tanaka, a fourth year student of International Pacific College. I have served as president of Student Association since the beginning of 2005. The International Pacific College Student Association (IPCSA) is an organisation, which represents all IPC students. All students are considered to be current IPCSA members, and they are from 15 different countries. The IPCSA structure is make up of 5 executive members and 8 committees. Those committees are categorised into two groups in terms of their role. One is working directly for students, another is working for IPCSA and indirectly contributing to studentsŐ life at IPC. The committees which work directly for the students are; The Event Committee, Student Support Committee, Academic Committee, Food Committee and YearBook Committee. They are giving supports to students in various ways. The Recruiting Committee, Sponsor Committee and Media Committee are working for IPCSA. Their great job supports all other committee are to be further discussed later. IPCSA has been not only putting our efforts into solving colleges, problems, are also determined to set new tasks, and tackle any issues. We are working hard with the vision of a better and more rewarding student life at IPC. I am looking forward to working with you! Sincerely, Shingo Tanaka (President of IPCSA)

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