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ASA-2 Lancer Surface To Air Missile Ė The Pilotís Nightmare

When the go ahead was issued by the Supreme Dynasty to begin the reconstruction of the Aquatarian military and the establishment of a permanent interplanetary military force, it was decided that there would be more joint projects between Sonic Corps Industries & Mikado Korps Defense Technologies. When the request was put out for missiles capable of being launched to intercept crafts as assistance to the anti aircraft gunners was given, the design teams already had an answer, the ASA-2 Lancer. This long range surface to air missile is guided by a mobile radar command center and can track multiple targets, select one and target it as well as sending information back to allied forces on other aircraft in the area. ASA-2ís destroyed a number of Yao Ji transports smuggling supplies into Aquatarus for pirate forces in the Rokadian campaign.

ASA-2 Lancer Surface to Air Missile Data:

Manufacturer: Sonic Corps Industries & Mikado Korps Defense Technologies

Type: Long Range Air Defense Surface To Air Missile

Rocket Engine: 1 Mikado Korps MKX-678 Pneumatic Pulse Jet rocket

Avionics: Classified

Sensors: Classified

Overall length: no data

Barrel length: no data

Weight: classified

Warheads Available: High Explosive, Proximity, Heat Seeking, Radar Seeking, Nuclear Warhead, Vengeance Warhead

 Image Database

ASA-2 Lancer Advanced Long Range Surface To Air Missile

Lancer Mobile Radar Guidance Station