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How To Make Frames

Using Xion Head Customizer Frame Maker

Firstly you need to download Xion Frame Maker and the five blank games from


Here im going to use a normal background av from any page but making sure the graphic size is below 8.0kb.

**My example**

now in psp you resize to 140x140.

so far this what you will have in front of you

now what i do for a guide is i go to file new and make a blank av size 102x116 and psate onto my frame and use this as a guide to add text or tubes if i wish to add any

when i pasted my black guide i moved it to the right,this is up to you how you wish to have your frame for you,now at this stage i will add my text and also a tube.

here is a example as to what you can do

When you have made the frame to wich you are happy you save this Frame into a new folder in psp under New Frames and name it.Once you have done that you open up Xion Head Customizer

this is what you will have infront of you now

Up top you choose the game you wish to have as your game in the frame here you see i have Yahtzee,now your Head name,you put the Name you wish for people to see in Chat room,List Name you put the name you wish to name your Frame in your games dir

Now click the Click here to configure the head's layout

Click Gif and now do a search in psp new folder and get the frame you made in psp

now you are to make a seat as like above by doing this you need toleft click and drag to you have the size and position as you need it,when you are happy with your seat position you press Done

Then when you are happy you have everything done you press Create OCX, Save is vp games folder ,message will come up that,your frame has been save correctly as a .ocx and voila you are done.