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Herbal Grimoire

Before you use any of these herbs, especially for medicinal purposes, you should research them thoroughly to see how to properly prepare and use them. As with any vitamin or medicine, these can be toxic and some should not be taken internaly at all. Some could cause allergic reactions in people. Also if you are taken other medications you should check to make sure there will be no reactions with medications.

Acacia: Also called Gum Arabic
Planet: Sun, Mars
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: Protection, Psychic Powers.
Comes in dried gum form, oil, powder or bark.
The gum can be used for incense. This is a religious tree used for consecration. A nice idea for the wood is to use it to make a magickal box for storing magickal items. It is said that the crown of thorns placed on Christís head were acacia. Can be substituted with Frankincense; Gum Mastic.

Aloe : Also called Burn Plant or Medicine Plant.
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Magickal Properties: protection, good luck, peace, success, and beauty
Comes in gel, juice or plant form.
This plant is a natural blood cleaner. You can buy it at the store in juice form to drink. It is also good for burns, cuts and scrapes, and maintaining healthy skin. I use it when I get a new tattoo because it helps my tattoo heal faster with less pain than the ointment the tattoo shops give out.

Angelica: Also called wild parsnip, herb of angels, Archange, Masterwort, and angel food.
Planet: Venus
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: Protection and exorcism health and wellbeing
Comes in root, powder and oil form.
A tea made of the root is good for relieving stomack gas.

Anise: Also called anniseed and anneys
Planet: Jupiter or Moon
Element: Air
Magickal Properties: purification, awareness, protection ,joy
Comes in oil form or seeds that can be ground.
Good for treating respiratory problems such as coughs, stuffy noses and bronchitis. Also can be used as a disgestive aid and relief for upset stomachs when taken as a tea. Is said to prevent bad dreams also.

Basil: Sweet Basil, Common Basil, Witches Herb and St. Johnís Wort
Planets: Mars, Pluto
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: avoid disagreement, banishing spirits, end strife, happiness, health, money, peace (inner), prosperity, protection, wellbeing , love, wealth (if carried in your wallet), ensuring faithfulness in a mate, courage, fertility.
Comes in oil form, leaf for teas and otherpreparations.
When brewed as a tea it helps calm the nerves settle the stomach and ease menstrual cramps. Is also good for the urinarty tract.

Bay Laurel: Also known as Sweet Bay, Bay tree, Baie, Daphnne, Greecian Laurel, Laurel, Laurier d'Apollon, Laurier Sauce, Lorbeer, Noble Laurel, Roman Laurel.
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: wisdom, protection, psychic powers, banishes negative energy.
DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY-use as a poultice on chest for bronchitis and chest colds.

Balm of Gilead
Magickal properties; Attract New Love, Mend Broken Heart, Protection, Healing
Comes in solid resin, oil and in bud and bark form. Is rare and difficult to come by.
May be substituted with rose buds or gum mastic.

Magickal properties: Health, Protection, Purification, Wellbeing
Comes in oil form as well as in loose leaf

Bay Leaves:
Planet: Sun
Element : Fire
Magickal properties: : Psychic visions and dreams, repels negativity and evil.

Benzoin: Also called Ben, Benjamin, and Gum Benjamin, Gum Benzoin, Siamese Benzoin
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Magickal Properties: Astral Travel, Personal Power, Purification
Used in purification incense and as a preservative for oils and preparations.
Comes in resin or powder form. May be substituted with gum arabic or gum mastic.

Bergamot: Also known as Orange Mint and orange bergamot
Planet: Sun and Jupiter
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: money,prosperity and protection
Comes in oil form

Betony: Also known as Wood Betony, Bishopwort, Lousewort, Purple Betony
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Magickal properties:Protection, purification and preventing nightmares

Caraway: Also known as caraway seed
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Magickal properties: protection and passion.
Used to attract love in a physical sense and stimulates digestion.

Carnation: Clove Pink, Gillies, Gillieflower, Jove's Flower, Nelka, Scaffold Flower, Sops-In-Wine, Gilly Flower.
Element: Fire
Magickal properties: health, protection and well-being.
Comes in oil form as well as loose leaf. May be substituted with rose petals.

Catnip:Also called Cat, Catmint, Catnep, Catrup, Cat's Wort, Field Balm, Nepeta, Nip
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Magickal Properties: joy, friendship, love, cat magick,
It is a stimulant to cats. When brewed in tea form it can be very soothing for humans and can relieve headaches, clear up congestion, relieve aches due to colds and flu, and lower fevers. Can also be used to consecrate magickal tools with.
Comes in loose leaf or oil form.

Chamomile: Also called Roman chamomile, English chamomile, Perennial Chamomile, Wild Chamomile, Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Maythen (Saxon), Whig plant, Heermannchen (German), Manzanilla (Spanish), Ground Apple
Planet: Sun or Venus
Element: Water
Magickal Properties: good for meditation, inner peace, healing, money, health, well-being and ending strife.
An excellent herb for calming the nerves, In tea form it can be a mild sedative. It is good for the digestion, relieves stomach aches and diarhea, fevers. Apply to cuts and burns also.
Comes in oil and loose leaf form.

Ciniquefoil:Also known as Five Fingered Grass, Creeping cinquefoil, Crampweed, Five Fingered Blossom, Goosegrass, Goose Tansy, Moor Grass, Pentaphylon, Silver Cinquefoil, Silverweed, Sunkfield, Synkefoyle, Five Finger Grass, Five Leaved Grass
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Earth
Magickal Attributes: purification, protection, prosperity, psychic ability
Use in charms or spells. Hang around doors and windows to ward off evil.
Comes in loose leaf and oil form.
Can be substituted with clover.

Cinnamon: Also known as Sweet Wood, Laurus cinnamomum
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Magickal properties: Astral Travel, Enhancing Spirituality, Health, Love, Lust, Money, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Ability, Purification, Sex, Wellbeing
Can be used as a digestive aid in tea form. Also good for diarrhea. May be a male aphrodisian. Use in prosperity charms.
Comes in stick, powder or oil form.

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Magickal Properties: Protection,beauty, youth, healing injuries
This herb is associated with the Triple Goddess. It is used for rituals for beauty, yourth, healing physical injuries, and for curing madness. It brings good luck.
Comes in leaf form.
Can be substituted with Ciniquefoil.

Clove: Also known as Eugenia aromatica
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: Banishing Spirits, Confidence, Courage, Divination, Love, Lust, Money, Prosperity, Protection, Sex
Wear as an amulet or charm for dispeling negativity or for protection.
This can be chewed or rubbed on tootheaches for pain. It is a mild analgesic. Taken in tea form it is good as an expectorant for colds, relieving nausea and vomitting. It is also an antibacterial antiseptic.
Comes in whole kernels, oil, powder or gum form.
Can be substituted using mace or nutmeg.

Comfrey: Also called Slippery Root, Knitbone, Blackwort, Assear, Black Wort, Boneset, Bruisewort, Consolida, Consound, Gum Plant, Healing Herb, Knit Back, Yalluc (Saxon), Ass Ear, Miracle Herb, Wallwort
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water
Magickal Properties: Protection for Travel, money, healing and the crone.
This is good for aiding with colds and in tea form it can be applied to cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes and bug bites.
Comes in oil form or use roots and leaves for making teas and poultices.

Coriander: Also called Chinese Parsley, Cilantro, Cilentro, Culantro
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Magickal Properties: Health, love, well-being, protection and peace
Comes in oil form,leaf and seed form

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Magickal Properties: Prevent Unwanted Visitors and luck in love.
Fresh flower form.

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