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Name: Batosai
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Race: Human / Undead

Desc:Batosai is the murderer of the Galawen family. He is cold blooded, swift, and deadly. He kills without feelings other than self-pleasure. No one knows what his motives for murder are other than to amuse himself.

Batosai was killed in a great battle on Dae Luin. After his death, he hung onto life, struggling against Death's cold river. He worked his way back through the gates to life, gaining his own unique and evil power. He came back as Dark Batosai (as if he wasn't already dark enough). Dark Batosai still lives and is hunting Tadrielus and the ones he loves to this day.
Dark Batosai is a horrifying creature. He has dark leathering wings, rotting like all the rest of his flesh, and with large holes in them, miraculasy, he can still fly with them. His skull is exposed on the upper right side of his head, revealing his red glowing eyes, the right one staring from it's socket. His ribs are exposed on his left side, and his hair is no longer a crimson red, but a darker shade of terrible maroon. Dark Batosai can turn into a darker-than-night gaseous form, revieled only by his forever glowing red eyes.