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Dark Knights of Satan

Just to make it very simple.
This site is here to recruit members into a new dark order in servitude to the Dark Lord. This site is shabby looking, but once we gain numbers, we could settle with a more finely built site. And for now, this site provides anonymity.
How is this order going to be different from the Church of Satan?

The church of Satan emphasises on mental awareness of evils own ploys on the world so they themselves do not get taken down. They represent the more conniving of the side of evil as compared to the barbaric rage and bloodlust of minions. However, they have failed to truely understand the true meaning of evil...and for that, they will be crushed and those remnants who wish mercy and join us will be spared.

Why fight our so called brothers? For one reason, they serve no purpose in Satan's cause for darkness.

We are the order that will seek to prevent the second coming of christ. WE ARE THE ARMY OF SATAN. The days when devils seek to ruin gods creation just to annoy him are over. We now can attack god and heaven by other means. We have the ability to destroy angels, but god still is a formidable foe... we can thwart the prophecy of the revelation so that Satan wont have to be contained for a thousand years. In doing so, we buy ourselves centuries of time before god sends another champion... centuries is what we need to slowly take over the world... Imagine a society hidden to man, rich and powerful enough to influence world politics...

We are the soldiers who will ultimately do battle on earth and in the supernatural. While the so called satanists, like the founder of the Satanic church will rot in hell after death because he has no ability to fight in that plane.

I want to recruit knights but some might not make the cut. Those who dont can still serve in the Dark Legion where their purpose can be fully utilised. Some of us have magical abilities unknown to us... discover it, and use it...

Email me with your particulars, skills and resources and I shall see how you fit in. Spread the word... this army shall grow into magnitudes.. We are the Soldiers of Darkness, the Prince's of the Universe.