Welcome to our site everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience but our site isn't ready yet. But most of it will be up very soon.Also if you would like to make some donations for our team "The Diablo Hitmens", that would be very much appreciated and we will add you to our Donations/Thank You list.

But i would definitely like to thank these 3 people who already helped us put up this site. To Mrs. Oceanna Musick , Mrs. Ruth Zuniga , and me. Yes i decided to donate some money to start up this site. But thanks so much to the people who helped us out.

By this weekend, I'm sure that the whole site will be up. Dave and I are also planning to upgrade the site and get our own domain name. So watch out for that.

Any questions?

Email us @ DiabloHitmen@yahoo.com

Team Profiles

:: Dre
:: Dan
:: Dave
:: Matt S.
:: John
:: Chris
:: Joe
:: Richie
:: Trina
:: Jami
:: Vince
:: Johnny
:: Justin

Weapons of Choice

:: Alias Intimidator
:: Link
:: Link
:: Link


:: Link
:: Link
:: Link
:: Link


:: o328o4
:: o411o4
::Battle Wounds


Thanks to:

-Mrs. Oceanna Musick

-Ruth Zuniga

-Katrina Gabriel

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