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Dawn of the Silver Moon

Welcome to my pages,Dawn of the Silver Moon.
This is the first time I have ever
created a web site and I'm so excited
about it. I'm having a lot of fun
with it. I'm having so much fun that
what you see here today may not be
what you see next time you visit.

My journey down the path of the Goddess
and God started not very long ago. I
spent many years as a christian but deep
down inside I was always wanting to explore
this path. Finally one day my husband and
I picked up 'To Ride A Silver Broomstick'
by Silver RavenWolf. That was my first step
on this journey. Since then I have met
a lot of wonderful new friends and learned
a lot more. I'm finally beginning to feel
freedom in my life and acceptance of who
and what I am. These pages are a
tribute to the God and the Goddess and
a way for me to express the things
I have learned. I hope to cover a
diverse array of topics. If anyone has any
ideas or suggestions, please e-mail me. I could
use all the help I can get to
make this a good site. I hope all
who come here enjoy this site and get
something out of it.

May your journey down whatever path you
choose be filled with Love, Peace, and Laughter.

Site Blessing

Radiant Lady and her Beloved Consort,
I ask that you bless and protect this site.
Inspire within us all Love, Joy, Peace,
Courage and Creativity.
May all who walk your path
Be transformed to their greatest potential.
Bless all who visit here.
So Mote It Be.

This blessing was sent to me by a
man in Scotland after visiting my site.
Thank You, Paul.

Lady spin your circle bright
cast between dark and light
Earth, Air Fire and Water
Bind us as one.

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