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The Hidden Tower

An invisible tower in the Queen Faeries tower has been home for hundreds of years to the most powerful items in Neopia. She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland... can you afford the price???

NOTE - Please only click on these items if you wish to make a purchase!!!

You will never lose another battle again!

One of the items used to banish the malevolent spectre Eliv Thade!

Amulet of Thilg
Cost : 8,500,000 NP

Dont ask... :)

Cost : 8,000,000 NP

Unleash the power of raw vegetables!

Asparagus Dagger
Cost : 2,300,000 NP

Turn your Neopet into a cute little baby with one use of this magical paintbrush!

Baby Paint Brush
Cost : 500,000 NP

Tick tick tick tick... BOOM!

Bagguss Bomb
Cost : 1,750,000 NP

Scoop it up and throw it at your opponent.  You may want to wash your hands after each battle!

Battle Dung
Cost : 5,000,000 NP

This small bent fork is a magical totem that will bend the opponents Attack Forks!

Bent Fork
Cost : 346,500 NP

Fires high projectile sprouts at any opponent.  Comes with a never ending supply of ammunition!

Cardboard Sprout Cannon
Cost : 3,960,000 NP

Cybunnies believe that this blade once belonged to the mighty Warrior Cylex, and was used in the battle of the Third Moon.

Cost : 8,000,000 NP

These Paint Brushes were found in Lord Darigans floating citadel!

Darigan Paint Brush
Cost : 800,000 NP

When this Kiko toy was created, something bizarre happened.  It has the power to suck up and deflect ANY water attacks thrown against you!

Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy
Cost : 544,500 NP

No matter how many bites you take out of this apple, it will never get any smaller.

Everlasting Apple
Cost : 990,000 NP

Faerie Fog is used to stop those prying using a crystal ball...

Faerie Fog
Cost : 3,500,000 NP

Turn your pet into a high-flying faerie!  Take your Neopet to the Rainbow Pool!

Faerie Paint Brush
Cost : 200,000 NP

Wow, the Faerie Queen Doll is SO pretty, and her eyes glow when you squeeze her!

Faerie Queen Doll
Cost : 2,000,000 NP

Although they are fake they seem to be literally brimming with rather evil magic.  I would watch out if I were you!  (they break after a while)

Fake von Roo Fangs
Cost : 2,300,000 NP

A magical blend of fire and ice that will leave your opponents trembling in fear.

Fire and Ice Blade
Cost : 2,000,000 NP

This mysterious Orb of Fire is twice as powerful as the original Orb of the Fire Faeries and it is where the Fire Faeries draw their strength from.  If you are brave you may control the orb for a brief time.

Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie
Cost : 2,079,000 NP

You can almost feel the thade emanating from this ancient tome...

Grimoire of Thade
Cost : 5,000,000 NP

This noxious blade was forged by the evil Warlock Hubrid Nox many centuries ago.  He designed it to defeat Lupes in Battle!

Hubrids Noxious Blade
Cost : 4,500,000 NP

Press a few buttons, flick a few switches... and maybe something will happen!

Hubrids Puzzle Box
Cost : 11,000,000 NP

Eww this plushie even FEELS sticky and slimy!

Jelly Chia Plushie
Cost : 1,500,000 NP

Fyora was very reluctant to put this doll in the Hidden Tower

Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll
Cost : 1,500,000 NP

This ring may never come off your finger!

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring
Cost : 11,000,000 NP

This magical crystal ball will allow you to find out what your opponent is using in a battledome fight!  Only works in 2 player battles however.

Jhudoras Crystal Ball
Cost : 3,000,000 NP

This slingshot magically creates its own ammunition.  I hope Timmy doesnt want it back any time soon!

Little Timmys Slingshot
Cost : 2,970,000 NP

A legendary death mask found in Coltzans tomb, it is rumoured to have strong defensive powers.

Mask of Coltzan
Cost : 3,700,000 NP

Snot can make an interesting form of defence in the Battledome!

Meuka Snot Gloves
Cost : 4,350,000 NP

This long fetid column of snot came out of Meukas nose... ewwww!

Meukas Snot Trail
Cost : 6,500,000 NP

This handy portable kiln will help bake your enemies in seconds!

Portable Kiln
Cost : 3,158,000 NP

Give your opponent a right royal radishing!!!

Radish Bow
Cost : 2,000,000 NP

Wow, what pretty colours... I wonder what it does?

Rainbow Swirly Thing
Cost : 3,653,000 NP

This shield will grant you extreme pion troect in times of need!

Shield of Pion Troect
Cost : 6,000,000 NP

Loads of pretty marbles!!  When you throw these at an opponent they will explode in many different colours!

Shrunken Skull Marbles
Cost : 4,247,000 NP

Awww sweet, she even shivers and shakes when you press a button on her back.

Snow Faerie Doll
Cost : 750,000 NP

This strange machine will create many snowballs of every type for you to use in battle!

Snowball Machine
Cost : 2,079,000 NP

This shield will keep your spirits up no matter what your opponent throws at you!

Sunshine Shield
Cost : 800,000 NP

Just the trick to put a pesky menacing undead monster out of its misery!

Sword of Skardsen
Cost : 110 NP

The U-Bend of Justice will reflect between 80% and 100% of water-based attacks to an opponent, for great justice! You can only equip one of these.

U-Bend of Great Justice
Cost : 1,732,500 NP

Smack your opponent from afar with this deadly toy.  Then show off a couple of tricks and smack them again!

Yoyo of Death
Cost : 8,000,000 NP