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Aerius WorldWind

I dedicate this page to my wife Silver Moonchild,
for she is the cause of my thought and inspiration.
She is my very best friend and the
mother of my three children.
To me she is the one who gives me power,
self-confidence, securtiy, and life purpose.
She makes me feel like the God, and she causes
me to understand the Goddess in Her truest form.
She is the Moon.

The Altar

The spell we weave so innocent,
Like the blood upon your lips.
It tastes so sweet like crimson sea,
My hands upon your hips.
Beneath the moonlight incantation,
Lays your naked flesh.
Arms stretched out your legs are spread,
My face is to the West.
Candles burning in each hand,
One is black one is white.
Invocation backoning,
You are the flower in the night.

What is Evil?

We do not polarize good and evil.
What is evil, but what a man perceives in his
own mind? For one man says to himself
a thing is evil, so to him it is evil,
as he believes. But to another
man he says no, that thing is good,
so to him it is good, as he believes.
One man's custom says, evil is the
lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye,
and the pride of life.
Another man's custom says no,
these are good to satisfy the soul
and to prosper one's life.
Only the scales hold the balance
as the night divides the day,
and only the heart of a man will
choose his own way.

The Moon

Moon like a flower
Waxing and waning blossoms
Around the Earth moves

(Know Thyself)

In silence is the seed of wisdom gained

Nature is the gospel of the witches:
Our litany is the wind in the grass.
"Thou shall nots", are brushed away
by the Great Earth Mother,
Who encourages enjoyment of the world
and the senses as an act of Her worship,
The feeling that deity is within the natural world
infusing it with vibrancy and beauty.
Witchcraft encourages personal revelation
and the pursuance of an individual path,
Without dogma or hierarchy.
The Earth Mother is the source of life
as much as the Father God
because all return to Her at death.
The tomb is also Her womb,
To bring forth New Life as the seasons turn.
In Her lay the mysteries of the unmanifest
and the manifest.
Beyond a wholesome discipline
Be gentle with thyself.
You are a child of the universe
No less than the trees and the stars.
You have a right to be here,
And whether or not it is clear unto you,
No doubt the universe is unfolding
As it should!

Just a Thought???

Know thyself!...
Do I wear a mask?
Do I put up a front in a given situation?
Do I put up a front under the influence
of a certain substance?
To talk about religion,
or not to talk about religion,
Is this wearing the mask?
I do not wish to force my ideals upon anyone.
To persuade or to force my ideals
upon one I know to be solid
In what they believe would be to harm.
But to speak what I believe
when the occasion arrises in truth and life.
But for those who have decided
I may guide and for those of indecision
I may persuade.

What Am I?

Shining down from the sky like the sunlight.
Pouring down from the sky like the rain.
I have had my share of trouble,
And lived days filled with pain.
But what am I to the sunlight,
But like a candle to the flame.
And what am I to the ocean,
But like a cloud to the rain.

Contemplation and Time

I am a world within a whirlwind
spinning out of control.
My body is a prison held captive
is my soul.
The birds they fly
They are building their nest.
And I am alone
And have no place to rest.
Contemplation and time
They are my enemies within.
Everything it speaks to me
Even the wind.
Desires unfulfilled
and three lifetimes have passed.
Suddenly I'm wondering
How time moved so fast.

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