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Gloria the Gladiator Part IV...Chapter 12 Trinity says, "Gloria,...blink your eyes three times quickly!" Gloria does three quick blinks. There is no Sentinel or wounds on her body. Trinity explains, "This is a training simulation program made by Neo. As you can see, if this had been a real Sentinel you would be dead!" Gloria's angry response, "So why show me a Sentinel can kill me in a few seconds?" Trinty replys, "I'm going to bring up a diagram of a Sentinel and show where to thrust your TRISWORD. The robot has no protection against your magic. I am now downloading another program Neo developed that will speed up your reaction time. We are going to run the Sentinel simulation again. This time strike the robot between the eyes before it can hit you. Good Luck! Gloria says, "Wait a minute Trinity!" Before Gloria can get the words out of her mouth, the Sentinel simulation starts again.......

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