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Gloria the Gladiator Part IV...Chapter 13 The Sentinel attack starts again. Gloria quickly sees the weak point of the robot and the glowing TRISWORD is thrust in a split second. The magic pulses through the robot's body and electrical discharges flow through its arms and body. The Sentinel has no control over its attack and short circuits flash up and down Sentinel's sensors. Sentinel arms flail wildly and smoke pours out of the body. The Sentinel falls to the floor.....motionless!! Trinity says, "WOW! That is better than Neo could have done! You are ready for the real Sentinels. We will attack their recharge station after you have had some rest." Gloria makes a few more swings with her TRISWORD. It flashes through the air faster than the eye can see. She thinks to herself, "My speed of attack is awesome. I've got a good feeling about this new training." Battle on Gloria!!!!

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