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Honoring the Lord and Lady

This page is about honoring the Lord
and Lady in our everyday mundane life.
When I first started down my path
I read all about honoring them on
the Sabatts and Esbats but , I thought,
how can I honor them day to day.
So I looked at some books and the
one that really caught my eye was
Scott Cunningham's book 'Living Wicca'. In it
he lists many ways to honor them
in our mundane lives. I began to realize
that honoring them first starts with us
and in our family. Just simply taking
the time to listen to our loved
ones gives honor to them. Random acts
of love, praise, and affection gives honor
to them. Short simple prayers and devotions
honor them. My nine year old daughter
thought of a way to honor them by
recycling cans and then giving the money
to our local humane society. In this
way she was caring for the environment
and helping animals.

Here is a list of some practical
ways to honor the Lord and Lady. Some of these
are from Scott Cunningham's book 'Living Wicca':
Morning and evening meditations
Arts or crafts with a Wiccan theme
Listening to Pagan music
Tending to plants and trees
Journalizing about your experiences in the craft
Coreesponding with other pagans
Writing new rituals
Writing poetry and songs or stories
Collecting herbs
Going on a nature walk
Taking care of animals
Reading fairy tales to your children

Here are a few of my own ideas:
Build a website
Create a special herb , call it 'Love'
and put a dash of it in
meals you prepare for your family
Make candleswith your children
Visit someone at a hospital or convalescent
home (many of the elderly have noone
to visit with them and they love
when you bring children to see them.
Many old people are fascinated with children).
Throw a party
Play with your children or watch
a Disney film with them
Pick up trash

Even things like doing laundry, cleaning house,
cooking dinner, and going to work can
be done in honor of the Lord and Lady
if they are done in love with
a spirit of joy peace and thanksgiving.

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