Where did Christianity come from?

Did a Jewish religious fanatic found it as the NewTestament describes? The answer to the last question is a flat no. Christ never existed. Jesus Christ did not invent or found Christianity. All evidence that can be gleaned from a scholarly examination of authentic history points to an obvious conclusion: there never was any Jesus Christ roaming about in 30 A.D. or thereabouts teaching a new religion. The whole story was invented and concocted much later. It was patched together out of bits and pieces of other religios text, until finally they had a movement going that pulled in the Roman Emperor Constantine. It was this Roman Emperor, who in the year 313 A.D. put Christianity into business. The Romans, who had been tolerant to all religions, were now told by an edict of Emperor Constantine that Christianity was now the supreme religion of the empire to the exclusion of all others.

Still No Bible at 300 A.D. At this time the Christian movement, although nearly 300 years old, still did not have a written text or Bible. Under the powerful direction of Emperor Constantine a convocation of church fathers was called. At this meeting a number of scripts and writings were put together and a heated controversy ensued over a period of several months. Many writings were considered, discussed, argued over, and reviewed. Some were revised, some were rewritten, some were rejected. The final package that emerged from the Council of Nicaea was what was called the New Testament, a contradictory, demented conglomeration of far-out nonsense. To it was patched the Jewish Old Testament. The Christian movement now had a Bible, with Constantine as final arbiter. Constantine exercised the full powers of his position,financially, militarily and in terms of legal enforcement to now promote Christianity and crush all opposition. Christianity was now on its way.

When we examine what substantiated evidence that exists for the basic claims of Christianity and the actual historical existence of the central figure of Jesus Christ himself, we find there is no evidence whatsoever. Again, none whatsoever that has the slightest basis in fact. The Christian church, which in the first few centuries grew into the Roman Catholic Church, guaranteed its own authenticity. It claims its principal authority from the gospels, based on Matthew 16:18 in which Jesus purportedly gives the church its charter: And I say also untothee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The Roman Catholic church claims it is the church referred to, and has its credentials from Jesus Christ himself. So who guarantees the authenticity of the gospels? Why, the Roman Catholic church does. Who guarantees the authenticity and authority of the Roman Catholic church? Why, the gospels do. A perfect example of ridiculous "logic".