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Welcome to The Baroque Chateu!!.

In every way the Baroque period is like a teen-ager. Ok, maybe not in the pimply-faced-criticize-everything-even-though-you-don’t-pay-for-it kind of way we have come to expect from our modern teen-agers. But what is a teen-ager anyway? Simply put; a teen-ager is no longer a child and not yet an adult. It is that awkward in-between stage when all the rules get broken, nothing ever seems to fit, and emotions fluctuate wildly. This is exactly how it was with the Baroque Era. To put this into perspective, try and remember that the Renaissance was a "re-birth" of good art and music and the Classical era was that birth coming into its maturity. The Baroque Era—which happened to come directly after the Renaissance and before the Classical Era—coincided nicely with those awkward and highly emotional teenage years that everyone goes through on the pathway called growing up.

The official company line on when the Baroque Era started was the year 1600. The end of the Baroque Era was definitively set by Johann Sebastian Bach, the Grand-Poobah of Baroque music. For some Baroque zealots Bach’s death was truly the day that music died.