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Gloria the Gladiator Part IV...Chapter 7 Gloria and Robert have now been converted into holographic interaction images. Morpheus says, "Welcome to the Matrix. My name is Morpheus and that guy you met in the portal is Neo. Your dimension has been making use of our portal 12 with a magic spell. We rely on technology here and know nothing about magic. Here is the problem. We need to use the portal to complete an important mission. Once we are in the portal there is a danger that our digitized images could mix. The results would not be pretty. Every time you use the portal our sensors pick up some of your conversations and some images from the internet. We know a lot about your adventures and the TRISWORD. Robert will be inserted back into the portal to carry a message to Drakar. The portal must not be used by your dimension until we finish this job. After that, we can let you have unrestricted use of the portal. Robert asks, "How do we know we can trust you?" Neo quickly responds, "Rule 1. Trust no one. Not us, what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, or touch. Don't even trust each other. Rule 2. Suspect all that I have just mentioned and always watch your back." Gloria asks, "Why do you need me?" Morpheus responds, ".............You yield the TRISWORD's magic!" Robert's digital being is inserted back into the portal to contact Drakar.

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